January 10, 2017

जीवन के 10 अमूल्यए दिन!!!

Vipassana means to see things as they are and not as we usually assume to be. It takes you to discover the truth by self and not through others.This is fundamental right of every soul.

Meditation with objective or desire to change is no meditation at all.

I attended Vipassana course from 21st Dec 2k16 to 01st Jan 2k17. Just a rising of  New Year with lot of positive vibrations.

The experience of "sound of silence" and spending time with yourself is an experience by itself.

You learn alot about yourself and also realise that the family and the world can move without you.

A person must go there with positive attitude and accept everything unconditionally.

The best feeling i got was feeling of oneness and resonance of self with nature. Words can't explain it, you have to experience to feel it.

Vivek Puri.


Satyendra Srivastava said...

Wow! Vivek, you have started 2017 on a very NICE note! Hang on to this feeling, this inner understanding as you go thru the day to day task at hand in coming months... And if possible, do one more Vipassana course before 2017 ends. In my (well-considered) opinion Vipassna is much more effective (and affordable) than any therapy any day for stammering and other personal issues..

Unknown said...

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Jiya Malik said...

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