February 2, 2015

Nimhans speech therapy

Since last month or before I was listening in Bangalore whatss app group about Nimhans speech therapy. And in SHG meetings also Pamod and Karthik demonstrated the therapy what they learnt from the Nimhans. I liked the therapy what guys show us. But I was become lazy to go to Nimhans hospital for speech therapy.

After some day back I was calling all the Bangalore pws members for the shg meeting reminder. I called Ajay Narayan, and he asked me “ Why are you not joining the Nimhans speech therapy its really nice and helpful”. I said “ Well this Saturday you can see me in the Nimhans”.

But unfortunately it was second Saturday Nimhans holiday. Then I thought okay next Saturday “I’m going to join”.

When I attended the speech therapy it was really very nice and the Doctor’s ways of teaching the methods were also very good. The methods I’ m mentioning below,

1.       Singing method
2.       Reading paragraph in slow, then fast and then super - fast manner

1.       Singing method :
In this therapy we have to sing a song first and then humming it. After in the same rhythm, read a paragraph. When I did it same at my home, what you thing I stammer? No I didn’t stammer on a single word. And I thought, I should use this method in my daily life. And I applied it for four to five days. After you know what I came back to same.
Then I talked to the Doctor who taught the therapy to us. And I told the same. He said see you were stammering from very long the habit is very old. If you really want to get rid of this you have to put this new habit on the old bad habit. At least do it for 66 days. And after it become habit.
So these days I’m applying this habit but sometimes I forgot. But there is quote “No pain, No gain”.

2.       Reading paragraph in slow, fast and super-fast manner :
This therapy was also one of the nice. In this Doctor told us to read a paragraph and in between he gave instructions means (slow, fast, super-fast). And when we started this method, some guys facing problem in speaking fast.
After Doctor explained this method, he said why we speak better in slow and why not in fast because our mind make some rhythms.  And if we want to break the rhythm then we have to do this type of exercises.

I’d like to say this Nimhans speech therapy is good and it will help. If any Banglorian pws (I don’t know it’s in other states or not) wants to join the Nimhans please join it’s very affordable.
You have to only do a registration of 20rs. And for more details you can mail me or Pramod and we’ll tell you how to join.


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