October 22, 2013

Chandigarh communication workshop- 19,20 Oct'2013 (day 2)

After a prett good experience of day 1, we started the second day a bit early at about 8.30 AM at Sukhna lake with a meditation session followed by quick recap of day 1 activities.

We were expecting a few new participants who promised to join on second day. We waited for them, but none of them appeared.

Then sessions on Acceptance and voluntary stammering went one after the other.

Most of the participants were comparatively new to TISA, hence, a question answer round conducted after each session separately to take all their queries and give them relevant answers.

Then, we made small paper chits having relevant info about TISA like website,blog,local contact numbers and approached various groups of tourists there to educate them about TISA.

Each of participant was asked to deliver atleast 5 chits to 5  groups of people and educate them about stammering and TISA.

It was a very good experience for most of them.

Then we shifted our base camp from Sukhna lake to Elante Mall.

First of all, we celebrated the then progress by having a nice treat at Pizza hut.Then some hang out in the mall.

Then at some of the alleys in the mall, we had the Extempore round where each participant gave a 4 minute speech at any instant given topic while standing a distant apart from rest of the group so that people can notice us.

Then we approached various outlets in the shopping mall in small groups and bargain for some products with some bouncing and prolongation here and then.

Then we get out of the mall and disperse in small groups of 2 participant each and caught various groups of people sitting outside the mall for stuttering interviews.

Most of us come to know that People are quite supportive towards stammering and none of them took it at any disease rather they took it as LOW self confidence issue.

Then we all shared our feedbacks for this workshop and see off with a promise that we will be in touch with each other.

The summaary of feedback is 

i.) No of participants (8) was low.We were expecting about 12-15 guys.
ii.) All the sessions, especially question-answer round in sector 17 market and stuttering interviews in Elante mall were very good
iii.) No need of any meeting hall was felt during the whole workshop
iv.) More respect towards Time limits and Team work in future workshops.
v.) More such events should happen on regular intervals.


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

very good...

lalit said...

congrats chandighar shg for making event successful. good to see lot of new ideas , and this post have feed back also which make this special

sachin said...

Great! THIS is a very SIGNIFICANT step forward. CommWS by old students, for new PWS- is a very GOOD development. I hope many more such attempts are made. Go for it..