February 17, 2016

Insider view

Statutory warning: This is high academic stuff. Not for you, if you are just looking for a "technique" or "cure". BUT Certainly for you if you want to VIEW and understand your stammering in a NEW LIGHT. OK, enough of warnings, now go for it and let the stammering revolution go from strength to strength...




Its concise and reassuring article, specially relevant to a stammerer. .New people on skype calls still give example of you Sir, and they want to speak like you. And not stammer

sachin said...

Yes, Abhishek. Sometime we see snake in a rope. People see what they want to. But many participants have seen me happily stammering in Comm WS and in some videos too..!
Still, the world around us can really overpower a pws: It is 99 against ONE pws.
We have to be super confident. This can happen when we have touched the inner core of all strength, understanding and healing. Then, world and its opinion does not matter. Then you can truly understand Tagore's "Ekla chalo.." idea..

Thanks for reading that article. Do discuss it in your next skype session..