March 27, 2016

Bangalore SHG meeting Report(27-Mar-2016)

The meeting which was scheduled to start at 10 AM but as it is in our genes, we started at 10.15 a.m .There was a good turnout of people. The strength was about around 14- 15. 
The meeting started with the extempore session . I was the table topic master. People were to speak on some thoughtful and interesting topics like "Stitch in time saves nine", "Travelling the world", etc . 
After that the people who came late for the meeting were asked to dance as a part of punishment on a lighter note. Nandu showed some really class dancing moves whereas all others were just following him.

Next round was prepared speeches. There were around 6 speakers for prepared speeches who gave their first ice breaker speech. The speeches were intriguing and were delivered with conviction.The speakers were given feedback on the positives and the things they can improve upon.
  Then Dinesh took upon the stage to guide on how to prepare for speeches as a part of learning session. The expert opinion went well with audience as he reminded people to never stop trying even if you fail. He also shared his knowledge on ways to prepare for speeches. Some of the tips were to write down the speech, practice 4- 5 times before mirror, visualize the flow of speech in moments of silence.
Then those who were not part of prepared speeches were asked to introduce themselves.
It was followed by role booking for next season. 
Following structured agenda proved to be an excellent way of conducting meetings. The gains were all the PWS got enough chance to speak and the timings were properly adhered to. It was nice experience to be part of such wonderful meeting.


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sachin said...

Great session!
Once I had to give a Republic day speech; I recorded it on my cell phone and listened to it while going to sleep- and at other times. While listening, many new ideas came to me both about content and the delivery..
Repeated this whole cycle 2-3 times and I was ready to go..
Bharat, Very well written.
Congrats everyone, even those who danced! Especially them!