September 23, 2012

A dream came true!!

In recent time, I cut off myself from TISA shgs because I was involved in lot of other stuffs like Job interviews after completing my post graduation. I was trying for many jobs including industries and academics but my inner feelings always inspire me to become a teacher. I always wanted a job which give me an opportunity to speak, share knowledge and which help to make this world more better place. I was giving interviews and rejecting every time; but truly for me, each interview seems like a step further in my journey of reaching to the goal. Every time I got something new like what I should improve more, what the thing which help me to achieve this thing etc etc. I was always ready for the enough struggles, At last I almost loosed my hope for teaching this year because colleges had already started their new sessions. Recently I gave my last interview in a college and after few demo classes I got selected unexpectedly :-). It seems like a dream come true. A line which always keeps me motivating to challenge new things in life is
“Life is more exciting when we challenge our own weaknesses. Sometimes an enemy can teach us better than a friend.” Yes, I stutter too and teaching required lot of speaking and convincing.  But after joining TISA and meeting with many courageous people there I got believe on myself that if others can do this then why I can’t.
When I went to take my first class on first day in college, I was excited but just focused on my material which I had to speak there. I used a technique “power of visualization” to make mind to think positive. Anyway when I started to take my first class, after few speaking I found my throat completely dry, I asked a student to bring a glass of water and I got the life back J After teacher and students introduction, I revealed my secret to class. I said”there might be some speaking blocks during my speaking because I stammer, so if you don’t able to understand any word then you can simply ask me to repeat it.” There was not a surprise or even whispering happen in class. They all nodded and speak in unison”ok sir, not a problem for us.” I did same in all the three different class which I take on first day. After this, you won’t believe that how much relaxed I felt and during whole class only one or two little fumbles appeared. Even If I felt some words difficult to pronounce I started to write them on board and then speak slowly with writing. First day was really very fantastic. I know it is just a little step towards the journey and many new things would come which I have to except as new challenges. I am ready for them too. Thanks TISA for giving my self-belief back and so many inspirations people like Sikander, Parmendra, J.P and others that’s why my one big dream to come true. Life is much more besides stammering.


Ravi Prajapati said...

Great effort Bro. Congratutaltion!!!!!!!!!!

Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Mubarak ho sir ji!!
Really inspirational experience.
Aap aur pura tisa family mere liye prerna ke source hain.
Vakai beliefs ko tootne me ek second nahi lagate. Pahle mujhe lagata tha ki koi stammerer kam se kam teacher kabhi nahi ban sakta lekin dr. Kshitz aur aapse milane ke bad mera belief toot chuka hai. Aur mai bhi ek tution teacher hu.

Ham abhi bhi delhi Shg me aapko miss karate hain.

sachin said...

Umesh- you have truly lived TISA's ideals of Acceptance, Honesty, fearlessness! You have also proved that a pws can become a Good communicator..
Well done. Keep walking and keep sharing..
I am sure a pws student among your class, will find you an excellent role model..

lalit said...

congregates umesh ...,congrets for job,fulfilling ur dream,or ur confidence ....really u become role model for tisa...congrets once again..

Anonymous said...

11visamorIts amazing man..congratulations!!!
Amit dixit

Hemant kumar said...

congratulation dear,
Your life will inspire many other PWS also. Even now future of india is in your hand as you will get chance to interact with new generation. so you will be able to shape to youth as well as many PWS.
your story reflect Swami Vivekanand quote -
“All power is within you; you can
do anything and everything.
Believe in that, do not believe
that you are weak; do not believe that you are half-crazy lunatics, as most
of us do nowadays. You can do any thing
and everything, without even the
guidance of any one. Stand up and
express the divinity within you.”
अब वक्त आ गया है fluent लोगों से कहने का
पंख ही काफ़ी नहीं हैं आसमानों के लिए;
हौसला भी चाहिए ऊंची उड़ानों के

Vinay said...


J P Sunda said...

You are a true role model, Umesh. Congratulations on your job..Mujhae bhi kuch sikha do, I didn't study in college ;-)