May 22, 2012

Skype SHG Meeting Details-May 22

Good Day Friends,

1)Self Introduction. 2)Discussion on Bouncing technique and Voluntary Stuttering  3)Group Discussion.

We celebrated Ashish Birthday :) in skype :)
Today's Total Participants: 8
New Participants: 0
Members who attended conference are
1) Ashish 2)Anshul 3)Ankit 4)Rohit 5)Kormuz 6)Ritesh 7)Karthik 8)Rajesh

Note: People who want to join us in skype calls everyday between 9:00 PM IST to 11:00 PM IST can add anyone form below ids in skype

To get connected(emails/contact numbers) with people who stammer check below link.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V
96 76 82 0007                                          
rajesh.jaca"at" / wanted2talk2u"at"


J P Sunda said...

Rajesh, someday you should write a post as to what are you doing for this consistent and regular attendance on skype calls. Congratulations to all the participants and Happy B'day Ashish. Btw there are so many Ashish in TISA, can you let us know your full name :-)

Rajesh V said...

@JP--Thanks so much bro and Sure i will write a post about it.
Daily opportunity for practicing with our SHG members is making confidence to boost.Everyone is inspiring here,some excelled in slow reading,some excelled in bouncing style so everyone is setting a good impression to do things. so affording to miss a day without skype conference is like loosing something big in a day.

Its Birthday of Ashish Vairashtak from Rajasthan.

With Regards.