October 19, 2013

Bangalore SHG - The Next is here..

"We all have capability to do a lot more than what we think we can do"
SHG platform will help you realize this.

Volunteering in SHG and taking-up responsibilities in SHG is one of the surestfastest and best approach for self-growth.

I'm happy to announce that Abhinav will take over as Bangalore SHG coordinator.
Feel free to contact Abhinav - abhinav.singh8@yahoo.com - 95389 73341.

Please extend all your support and good wishes to Abhinav.



Manimaran said...

Congratulations Abhinav for your new role. Pl make use of this opportunity to the maximum extent as you are the most benefited pws.I wish you all the best.

@Dinesh: You also try to attend SHG meetings as often as possible and help to the new coordinator.

Dinesh said...

Yes Mani Sir - You brought out a very important point. It is imperative for a current Coordinator to appoint next coordinator while he is Active! (and not after he is not available)

Abhinav has been coordinating since last few months before he was formally declared and I'm a regular participant as usual! Thanks..

Abhinav said...

Thank you Mani sir and Dinesh,
I'm really excited about this role and I will utilize it to maximum extent

Chandra Shekar said...

Congrats Abhinav.All the best for your new endeavor

lalit said...

Congratulations Abhinav .

Chandan Nagaraja said...

@Abhinav... COngrats bro.. All the best....
I know u will make good use of the opportunity...cheers...