May 30, 2013

Report From Atul Bahuguna..

Hello everyone. I am Atul and I am a stammerer like you all. I am a B Tech student. I have joined TISA just 4-5 months ago. As I am in Dehradun I go to Herbertpur on weekends whenever it is possible.

Sachin told me about bouncing and other techniques and instructed me to practice all these techniques with other stammerers (got their numbers from sir) using tele conversation. As I just started to practice those techniques I am not good on tech's..but I found hardly 2 or 3 of these old TISA members who are using techniques from starting till the end of conversation. And I shared it with sachin sir through audio clips. Why are they not using any technique, so that I could learn and practice with them?

Then sir told me importance of using tech's. After session with sir, even I used tech's with strangers in presence of him.
 So as moral of the story I just wanna say to you all that we should keep using tech's, forget embarrassment and concentrate on your communication. It will sound odd initially but will be fruitful later.....:)
Thank you and my apologies in advance!

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sachin said...

Atul, I have done some editing- esp. the SMS language.. Read the editorial policy and try and follow- for the benefit of most readers..
Congrats for your telephone survey!