March 26, 2017

Stammering condition review

Pasting here the same email i sent to Satyendra ji .

I am Sandesh Gawai from Mumbai . I had written a blog on TISA some 9 - 10 years ago . At that time , i did my 1st vipassana course and benefited immensely . I was free of stammering condition for alteast 4 months after I did my first course . But as time passed my inferiority complex again started increasing and I started avoiding people and conditions where I had to speak. And slowly slowly the stammering condition came back . I found that this happened because I did not continue meditation daily . As with any physical exercise , if we stop practicing regularly the benefits which we get begin to dissapear little by little .. I learnt about this simple Logic a little late ... 

So coming back to this month , I started practicing Vipassana again and also attended 2 SHG meeting a few weeks back . I found the SHG meetings​ very fruitful . It taught me to face the truth . And combined with regular meditation and monthly SHG meetings , I am sure to come out completely out of the "habit of feeling guilty" when I stammer. 
. " SHG meeting + daily practice of Vipassana + daily efforts to face the conditions/challenges" is a good way of coming out of inferiority complex and then later out of stammering too . Thats my view .

I want to thank you from all my heart for creating such group where persons who suffer because of stammering condition get so much relief and support to continue facing the challenges of life and enjoy life while being at peace with oneself. 

Thank you Satyendra ji are doing a very meritious work of helping distressed people . Many blessings to you _/\_


Satyendra Srivastava said...

Thank you Sandesh! It is the community- each one of you, who has made it possible. Best,

Satyendra Srivastava said...

Many of us, do not accept a relapse. We think that by accepting it, we are bringing shame on our selves, our technique, on our last therapist (whom we have already praised as successful in curing us!) etc. etc.
But let us realise that Relapse is very common and it is not our fault or anybody else's fault. THIS is just the nature of the stammering. This is why, we need to adopt a life style change - and practice on a regular basis whatever may have helped us- Vipassna, Theater, SHG - anything.
Your post brings out this fact very honestly. If we are stammering again after few months or years- there is NO shame. There is nothing to lose your heart or courage. We just need to accept the fact and do whatever it takes to help ourselves.
Thanks for the honest sharing..

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

that is indeed a truth...and we should accept it...thanks for sharing...