October 21, 2012

Pune shg report 21 oct 2012

We had an activity of voluntary stuttering today. I had informed about it earlier to all members. But only Pradeep was there at the decided venue. Pradeep is a student of Mtech.He is regular for shg’s.Our venue was SGS MALL, M.G ROAD,PUNE.We both reached the mall by 11am.Pradeep asked about my coorg trip.He asked what you learn from the get together.We both had a talk about coorg till 11.30 am.But to my surprise no other member came. Then we both decided that we are here to do some voluntary stammering ‘toh challo lets do it’. Few months ago I   had performed same kind of activity in some mall. So i have little bit knowledge about voluntary stammering. I explained pradeep what we did last time,how we talked with people,what questions to be asked.

We both were finding difficulty in choosing persons whom to talk. We noticed that a young boy was sitting alone. We decided to target him first. I started excuse me sir are you free? Can we talk for 2 minutes? He replied i am waiting for someone, till that person comes we can talk. I and pradeep sat on chairs in front of that person.  Then i asked him do you know what is stammering? .He said no.We have to show some demos then he come to know what is stammering.We also gave introduction of TISA to him.

Our next question to him was have you ever met a person who stammers? His answer Ya one of my friends has a problem of stammering. We then asked how you treat your friend who stammers. He said like a normal person,I don’t have any problems with person who stammers it is just the way how a person speaks I focus more on content. He also told that he never makes fun of his friend who stammers. Then we started talking, the problem is that some people cooperate with us but some not. At this he make a comment that those persons who cannot cooperate with people like you are people with No minds, you are having problem of stammering but you may be strong in some other things.Finally we told him that if you come across any pws make them aware of TISA. Then he asked our names. We also asked his name. His name was Zen. The talk ended with firm handshakes. The talk lasted for around 15-20 minutes.

After talking to him we both were relaxed. I was happy that we started the activity without the presence of any senior members.

Again we targeted a young person this time pradeep asked are you free. Can we talk for some time?he said yes. Then i started do you know what stammering is? He said no. I and pradeep were blocking while asking questions. I simply replied the way by which we are talking is known as stammering .Stammering is a kind of speech habit in which what happen is he/she may get blocks while talking, he may repeat some words many  times. Then we asked him do you know anyone who stammers he said no. He was not aware of what stammering is and he doesn’t even any person who stammers. Then we told him about TISA Also told him we are just here to make people aware of stammering. We also told him that if you come across any pws tell him/her to search TISA on google.Later we bid him thank you and continue our search for next person.

This time we decided that we should target some old person .A old person was shopping. We directly go to him. Before we start he told that I am not salesman here. Then we told we just want 2 minutes then he asked regarding what. Then we told him stammering. He replied my son also stammers and he is working in some bank in Bangalore. He also told that whenever his son is in tension or depression he stammers more. Then we asked how you deal with him? He told we only motivates him and boosts his confidence. Then we told him about TISA .Then he asked for some contacts.  He took out some diary kind of thing then I wrote the websites of TISA in that diary. Then we thanked him.

After that we targeted some 2 Ladies. We asked them. Can we take 2 minutes of yours? One of the ladies replied yes. Pradeep asked do you know what is stammering. She replied we are some medical fields we know what stammering is. Then she asked what your intentions are. We told them that we are here to make people aware of stammering. At this she said stammering is not a big issue the pws makes it a big issue, she also said generally pws are more conscious that may be reason for their stammering .She even said it’s a good thing that such associations are there who makes people aware of this. We thanked both of them.

Pradeep is having some papers tomorrow so he decided to leave .I played the game FIFA 13 on the play station install in the mall. After 3o minutes i also decided to leave.


sachin said...

Thank you Amol, for the detailed report. Yes, 90% of stammering is our emotional reactions (shame, fear etc.). The activity you and Pradeep did, is very good to dissolve this 90% of the problem.. Keep at it and focus on COMMUNICATION..

Rajesh V said...

@Amol and Pradeep congrats as you didn't stop even though you have less strength. Thing is practice shouldn't be stopped even if you are the lone member for SHG meeting on a particular day.


vivek singh said...

First off, i'm really sorry that i couldn't join you. Secondly, i really commend you for going forward with the activity (Always remember, it just takes 2 to tango :-)). Thirdly, i really liked the kind of questions you asked people. So Bravo! you did stupendously well!!


Dinesh said...

Superb Amol, you are doing really well.. Keep going..

Gaurav Chandwani said...

Amol very nice of you to take time and share your experience with all of us. It really helps. All the best.

pradeep mahato said...

i am really thankful to amol..he is a really positive guy,i am feeling really good after doing voluntary stammering.Yesterday was really good , i made a prank on my batchmate to make him dance (though he never dance), i acted like i am drunk and persuaded him to dance..while acting like i am drunked ,,i didnt stammered a single time..every one was shocked (they were thinking i ws really drunked)..at the end i told i was joking..and ofcourse we had a awesome dandia dance.

thanks amols for your positive thoughts.

Anandh Sundar said...

Really amazing work of asking people about their views on stammering. mostly we assume that other people think X, but such frank comments really are helpful to understand the elephant in the room('stammering') which we rarely discuss