February 17, 2016

CHANGE....!!! What? Why? How?

Hello Guys..

I have seen video of 3 Principles of Change by Dr. Sachin:  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs9Zl0YvZV8)
so i want to share my plan with you

What to change ?
I want to change the two things.
  • my mindset
  • my speech pattern
                   Many time i afraid to pickup the call in public place like bus, train, office and etc.i can also say like that "i have phobia of attaining the phone-call".
               "fear of stammering it self cause stammering"
(From 15th feb 2016 i had picked up the every call although i did many phone-calls)
  "overcome the stammering" is the goal of every stammerer. 

Why to change ?
I am student of mechanical Engg. (diploma) and right now i m trainee at L&T(Mumbai). but after this i want to do further education, job and bla bla bla.....!!!!.....soooo....!!!!! I not suppose to face any problem due to my stammering. 
i want to change my mindset because every time i m leaving in my head.....i want to out from that darkness.

How to change ?
" Manage the stammer before stammer manages me"
  • Acceptance :- 50% of the problem will solve by acceptance. i accepted to some extend to my self as a stammerer. I am trying to accept it fully 100%. and i will do it. " acceptance doesn't mean giving up"
  • Attain the SHG meeting in every week.
  • keep talking to stranger.
  • chanting:- Chanting the god name...it will result on the control over the mind. Spiritual power is also important in life. Chanting gives spiritual power.
  • Daily reading practice
  • Yoga
  • keeping the things which motivates.
At the end...
                         "KEEP SMILING"
I wrote all things in my note pad and every time i kept it with me......so it reminds me that i have to do the change.

Thank you.
Bhandava Narendra


sachin said...

Our best wishes n prayers r with you! Ever!

ketan patil said...


Hii all..
anyone here or u come across pws working as a professor in college Engg or diploma...plz comment?

Bhandava Narendra said...

Thank you sachin sir......!!!

Dhruv Gupta said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing! We are here to support!