January 8, 2017

Even Though...

Even though sometime I doubt your generosity,
I will continue to trust your love.

Even though I often fear your justice,
I will continue to trust your compassion.

Even though I am old and weak,
I will keep on aspiring to the highest goal in life.

Even though I turn my face away, and get lost in the world,
I know you will seek me out eventually.

Even though it is a long journey,
I know when it is time to step off the train, you will hand me my ticket.

Even though my trials never end,
Your mercy forsakes me not.

Even though you have given me a Mind, to play with,
I will seek You beyond my thoughts, my fancies.

Even though you have given me Ages, to carry on my Play,
I will seek thee in this very Moment.

A lump of shapeless mud,
Revolving on the potter's wheel,
I wait for Thy touch.

(Christmas, 2016; Herbertpur)

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PS: Also confused - are both this blog and stammer.in/blog continuing in parallel? Maybe we can find a way to link them, to reduce effort...