May 31, 2013

Skype nights....

Hi All,
Here we had another wonderful skype session. Those who missed it, really missed it. Today we had 6 people in the call. We started by just doing casual talk becoz there were just 2 poeple. Later when people joined the call, we started off. We started with a self introduction.
The next round, I started asking people what happens to them when they stammer. It was a tough ask, we took some time to ask ourselves. Some of the points people shared were :
  • Concentrate on words how to bring them out clearly and not on what to deliver
  • Mind becomes blank
  • No eye contact when I stammer.
  • It Scares me
  • My Hands and legs shiver
  • I am Low in confidence.
  • I use helping words
The next round was to imitate self as the way you stammer. We all started one by one to imitate ourselves. As expected, there was less or No stammering among individuals. There was less stress in mind and in mouth, when we accepted we are a stammerer and we have to stammer now. This is one way of ACCEPTANCE. So people told me they dint stammer, but they just voluntarily stuttered.

When we want to stammer, we dont stammer.. But when we really dont want to stammer, we stammer a lot.
So we all concluded with an assignment to reproduce this exercise in the real life scenario and see its advantages.

Happy Stuttering :)
(aishkarthik at gmail )

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हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...

*When we want to stammer, we dont stammer.. But when we really dont want to
stammer, we stammer a lot.*
100% true.

I observed same situation while walking on snow covered mountain in Himalayas during TREKKING EXPEDITION. When we don't want to slip from ice and more over-conscious , our body becomes more tight, and we slip more on ice and remains more chance to loose balance & fall down ,
but when we are ready to slip, least bothered about slip, body remain flexible and even if sometimes one slips, he don't loose his balance and immediately regain balance and continue walk without fall down on ice.