March 20, 2016

Mumbai SHG Meet 20 th March 2016

I was witnessing number of attendants of shg meeting falling down, it mad me worried about mumbai shg meetings. So i decided to go for a meeting myself and to understand why number of attendants were falling down. On 13th march sunday i went to our regular shg meetings. There were 4 attendants including me. I asked our host about the cause of low attendance. He made me realize that it was getting difficult and enervating for 2 to 3 persons to handle shg meetings as they were busy in their own lives and were waiting for attendants to take the responsibilities. Our host gaurav and rest of the attendants started to think about how can we improve strength of our shg. Solution was simple and straightforward attendants and even other members of shg should share a responsibility and make the things smoother and simpler. So i decided i will contribute toward mumbai shg. Gaurav encouraged me to become the next shg meeting's host. He also made me realize about the responsibilities of a host as every attendant would be coming to meeting has kept some hours aside for attending a meeting.

I was now a host of next shg meeting which was on 20th march. I had three objectives in front of me. Increasing the strength of shg, making shg meet funny which could make attendants feel relaxed and forget about their daily struggle with stammering and to tighten bonds between attendants.

I planned activities accordingly. On 20th march. This time there were total 9 attendants First activity was monty python's skit ( I want to report a burglary  ). It was a comedy skit. I just got its dialogues printed and divided attendants into 2 groups accordingly to perform a skit. Which was one of the funny activities we had on 20th march.

Next activity was a little different. I had heard of some speech or listening disorders like some people can listen to only higher pitch voices others only lower some can listen to only slower speed voices others only fast ones. I added one more imaginary disorder to the list where person can listen to other only if the other guy stammers. I divided those disorders into 5 numbers (1 to 5 each). Then I asked attendants to choose from these 5 numbers and act as if they are having those corresponding listening disorders. With attendants suggestions activity was modified. Then we started passing message across each other. Attendant needed to convey his or her message to other person by guessing which listening disorder other person is having. In other words attendant needed to do some variations in his or her voice in order to convey a message to other person. No one except person itself knew which listening disorder he or she is having.

After this we started sharing rare knowledge that each of us has. After this we had an activity where we formed pairs and sheet having 30 questions was passed on to each attendant. Attendants could choose to ask questions out of this question set or from question set to their partner. Those 30 questions were framed in order to make the friendship bond between conversing persons stronger. Last activity was a memory game which was suggested by one of the attendants 'shrinivas' which made this shg meet more enjoyable and funny.

Each and every activity that was planned on 20th march had helped us to achieve those 3 objectives in one or the other way.

If attendants start to take a responsibility and realize that hosting could hone their leadership and communication skills as well. It could help them and shg meets as well.

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Satyendra said...

Thanks Prathmesh!
Great write up.. It must have required a lot of focus and patience to play these games, I am sure!
Yes, coming up with new activities and implementing them is a whole science (and art) by itself.. and a lot of FUN too!
Keep at it..