January 1, 2013

Repetitive thoughts and the NEW Year!

(Repost from IPWS Yahoo)
Dear friends,

Mr.RG, a PWS from Abudabhi has called me on 29.12.2012 and asked some advice about controlling stammering in a day to day life. He also informed that the thought of stammering is always lingering in his mind and requested the ways of overcoming it. I have given him some advices which I am posting here for the benefit of others.
Yes, before joining TISA I always used to think 90% of my time (Except sleeping) about stammering only, is there any cure, or to suffer lifelong, how to avoid talking situations, substitution of words, very reluctant to talk with ladies, ordering the food in restaurants where the name of the food coming out easily that time rather than the food of my liking, etc...etc...etc... Which had drained my entire energy and I was not the actual MYSELF because of stammering.

After joining TISA, the above were all HISTORY. Now I am thinking about my stammering not even 1% of my time. yes, in 4 years  after joining TISA this mindset came to me. My speaking has been improved by leaps and bounds and  thanks to TISA and Dr.Sachin,(who had made me the co-ordinator of the Chennai SHG where I am the most beneficial PWS) without their help still I would have been the same self pitying Manimaran cursing God and others. Though I am still stammering here and there, I am comfortable with it without feeling any guilt, fear or shame what so ever.

Coming to my advice given to Mr.Rajagopal, I wish to say one thing here.As per scientific research, it has been proved that about 90-95% thoughts of average human beings are repetitive only. Hence during our awaking period, it is enough to do three things only rather than thinking the same one repeatedly. 1) Concentrate on your profession (studies if you are a student)ie enhance your professional skill with help of books, internet and learning  relevant softwares which will defiantly offset your stammering problems. 2)play indoor or outdoor games if possible, study self help books or any religious book for about 1/2 an hour every day,watch useful TV shows and 3)while travelling or no other work to do, just watch your breath thro your nose (simply watch and do not control). After one minute the breathing become slow and you feel calmness. Whenever we got agitated, our breathing pattern  become abnormal. Whenever our mind is calm, our breathing pattern become slow.If this theory is applied whenever we have no other work, our mind become calm. This is almost next to meditation. 

In this connection, someone may raise doubt without thinking, how to get  proper solutions to the problems. Yes, you are correct. I also used to think in this way  6 months back. I started doing the above type of meditation six months back everyday for about one hour and now I am started harvesting the benefits. My mind is mostly calm now a days even in tense situations. I am getting solutions to the problems instantaneously whereas previously I have to think hours and sometime days together to get solutions. Now I understand that calm mind always give faster solutions.

By following the above three principles, we can always keep our mind engaged and left very little time to think about our stammering.I am following the above three principles and reaping benefits every day. 


Ed: Bhuwan thanks for reminding us about this great post at IPWS yahoo..


Dinesh said...

Mani Sir is not only a wonderful human being but also a super writer as well. Thank you Mani Sir and Sachin (I will no longer use Sir or Dr as prefix!!)
The post is apt to kick start the new year!

j jasbir singh said...

Very educative and wonderful write up Mr. Manimaran. Congratulationss. Kindly keep sharing such useful thoughts frequently.
Yes observing things(breath) as it is, certainly helps in keeping our mind calm and benefits in controlling speech problems.

Wish you all a very Happy and Stutter free New Year 2013.

Manimaran said...

Dinesh & Others: Pl do not use prefix such as Mr or Sir or Ji for me also.

j jasbir singh said...

Noted please.

Manimaran said...

But jasbir and others pl note also that you should put into practice what seniors have told. That way only myself and sachin will be more happier. Atleast try for a week.