March 29, 2012

Reaction what people gives when we stammer

There are some common reaction what people use to give when we stammer,like they smile, laugh ,mimic,avoid ,become serious or avoid eye contact.
Now a days i am facing last reaction mean people around me avoiding eye contact when i stammer, like my brother,friends ,my seniors etc.
some time i told people to make eye contact but it is very hard to educate all the people all the time . when they avoid eye contact i use to feel low and pathetic about me,
i think people does not want to make us uncomfortable that why they avoid eye contact so started thinking other way, like when they look around i thanks them for being so kind towards me and it helps me to feel good.
and at same time i also try to find suitable time to educate people about this :-)


Mohit kumar said...

Educating peoples is nearly very impossible for us.Every people has some good qualities or bad.good peoples appreciates you lalit,when he knows real stories of stutters.
Don't bother about people reaction,just say whatever you want.

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i also used to feel the same , but thinking the other way makes me realize the truth ..very well said

J P Sunda said...

Its great that you can see their perspective too!

Er. Umesh said...

Yes..sometime it feel bad if your talking to someone and listener avert his eyes..but other side of perspective is he is still listening us :-)