February 18, 2016

Meeting with a recovered PWS.

Shri Parmod Kathuria, a recovered stammerer,  visited my office today. He has recently retired from a very senior position of H. P. Electricity  Board. He remained in my office for more than an hour. We discussed in detail our personal experiences on stammering including how family , friends , relatives , teachers and specially parents have a role in stammering. It was all a journey right from our childhood to our present position. It was all very- very emotional recap. The lesson was we need to be sympathetic with stammering of our children and not curse it. The youngs are quite fortunate that there is much awareness with stammering today.  Because of internet and WhatsApp. We were not that fortunate. However in my view we are still lucky that we came in contact with TISA in this life, whereas there are a few who struggled all there life with no knowledge on stammering i.e. the reason, what  causes it and how to manage it. Classic example is of Shri EMS Namboodripad, three times Chief Minister of Kerala, which I invariably quote, who struggled throughout his life with stammering. But hats off to him  and his courage,  he fought it bravely and let never him down because of his speech handicapcy.  I suggested Mr. Kathuria to try Toastmasters club and do a 10 days course of Vipassana meditation, from which I have benefitted. He assured to consider it. We firmly resolved that we shall keep working for connecting PWS with TISA. The meeting ended with a promise to keep meeting regularly.
A big thanks to Dr. Sachin to facilitate organizing the meeting.
May all beings be Happy, Peaceful and Liberated.
Jasbir singh

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sachin said...

No, No - a big thanks to Dhruv, his parents and you, Mr Jasbir.
Keep meeting and keep inspiring others..That is what we can easily do after "retirement"!!
Best wishes to Chandigarh group.

Parmod Kathuria said...

Nice meeting with Mr. Singh. Sharing of views and experience are very fruitful.
Definitely I will associate with the members and try to put them on right path by sharing my past experience.