September 23, 2012

Delhi SHG Meeting Report

        In this SHG we were 7 members(Anshul, Kishore, Jagdish, Junaid, Vishal, Chandan, Amit)  and we all met at Central park, rajiv chowk  at 11 a.m.
        We all started our SHG with introduction task so every one gave the short introduction and Junaid is the new man who have attend first time this SHG so after this round we all just talked about the techniques what we use to talk so discuss about slow rate of speech, prolongation, volountry stuttering, pausing, some breathing exercise and after this task we have done book reading task in which every one stand read the book using those technique and after that we share our experiences about stammering and what type of difficulties we face and how we prevent we discussed all in detail and At the end of the meeting as per satyamev jayte ... i sang a song "Teri Yaadein".

       So overall meeting was very beautiful because three PWS Anshul ji, Chandan ji and Kishore Bisht ji discussed about his journey of stammering and How they got the Job so it was very inspirational-full and by which we all inspired with them and I hope that our next meeting will be more better and effective. 

           My Todays quote for every one --> "You are never be above of who you think you are" so       keep Smile every second


sachin said...

Congratulations- Anshul, Chandan, Kishore, Junaid..
Great, that you all got together, listened to each other and had fun..
TISA, to my mind, is not a "religion" or a "Church".. It is just a place where friends meet, look into each others' eyes and stammer- with full knowledge that they will be accepted by others..
Keep meeting and keep having fun and rotate the various responsibilities.. so that everyone "develops" into a good facilitator, organizer, even manager, reporter etc.

Junaid said...

yeah guys iam so happy i joined this amazing was a pleasure sharing knowledge about stammering..will meet next time with more confidences! :) -JUNAID

J P Sunda said...

Nice to see some old faces..All of you are doing very well by meeting regularly and posting about the meetings..Thanks Vishal for the report.

vishal gupta said...

thnx Sir JP sir....