For SHG Coordinators

Your work with SHG benefits others as well as yourself. You become good planner, facilitator, communicator and over all, a person with excellent soft skills and a good human being.
But it is hard work and involves constant learning and honing of new skills. Below are some resources, which may help you:

Feedback from SHGs in 2015 has brought some important issues; Check these and see how you can deal with them best.

TISA SHG Facilitator's Manual (free pdf)
See these videos (2) to grasp facilitation skills needed of coordinator in real life sessions..

Twelve Questions on stammering  PDF (English, Hindi)

Stammering FAQ (English)

Stammering FAQ (Hindi)

How to run a self help group?

About Acceptance - a small book in Hindi

Keep checking for new resources- or suggest!


Unknown said...

How to write ablog on thiz website

Dhruv said...

Anyone can write a blog on this website, granted you use your real name and are honest about your experiences...feel free to write to, and share your story with us, and attend a self-help group (SHG)!