May 22, 2012


On behalf of Abhijeeth.
Hello friends! Sorry for not keeping any updates about TISA Gujarat for so many days.  Although we were not having any regular TISA meetings in Gujarat but I was in contact with so many PWS on mobile not only related to Gujarat but from across the whole country.

I came to know about many PWS since these days and also learn lot many things from them also. I am trying at my best to arrange TISA meeting in Gujarat and very soon will keep updates like that. But till then we must maintain our mobile conversation. Friends, feel free to call me. Instead of thinking about the same things you can share them with any of the TISA member and you will not only feel relax but can also learn new things. I hope I will receive more calls and especially from Gujarat people.


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J P Sunda said...

Yes Abhijeet, talking to people who UNDERSTAND is a very important part of therapy and who better than fellow pws! Keep talking.