November 20, 2013

Bangalore SHG Nov 17, 2013 meetup report

A little more persistence, a littlse more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.
 This week the meeting was conducted in sight of lush green surroundings in cubbon park, situated in the heart of Bangalore this place attracts all kinds of people holding gatherings, walking, relaxing and some jogging. Among these we were lucky to occupy the sole porch with shelter on top. 

When I reached around 5 minutes to 10.00 AM, I was wondering if I was the only one who reached before time and was feeling elated when I spotted Dinesh seated in one of the benches.We moved ourselves to the porch and found Sairam and Animesh already waiting, so much for my elation. The gathering had members Dinesh,Nishil,Sairam,Abhinav,Pramod,Animesh,Sharath,Lohith and Akash.
The meeting started at 10.30, One of the most important discussion cropped up, as to why do we come to shg. The atmosphere that the shg provides to open up won’t be found anywhere else, we have to open up. Whatever we think we attain by coming here, are we really working on that or rather have we forgotten our goal and carry on the quota of our Sunday time to something which we just think will happen, if we robotic-ally are present in the meeting. It all boils down to what do we aspire to attain and what are our action plan towards it, “destination with no route is always a mirage”.
The questions were put forth and it was a time for retrospection for each one of us. Next we moved on to our current affairs in the week ups and downs , funny, scary incidents. This settled the mood for the upcoming activities.
Quotations: This exercise was to read the Quotations from a book thanks to Pramod, this was to get the meaning of the Quote and elaborate on it, this seemed simple but turned tricky when each one had their own way of interpreting the Quote, thus suggesting different viewpoints, depending on the way you perceive it.
The 2nd activity was to Prepare a story on picture given, this was a fun filled activity where in the members were divided into 2 groups and the story invented by one group was up to scrutiny and they had to defend their story with all sorts of questions asked by the other team. Sharath was preparing one more interactive activity due to the lack of time it will be held next time.
By this time the sun was already high on our head and when the clock ticked one we began to leave closing one more wonderful chapter.

Written By - Nishil

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sachin said...

Truly some great ideas for SHGs..