May 6, 2013


In Chinese language , the word for both Crisis and Opportunity is the same. Meaning thereby If we view things only as a problem , we are bound to get frustrated . There is injustice in this world . It is for us to turn it around.

This principle also applies to us the PWS. There are numerous examples in Toastmasters where the Stammerers have become motivational speakers. Same way there are numerous examples in media, film industry, sports, politics, science, etc. i.e. in every walk of life. They all took their speech problem as an opportunity not as a crisis and excelled in their respective fields.

So fight against the handicapcy , not with anger, but with a cool and calm mind. Try to encash it as an opportunity. Do not consider it as a Crisis.

May all beings be Happy.

Jasbir singh,
99150 06377.


lalit said...

g8t.... it is Opportunity for all pws who started facing it boldly..
thanks for increasing chines vocabulary

Manimaran said...

Yes, Mr.Jasbir. 'What you think you become'. Mind is everything. Very meaningful post.

vishal gupta said...

this is different way of thinking which can give us whatever we want to be... very well... sir.... i remember one quote " the weakest point of the chain is the strongest point"

sachin said...

Please put in a"Read More" tag.. Thank you.