February 24, 2014


Head movement is one of the important body language that should be used for fluent speaking not only by pws but by everyone.
By making gentle head movements, our whole body is relaxing. Usually, pws are straining their many parts of their body while speaking, which results stammering.
If they use head movements, their stammering will be reduced considerably.
Hence, pws are here by advised to use head movements extensively not only while speaking but also while slow reading, while using bouncing & prolongation techniques, telling their names, getting bus tickets, ordering food at restaurants etc.
Following is a video which shows how Mrs.Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI bank using her head movements and other body languages while giving an interview. Don’t hear her interview, but watch her body language including her head movements.

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Rajesh V said...

Nice post Manimaran ji