June 24, 2013

Goa SHG meets...

“Rain rain go away… little Johny wants to play”. The rain Gods did hear the prayers, and this Sunday evening in Goa was pleasant with no heavy showers. It was a perfect time for an SHG meeting. We met at YMCA Hall in Panaji. We welcomed three new members who attended the meeting for the first time- 

Sankalp Jangem
Dnyanesh Kenkare
Siddharth Surlakar

Sankalp is an Electrical Engineer and an MBA aspirant. Dnyanesh has just answered his graduation in Pharmaceuticals, while Siddharth works as in IT Executive in a private company.

Rahul and Rajan also joined in, and we were a group of 6 including me (Harish).  

Since many of us were meeting for the first time, we had brief introductions and then sharing of stories. Sankalp, Dnyanesh and Siddharth shared their stories and Rajan, Rahul and I followed.

We then had practice rounds, where we practiced Bouncing, Prolongation, Pre/Post/In-Block correction techniques. We also discussed the difficulty in applying techniques in real life and ways of getting over it. Everybody contributed with very nice ideas and thoughts.

Then we had an activity. We had an award ceremony. Everybody had to decide what award they have got, and give an acceptance speech.

After each speech, the rest gave feedback to the speaker highlighting his strengths and areas of improvement.

Rahul then suggested another activity of mock interviews. We took rounds and faced interviews (job-like interviews) from the interview panel (rest of us).

In the end, we had a casual discussion as always. It was a very happy moment to our group to welcome three members on a day, and to meet ever enthusiastic Rajan and Rahul again in the meeting with the zeal only getting a little better!


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Good report. Thanks Harish.

sachin said...

That acceptance speech was a great idea, I think.. on a lighter note, little Johnny seems to have sent all the rains my side :)

Joy deep Majumder said...

RaIn Or No RaIn ..I Love GOA aNyTiMe :)