October 16, 2011


delhi shg members from left(Anup, Umesh, Parmendra, Pinakin, Sikander, Abhishek) 

Delhi shg meeting on 16 october was attended by six members at central park delhi. This time I got a chance to interact with a new member, named Mr. Anup(a software engineer in Noida). Actually he was old member of delhi shg but now attending after a long gap. I watched his speech carefully and surprise to see that a pws can control his stammering to this extent. Anup talked almost fluently like a non-stutter. Parmendra coordinated the group by his new and surprise package. After formal introduction round, we did a new activity, that is group Discussion and Debate. Most of us were non-experienced of this activity. We took a topic “Does God exist or not?” Lots of non-ending discussion made on this topic. Some new facts and knowledge every pws got by it. Next new activity was “facing mock interviews”. Everyone had to give his dream job interview to the five members HR panel. This was the most difficult and challenging activity for us and interview is a thing which also scared the perfect fluent people. I stuttered a lot during this interview and sometime I found myself out of answers. I scared that what will happen if these interviewers are not my friend?? But my friends pat on my back that encouraged me. I think it will be a fresh experience and eye opening activity for all the PWS. Younger PWS got advised with few tips by the senior members who already working.
            At last we did a fun activity of cracking jocks to refresh our moods. We laughed to gather and enjoyed jocks by stuttering mouths. This time we enjoyed our meeting more than previous one. Thanks to Mr. Parmendra to make this meeting a memorable for us. I also thanks to all other members who share their valuable time. We missed Lalit and Gaurav trivedi.


sachin said...

Wow- Pramendra, kamal kar diya! Kaha chhupe te ab tak? Umesh and Abhishek- congratulations. Ab to kehna padega: Jabra hasaye aur hasne na de!

Thanks to Delhi group for the post and the picture..

J P Sunda said...

great to see the commitment of delhi SHG members. And so many activities in one meet ? You guys are just superb.

P.S.- the best way to make meetings more interesting is to let a different member coordinate every meet as you guys are doing!

PP...Pramendra said...

@Sachin Sir: Thanks Sir, bas beech-2 mai chupte-nikalte rahte hain :))
@JP Sir: Thanks a lot Sir
Actually, we we all know that our stammering increases as the pressure of performance and our emotions dominates us. So I thought to try something like that. This was the reason choosing so emotional and controversial topic for both debate and GD. GD helped us to improve our listening skills and Debate, to control our speech while being very emotional. It was really very hard for me to control my stammer at that time, specially in the panel interview. It was a lot to learn in one activity like 'Eye contact' to the person whom are you answering and pay attention to all of them and controlling your secondary effects etc.
It was really a fun cum learn meeting for me and it could not be done without so dedicated contribution of all my dear friends of Delhi SHG- Pinakin, Umesh, Abhishek, Sikander Sir and special thanks to Anoop Sir.
I would love to follow more of such activities in our future meetings.

Pinakin said...

This time there was more enjoyment. First, GD cum debate about the existence of GOD and then interview round. Thank you all and particularly Mr. Anup for giving some valuable tips for interview.
Now, eagerly waiting for the workshop...

lalit said...

again missed the meeting and fun due to viral fever:-(