July 1, 2012

News of Hyderabad SHG Meet Up on July 1

Today's meeting has helped us to take greatest step in life of joining Toastmasters club very soon.
Members attended the meeting w.r.t below pic(left to right ) are

1)Santhosh 2)Sugandh 3)Neeraj 4)Rajesh 5)Mahipal 6)Pavan and 7)Naman Anand.

Activity-1: Started meeting with National Anthem.
Activity-2: Meditation with observing our breathing process
Activity-3: Introduction of all members in a slow manner. We tried to out beat our efficiency of slow speaking abilities to max.We also closed our eyes while giving introduction.
Activity-4: Prepared speeches of members choice. This activity was excellent. Few people said that it was their first time to give a long speech and they felt very happy from their beautiful output i.e the blissful experience which acts as helping step for future speeches. Everyone has comments and evaluation from other members so that we can improve on our speeches. 

We had the following speeches from respective members.
Sugandh topic "How he gives back to society (humorous)"
Pavan topic "Future Plans",
Naman topic "Mobile Operating Systems",
Neeraj topic "Job Interview Experiences",  
Santhosh topic "Power generation"
Mahipal topic "His best friend who helped him".
Rajesh topic "Time Preciousness",.
All people delivered great speeches and good improvement in confidence and loudness.

Activity-5: Excited talk regarding past experiences with stammering from every member. We excited and stammered a bit but still tried to maintain slow speaking and succeeded.
Activity-6: Future steps for SHG are discussed by all members. Action plans laid for good awareness among people.
Activity-7: Sugandh’s speech on Toastmasters club. Sugandh has stared 6th Toastmasters club recently in Hyderabad. Action plan laid for joining Toastmasters club where we can improve our public speaking and decrease anticipatory fear. This is also a great platform to do voluntary stuttering and also network with many people of different platforms.
Activity-8: Loud speaking in front of park gate without thinking of strangers :)

Finally we said bye to each other, It’s a great weekend SHG meeting where new plans are laid for better future. Commitment  is seen in all members, Fire of excelling is our final product from this meeting.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007  
email ids: rajesh.jaca"at"gmail.com and wanted2talk2u"at"yahoo.co.in


Pradeep said...

Nice work

Neeraj said...

It was a great meeting.. I enjoyed a lot.. and we look forward to materialize the plans that we had discussed.

sachin said...

I liked this activity very much:
"Loud speaking in front of park gate without thinking of strangers :)"

Because I have seen many people doing the same in Parliament ! :-))

Good job! Keep it up!

j jasbir singh said...

Great job.Congratulations friends. But idea of closing the eyes while giving introductions is not understood. Why escapism? Face the reality. Joining Toastmasters club is a great idea. I have been advocating the same.It certainly helps. Moreover we always keep preparing for the Meet. Mental clock remains always busy.My best wishes and good luck for the same.

Rajesh V said...

@Pradeep--Thanks Bro

@Neeraj--We shall materialize in a month :)

@Sachin ji--Thank you so much :)
I have seen the security guard of park looking at us then I started even louder :) Thanks for your evergreen support Sachin ji.

@Jasbir ji--Thanks so much.
Speech is a meditation for us, We enjoy the sound of ours now. Just like we close eyes to meditate observing our breathing, we are observing sound of ours instead of breath. To have a crisp sound(which comes when nullifying other information from eyes and other things in surroundings) as feedback to our ears and give concentration on what we speak, we are closing eyes for time being. May be down the line after 3 more meetings we shall open eyes and do it. We shall never escape from doing things. In fact this was our main motto in our meeting that day which i forgot to mention :) It has made two members to give speech even after they made mind to give up.