October 19, 2013

Chandigarh communication workshop- 19,20 Oct'13 (DAY 1)

On First day, Communication Workshop starts at 9AM at Rose Garden, Chandigarh.

Workshop Began with a Welcome speech by Ashish Agarwal, followed by basic ground rules of workshop

After that all participants introduced their self by including “Name, city, profession & one positive attribute about their self”

Following Participants Attended Day 1

  1. Anshu Garg
  2. Ashish Agarwal
  3. Arun Pasricha
  4. Jagbir Singh
  5. Kunwar Puneet Singh
  6. Pritpal Singh
  7. Varun Garg
  8. Anupinder Singh 

After that all participants shared their one bad/embarrassing moment, which they can’t able to share with anyone, after doing some people feel very relaxed.

After that we had an interactive session on “How SHG Help in managing Stammering” by Anupinder, in which all participants shared their experiences in SHG, and how SHG can helps in Managing Stammering

After that Ashish Came with an informative session on “Fundamental Speech techniques”. He explains techniques like Prolongation, bouncing, Pausing, Eye-contact and block corrections, also share who these techniques helps us and make more control over stammering.  Then we practice these techniques one by one.

After that we all left  for Sector-17, while going on road and also in Sector-17, we had practiced voluntary Stuttering and  all techniques we learned, for this activity we all divided into 3 groups and practice a lot.

After that we all had lunch at Sindhi Sweets, we also practice there with waiters while order our lunch, we all share our experience of Voluntary stutter activity with each other.

Then we went to sector 17 market and conducted a session on secondary symptoms and how to dissolve them.

Then we called strangers over phone 1 by 1 while other participants were observing them and video graphed them.

Then after having a small dose of tea, we started our most challenging activity of the day, the question answer round in public where we question and answer each other with a lot of stammering while talking to advertise our stammering and overcome our speech related hesitations.

Most of the participants were young guys in the age group 18-22.They were given enough speech opportunities and they looked happy and satisfied.


Manimaran said...

Really very heartening to know that you had gone out of comfort zone and practiced the learned techniques. Another good news was most of the PWS are young. Pl keep this tempo and all the best.

Manimaran said...
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Jagbir said...

It was a good workshop and a very helpful one especially the last activity of each day.

Day 1
Answering questions asked by each PWS who joined this workshop in front of lots of people.

Day 2
Interviewing people and collecting their data what do they think about stammering and stammerers.

lalit said...

g8ttttttt , chandighar is rocking with sound of stammer... , activity selection is g8t.

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Very good Anupinder and Ashish.

sachin said...

This clearly shows that one pws can easily help the other. Stammering does not require "Brain surgery" or "Total tongue transplant". It just needs a supportive environment. Congrats to Anupinder and Ashish, for setting it up, conducting it and sharing it here on the blog promptly and in detail. This is truly in the spirit of TISA!
Hats off to all of you! And let it be the beginning of many more such CommWS..