December 16, 2013

Aha ! Feedback time..

Friends, we can not improve without getting frank feedback. Especially from users/ participants. Here is one such feedback, which we MUST go though carefully, try to understand and learn from. I have removed names on request. In any case names and places are not so important.

In response to why attnedance at SHG is low..

Response to why attendance at SHG is low?
1) Same things being talked week after week
2) Simply for the heck of speaking certain topics/issues are discussed without proper information and sensitivity.
3) No standard procedure or schedule.
4) Disconnect between members.
5) No yardstick to measure any improvements/issues.

On the whole there is very little new that we learn each week which is not sufficient.
1) Higher priority tasks
2) sometimes same routine..reading and then some debates.. monotonous
Timing dont match up sometimes.
i am busy on every *****day... time constrains
I think some part is that stuttering is fine, but unless we give people a hope that they can overcome it, in each meeting by some activity which shows them their growth from stuttering, it becomes one more chat session which can be had at home with roommates.
Family is reason. They make different plans. Its difficult for me convince them that SHG meeting is more important for me to attend than other plan.
I am happy to attend when ever I am available in *******.
the last 2 /3 months have been very hectic..home trip then work pressure and then weekend activities in office...

On how to improve?
Lets all meet once to understand what is it that we are here for. Let each one of us prepare and come for this question. The core members/seniors should also be present and observe what the members are saying.
This session will be to not fight or blatantly argue, but to understand that we are responsible for our actions. Hence, if we need to take profit out of the SHG, we will need to first put forward our issues and disconnects on the plate. Let us not be afraid or hesitant to be honest about why we are not attending and what problems we are facing with respect to SHG.
The core members/seniors will then be able to suggest something then.
Only when each member stands up for one another, we can all be integral. Our goal will bear much more value and will be more defined.
* I think we have to put more presentation like in toast masters.
* Mock Interview and phone calls.
* More type of real life dramas like when your on ticket counter, talk to auto wala etc.

So it can be more fun and people can face when real situation comes....
1) Feedback on reading: i personally feel we are too lenient in giving feedbacks. We tend to always give a positive feedback than giving an improvement/constructive feedback.
2) We dont tell speakers to take pauses, full stops in between. We let them speak as they do and sometimes feedback that they did well which is not always true
3) We are trying out an indirect way of approaching the problem of stammering by meeting up with stammerers. I am not sure if there is any success or if anyone has found it useful so far. But i feel our goal of SHGs must only be to work on our stammering. Discussions can be a part of it though. If i have overcome my stammering from a worsened state to somewhat better state, others too can. I see this goal missing in meetings. We tend to play games that may not directly help us improve the current situation.
4) Need to do exercises in sessions. It can be done one on one and told people to repeat at their homes
5) However i like some knowledge being shared by some members. Its extremely useful especially those by ****** or even other members.

Need a development plan for attendees, self driven enthusiasm seems lacking in members, the development plan and its progress every week will keep tab at progress, the parameters of development are , 1)reading skills 2)Pick and speech 3)Prepared speech 4)GD
Until now it has been self driven and the lack of people coming forward has trickled it down a lot.

These milestones should be tracked by shg as a whole to benifit each one.
BTW this is just an opinion :)
What ever happening now seems good. Would like to attend many more meeting to get benifitted.

Attending meet-ups is always fun. Timing is one of the reasons of not making it there on some weekends...

Dear Participant- thank you for your valuable feedback. It is based on two surveys (I am told). I will strongly recommend many many many more people to come up with their frank feedback, so that we can get a sense of proportion and perspective.(sachin)


sachin said...

Thanks a lot!! I am thinking about it and will try to come up with some constructive response in couple of days.. Till then, let more such feedback come.. Names are fine from our side.

Dinesh said...

To evolve, feedback is an important ingredient - we have to consider it objectively.

Without feedback we stand the risk of stagnation - Kudos to those we have provided the feedback and to those who have collected it!
Feel free to express, it our birth right!