June 26, 2013

Post Communication workshop..

We did a quick recap from the participants; here are the main feedback:
I had never met so many pws. That itself was very healing- to know that I am not alone in this big world..

Every time AB spoke, I was fascinated: He stammered but still said whatever came to his mind and whenever it came- he seemed to be having such fun in the workshop.. I never thought it was possible..
I have met some pws who are in good government jobs, who are married.. That has made me realize that my stammering is not the end of my world..
When I stood in that hall in front of 70 people and stammered purposely on my name- It was a big moment. First I was frightened- then, I realized that I can stammer if I want to- and carry on - and complete what I am saying. I used to think, that if you are stuck - you are stuck - and there is no point in trying..
I never had chance of participating in drama before this: I was a different person, while playing that role- and I was speaking so well! I would love to do many more things on stage now..
That picnic by the side of the lake was a great experience.. I sang for the first time in a large group..
Three day is not enough- we should have more time for practicing techniques..
In this workshop, I have done just one thing: I have given myself the permission to be who I am..My inner struggle and shame have gone down greatly..
In the video recording session, I phoned my father and for the first time spoke to him about the real purpose of my coming here.. I feel lighter and liberated.
I made a presentation on day 2; it was a big achievement for me- and now I realize that I should have put in more preparation in that..

Encouraged, we plan another Comm WS in August sometime. Hemant and Anupinder will be helping and setting it up. We request- if you have benefited by these workshops, please spread this idea of self-help, by conducting similar free mini workshops wherever you live and work. You could take just one activity (like role play or Nukkad natak), plan and implement it in a 2-3 hour session on some public holiday. Dont forget to document it and share it with TISA- to ensure a ripple effect.

Haklao magar pyar se..
Apna hath Jagannath..


Manimaran said...

If a PWS attend a NC, he/she will benefit 10 times more than attending a CW. Yes. It is true. Take my words for granted.I attended both the previous NC ie one at Bhubaneshwar and the other at Coorg along with my wife. I never felt that amount of happiness got from those two NCs in my entire life. So make use of this once in a year opportunity.

हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...

yes . every workshop brings a ray of light in dark room which is filled with negative emotions fear, hatred , shame & guilt for fresh PWS.
In workshop , PWS do those things, from which he was scaring since childhood i.e. Addressing to mass, participating in drama, presentation. And return home with new mindset