April 24, 2013

Guidelines for a communication workshop.

First of all heartily congratulations to all those who attended the recent workshop at herbertpur from 19th to 21st April.

Although i could't make it, but i was reading all the updates of the workshop here at blog and reading people's comments too.

As expected, most of the participants enjoyed the workshop very much.

But, also true feedbacks from few young stammerers raised few genuine questions.

I am being involved with TISA since last 2 years and attended few workshops and get together programs, i can feel that almost all workshops and other programs feels like the SAME.

EIther it is a communication workshop or a conference or a get together program, we have almost similar activities.

Hence, sometimes i feel that there is a need to improve upon in selection of the activities as per theme.There should be more focus on speech techniques and practice in a communication workshop while there should be more focus on sharing experiences and presentations in conferences etc.

Sometimes, i feel that there should be separate list of DO's and DON'T's for all programs,w hich should be clear to each and every participant prior to the commencement of the program.It will boost the overall satisfaction level of the participants.

Also, i have a message for all the new member of TISA that the message of tisa is very clear-- ACCEPT YOUR STAMMERING AND WORK UPON IT TO IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION.

So neither TISA simply says that just ACCEPT it and DONT do anything for it nor TISA advises to DENY stammering.

So, a TISA communication workshop is not going to be just PRACTICE of speech techniques towards fluency, because a fluency without acceptance will be very TEMPORARY and will not help you much.


sachin said...

Thanks Ashish. I am working on these ideas and our next Comm WS will reflect this. You are also very right to point out that Communication skills are the true goals of TISA workshop. Not fluency. Because no one can hand "fluency" to others. But Communication skills can be shared and learned.
Thanks for reading the posts and sharing your thoughts..

lalit said...

nice ashish ...keen analysis, very true we all should try to invent new ideas to make workshop more fun and more beneficial..