July 5, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 3 July

Hello Everyone,

On Sunday me and Prashant had a meet at children's park right at 5pm. This meeting does not goes as per my schedule,  as I was expecting 5 members (including 3 new).

In the absence of members,  we both didn't stopped instead continue our meeting. As I remembered J.P Sir voice, even if you are two person, you can continue meeting with some tea or snacks and lots of talks.

We both had a great talking and expressed our previous week stammering experience and debated on various issues like present bihar education system, movies,  hobbies and so on. We both being an introvert personality and we both enjoyed each other companies like a great buddies.  Yes, we all stammer friends are a great buddies. It's just we need a communication.

Finally we ended our meeting with a sip of tea and snacks. 

That's all from Patna Bihar SHG Team.


sachin said...

Thanks Mohit and Prashant!
Yes JP is right. Sometime even one person is enough! I used to go to SHG meetings with a book- for that reason. Problem with pws is not stammering: it is the attitude- of not caring enough and of not wanting to RISK anything (but expecting everything!). Just keep on meeting and hoping.. and having fun in the process.
Best wishes from all of us..

Unknown said...

Bhaiya...i am Raja from Patna...I am also a stammerer....i want to join tisa and u all...please tell me how can i meet you..my contact no. 7677449599

raja kumar said...

Bhaiya..i am Raja from Patna..I m alsi a stammerer ..i want to join u all...please tell me..how....my contact no is 7677449599...please contact me bro.