October 29, 2012

Tisa Radio Recording with slides !!!!!!

Here's our Tisa radio Recording with all pictures of national Event in video format Hope u will like it

By Vishal Gupta 

Congratulations Abhishek! For rising above personal difficulties and highlighting OUR difficulties in public, so convincingly and authentically! It takes courage and true greatness!
Congratulations to Aakriti (AIR) for giving Abhishek this wonderful chance..  (sachin)


sachin said...

Vishal- thanks a lot yaar!
I tried doing it on my laptop and it was taking hours and finally I gave it up!! This is a beautiful re-creation..Thanks once again..

vishal gupta said...

sir i m also the member of our family Tisa so i thnk it eas necessary for meto make this... because i like singing, video editing, grahic desginging, poems, quote, sewing, paintings cricket and badminton

abhishek said...

thanks visal this wonderful creativity.

J P Sunda said...

WOW!! Very well done Vishal.

j jasbir singh said...

Wonderful job. No words to express my emotions.Stammering is heading towards recognition in society, which was long overduue.
Heartiest congratulations.