February 10, 2014

Sadhana Kendra Ashram,Dumet,Dehradun

Hi friends,

You might not have heard of this ashram till.OK, so let me say.....Shri Shri Swami Chandra Swami Ji Udasin....Yeah, now I am sure your memory must have given you some vibrations as Stammerers are considered to be very intelligent and sharp memory beings.

Yeah, the same loving master whom Dr.Sachin owes TISA. The same master who have inspired Dr.Sachin to serve the society by starting TISA.

Sadhana kendra is his ashram.So, I was quite excited to visit it and really, after visiting, i am feeling far more blessed.

Journey was awesome, especially a free ride with Dr.Sachin in his nano was a wonderful experience where we share a lot of things from TISA to politics to spiritualism to health and fitness......yeah, although it was about 45 min one side run, still, we manage to discuss all this :-)

Away from crowdy world, into the hills, near to some canal, it is a nice place.One school and one dispensary is also run by the disciples here to serve the people.

I met the head master of the school; a friend of Dr.Sachin...a highly qualified person but wearing the traditional dhoti kurta, the symbol of gracious simplicity of real India.

Then we entered the main ashram building.Just by entering, I was feeling afresh and relaxed.

Very well designed and maintained place....I was seeing more of foreign devotees than Indians.Dr.Sachin told me that most of them were from France and they stayed their permanantly to serve the master and society.

For a moment, their were thoughts of fear and sadness in me that how can someone quit his family, friends, his country and all his ambitions of life and spent all his/her life in some else country......seeing them...few of them quite old....and few of them in early thirties as well...so they might have came here in the ashram in the peak of their life cycle.......even imagining it was filling all my heart with fear and sadness..............but, then i realized that I am thinking all this because my time haven't come yet...when my soul will get the call of almighty then I may also do something similar as they did.

Then we go upstairs to the satsang place where the master was scheduled to come and answer the spiritual queries of devotees.

Shri Shri Swami Chandra Swami ji Udasin is a life long reticent hermit (Mauni Baba, who have take a pledge no to speak for life time).Devotees were asking him questions by writing on paper and in return, he will write the answers on a note pad and his diciples were orally narrate them in hindi, english and french.There was a group of devotees from china.One of them was narrating in chinese language for them as well.When master was writing the answers, everyone was so silently waiting for the answers and there was such a peaceful environment there.

Hope, one day NC's of TISA will also be so well disciplined and peaceful where everyone will enjoy listening to others :-)

After that session...we proceed for lunch in the ashram....you know, I was very hungry and honestly waiting for this particular session eagerly.....I was expecting a nice lunch and it was upto my expectations.So many items....and the devotees and disciples were chanting mantras as the food items were distributed......and Master himself was distributing the sweet dish to each and everyone and everyone was enjoying picking any one sweet dish from variety of eateries in the big plate carried by a disciple accompanying him.

Then Master sits on his seat and started the lunch and thereafter, everyone of us.

After finishing the lunch, both of us decided for some SEWA (service) and hence, we helped other devotees in washing and cleaning the utencils. There i learnt the chinese word for 'Thankyou'....it is 'Sheshe'

Then, we saw the library and the meditation hall.Meditation was so silent that just by entering into it....meditation seems the only thing to be done, simply amazing!!

Then, we returned back!!


Pramendra Singh Bundela said...

Thanks Ashish to sharing this with us. It really took me to the days when I got an opportunity to visit the Ashram. It was a peaceful experience and so it is when I read your story.


jasbir singh said...

Thanks Ashish for writing about Swami ji and ashram.I too had got the opportunity to visit ashram alonwith Anupinder through Dr. Sachin during last year workshop. The blessings and pure laughter of Swami ji is still fresh in my mind. The serenity and quiteness of Ashram is amaging. I am looking forward to visit swami ji again whenever I visit Herbertpur.