October 30, 2012

Herbutpur workshop--day3

Herbutpur Communication workshop –day 3

We started the 3rd day again with meditation under guidance of Dr. Sachin. This is a Budhist technique according to which we are required to feel the warmness of breath as we inhale & exhale through our body. Next we learnt Emotional Freedom Technique to erase our negative emotions and replace it by positive one. One can know about it more on internet in Youtube.
                After tea, we got assembled at OPD area of the hospital where and we repeated the same activity that we did yesterday (but this time strength of pubic was much more than previous day i.e 60 or 70 persons) but amazingly this time we all felt comfortable in admitting our stammering before public (perhaps by this time we had become less rigid as compared to the first day). We found most of the people were carefully listening to us; some of them were even clapped on our effort and this is inspit of the fact that these people were not very educated.  
                After lunch, we were taken to student’s classroom where we, again gave presentations in bit detail before a group of young girls who were undergoing nursing training course in the hospital. It was very useful especially for our young PWS who always got nervous in front of females.
                In concluding session Dr.sachin gave important tips & instruction to be followed. We all enjoyed every moment of this workshop that we will cherish for long time to come. We have no words to express our gratitude toward respected Dr.Sachin for his painstaking effort in organizing this event.



sachin said...

Thanks Anupinder and all of you out there- trying to practice what you have learned in the last three days. It is TOUGH- I know, because I have walked that path. But as long as you dont stop and turn around- you are a winner from my side.. Some of you have phoned back and shared various courageous steps they have taken on return..
That is the spirit of self (& mutual) help..
Keep walking, keep sharing!
I felt privileged by your company and questions!

lalit said...

nice feeling to become part of this workshop

Hemant K-Kumar said...

धन्यवाद anupinder ji , पढकर सारी यादें फ़िर से ताजा हो गयी |
Next time, whenever sachin sir will take meditation session, one should record and post on blog.