February 21, 2014



Can anyone answer the following question? 
Why breathing exercises are more helpful to a stammer than to a non-stammer? 
I will give the answer in the afternoon after seeing your answers.
Before giving answer let us first know that stomach breathing is  correct one and not diaphragm breathing. 

Now coming to the answer, to make a sound we must exhale air slowly both thro our mouth and nose when speaking.

To exhale air we must store sufficient air in our lungs. 
When we stammer, we are not inhaling sufficient air or sometime no air at all due to fear  resulting not sufficient air stored in our lungs.

Due to this habit, we are not utilising our lungs to its full capacity, thus we became shallow breather. During pausing in between sentences, the normal persons inhale sufficient air and store in their lungs to speak next sentence.

Stammerers are used to speak without pausing in between sentences and because of insufficient time, they are not able to inhale required air resulting short of air storage in the lungs and no air to exhale for speaking which resulting stammering. 

Breathing exercises will increase the lungs capacity and will store more air than before. Though it won't instantly control our stammering, it helps to stammer comfortably instead of severe blocks as we are having more air now. 

If we practice breathing exercises regularly, our lungs capacity will be increased over the period of time. After some months of practicing and using pausing technique, we can comfortably manage any stammering situation. Also the frequency of stammering will be reduced over the period of time.
You are free to ask any clarification. 

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