January 27, 2014

Chennai Chapter meeting report on 26.01.2014

The Chennai chapter meeting were attended by 10 PWS including a new PWS. Apart from them, Mr.Peeter, a retired Deputy Commissioner of police, now working at Chennai Retro Rail Ltd as Traffic Coordination officer  and Mr.Sivasubramanam were also came to  the above meeting to evaluate PWS speeches. Mr.Peeter is the second non-stammerer invited for the Chennai SHG meeting. This move is to expand our comfort zone. If the entire meeting details to  be posted, then it would run several pages. Hence, I briefly have written this post.

Each PWS has asked to speak about 10 minutes given a same topic of comparing Chennai city with their native place. Everybody except 2 PWS really spoken well.

Both Mr.Peeter and Mr.Sivasubramaniaam, evaluated each speaker, pin pointing where they went wrong and suggested some remedial measures.

Gnanasekaran has given another wonderful lecture this time on “BACK TO BASICS”, which means whenever we travelling in a wrong direction, we have to correct it at that point itself and  travel in a right direction and reach our destination. He has explained with a beautiful story. Now a days he is reading   lot of psychology books and it won’t be a surprise news if one day Gnanasekaran becomes a good Psychologist in the near future.

Mr.Sivasubramaniam has given an excellent  motivational speech emphasizing on good listening also.

Mr.Peeter observed that it was fear and mind block of all PWS that they could not talk fluently. He said God created everybody for some purpose and the same God will not manufacture locks without keys. There is a solution for all the problems. It is for the PWS to work hard, overcome their mind block and can speak well. For this he suggested to remove the mind block, speak without fear and use the techniques whenever they were feeling low.

At the end, Mr.Sheik thanked both Mr.Peeter and Mr.Sivasubramaniam for their observations and motivational speech. Every PWS thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.

That’s all from Chennai.

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sachin said...

Wonderful, Mani!
Yes, expanding our comfort zone is very important.. Thanks Mr Peeter and Siva, on behalf of all of us in TISA, for taking time out and contributing their inputs..