January 27, 2014

LET Us Make Ourselves a BRAND.

A brand is a name given to a product and/or service such that it takes on an identity by itself.”

Branding of a person or a PWS?..something queer??..actually Considering a person as a BRAND is not a new concept.Sachin Tendulkar,Mahendra Singh Dhoni ,Amitabh Bachchan etc, they all are brands .They are known due to their some specific qualities. If we talk about products ,colgate, Emoform ,products  of Haldiram etc, are known due to their specification in their respective fields.

 Some Brands in TISA.

J.P Sir :- He has wonderful communication skills and body language.He is master of Bouncing technique. He is a great leader.He is super cool and confident.He was All India Coordinator of TISA till last year. Now Mr Manimaran is the coordinator and heading the whatsapp initiative..
Sikander Sir:- Very cool and calm nature.Spiritual person,Expert of meditation techniques.He is always helpful to everyone.His presence increase value to our meetings.He is one of the founders of Tisa.
Pramendra:- I found him most confident guy in Tisa family whom I met.He is a brilliant example of “How to speak confidently with stammer”.He is a great host.He always come with a written and well structured Agenda in the meeting.His positive waves inspire others.
Vishal Gupta: - A very creative person. He uses 
technology at its best. He always wear a sweet smile on his face.He always take initiatives .He is founder of Google hangout for stutters and consistent since more than 18 months.He is a great singer.
Amit Singh Kushwaha:- Amit ji has great writing skills. He is known due to his well structured and inspirational  post written in Hindi. He is a nice human being too. He is editor of quarterly magazine SAMVAAD. He is one of the admin of Tisa blog.
Akashdeep Rayat:- He is a great classical Singer.He has excellent communication and presentation skills. His body language is unique and awesome. He has a mesmerizing smile. He is a deep thinker.
Sachin Sir: What I can say about him..I have no words. He is just SUPER MARKET that contains all BRANDS or qualities of brands. He is main founder of TISA.
I mentioned here few people who are known to me well. All members of our TISA family have some specific qualities. Some are experts and some are working on it.


I was thinking that  we can  have a button on our Blog as “TISA BRANDS.” We will put those PWS in this PAGE who are known to our TISA family due to their specific skills in any aspect. It will inspire others  to work on their skills and to develop some new and unique skills,So that they also can have space in that PAGE( i.e Tisa brands).We will review this PAGE every QUARTER. If a BRAND that has increased some of its skills we will update it. And if a new BRAND come in to attention, we will add him to that page. Coordinators of different SHGs will inform admin of TISA about new ARRIVALS and UPDATES.

Looking toward views of our friends on this interesting looking Idea.:-) :-)

Amit Dixshit
Blog- www.unmuktaprakash.blogspot.in


vishal gupta said...

its really a gr8 Idea which motivate others to be in the brand list. and this motivation will really help other in order to pull out the real skills of people.

sachin said...

Hmmm- I think we have about one crore brands...
Keep working at it..

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

बहुत धन्यवाद अमित जी।