March 29, 2012

TISA Chennai Workshop

The journey to Chennai for TISA meet started with 5-some (Myself, Alok, Dinesh, Karthik and Chandhan) meeting at Bangalore station @10.30pm. We chatted for few hrs before train arrived late by 30mins. The adventure started with our bogie missing and we searching entire railway station. We boarded the general then but soon someone told "bogies are coming.. On the way". Anywayz, we started and reached chennai on time. Manimaran Sir (Mani Sir henceforward) has arranged awesome AC rooms. We refreshed soon and meet with Ritesh (From TISA Mumbai). Then, joined the mini-conference hall for the TISA Workshop.
Mani sir, told it is first time a workshop is getting conducted in the absence of JP and Sachin. But, soon Raja (Chennai King :P) joined and told he has a message from Sachin sir. Soon, the intro happened (15 stammers joined) and lunch time came. We thought of few points agenda to be completed before the lunch; but we are stammers :) So, it alwayz, takes sometimes.
We had good lunch and then the lessons continued.

Here is few videos of Raja explaining "Bouncing" and "Primary and Secondary" stuttering.

The story will continue..


sachin said...

Thanks a lot Mani, Raja, Dinesh, Rockford, Siva, Hassanand, Vishal and all of you..
"Hum sath sath hai"

sachin said...

Finally I have seen the videos.. Raja, you explain everything very well.. TISA is proud of you!

J P Sunda said...

Raja, you are turning out to be a superb trainer too. More jobs opportunities for you now! Well done all the people in Chennai and all those who took a leap of faith and traveled all the way for the event.

Ra..Ra..Raja said...

thank you sachin sir...and jp..
its just what i learn from you both. the workshop was very important for me...because i was feeling very down and out of rhythm, which generally pulls me back. the need to be fluent is still hiding somewhere in my head...during the workshop, i was able to tell to myself that it's completely ok to feel the way i was feeling.