July 2, 2012

Banglore marches ahead..

TISA Meeting 1st July 2012
The first meeting of the month started with a low attendance of 9 people(Dinesh Kadam, Dinesh R, Anandh, Sairam, Upasna, Rohit, Jitu, Pawan and Chandrashekhar), but all were turbocharged with energy. The session started with a number counting exercise with mouthing only few numbers, but lip-synching the rest.  People realized that they stammer less when doing that. Then the session started with a devotional song ‘itni shakti hame de na data’, word of the day/joke of the day/quote of the day, each of which provoked food for though/discussion.
Then on the topic ‘Should the world end in 2012’, there was a roundtable discussion with each person giving his views referring Merlin, Vedas, philosophy, karma etc. As always, Dinesh in his imitable style closed the discussion with his philosophy of living every day as if it was your last, and not hoping to extend life just to achieve delayed goals!
Anandh clarified his understanding about TISA Bangalore’s philosophy and activities, and then Dinesh and other members present described the framework of
·         Acceptance(NOT passive acceptance of stammering but removing guilt/shame )
·         Expressing yourself(socialize, don’t be afraid of what others will think)
·         Theraphy/Practice-techniques like slow speaking are useful only when applied. But the holistic approach to stammering means boosting self confidence, staying calm etc.  The aim is to undo the stammering instinct, by repeated practice.
·         The overall objective is to manage your stammer in the real world(not just ensure ‘fake fluency’ in a controlled environment). 
The session concluded with a round of picture stories, where those present looked at a picture, and then built on each other’s sequential stories. It was great fun.  The session concluded with an agenda allocation for the next week’s meeting.  Kudos to Dinesh Kadam for being a great emcee, Sairam for chairing the discussion, and to other members for being there/attending!
Some takeaways/decisions from the session
1.       New members to attend only from the 1st session of the next month, to ensure continuity/saving time in introductions for other sessions.
2.       Devote one day in the month for a longer session, to give people more time to speak and take the session to the next level
3.       Develop expert power in your subject, that gives you self confidence as people seek you out for help, and it mitigates your stammer as well as people flock to what you say instead of ‘how you say it’. And never be afraid of asking questions and learning.
4.       When you speak fast, people don’t ‘get it’. So don’t be afraid of slower speech. 


Rajesh V said...

Wow :) Its a nice framework bro.
"Developing Expert Power" line is superb.
Recharged from the post bro.


Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

"kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab
pal me parlay aayegi bahuri karega kab" this is a best philosphy for everyone.