May 3, 2012

One Year With TISA

I attended my first stammering workshop which held in Herburtpur from May 2 to May 6 2011. So one year has been passed but it doesn't seems like that it is only one year. It is like that I have all those TISA friends with me more than a decade. Yesterday, one of my friend, Rakesh reminds me by calling on phone, said "Umesh bhai aaj 2 may hai. aaj hume Tisa se jude pura ek saal ho gaye hai". I was astonished to think that if it was really one year passed. Remembering my old memories, I found myself that I get so many and good friends in this one year. I found myself so much changed from outside as well as from inside. But all this was happen only because of one big initiative, one encouraging step. If I did not attend that workshop by excusing myself, no change can ever be possible. I still remembered, I went alone by booking my reservation to Dehradun by train, perhaps I was quite nervous to think, what would be going to happen to me there because I had never taken a speech therapy, not even had a quite discussion about my stammering with anyone. I was thinking in whole journey that either it would be big step to live a life that I always dream of or it would be just a waste of time. I was lucky that I got to find two other people after reaching Dehradun railway station. But the funny thing which I was feeling after joining them that everyone was quite nervous to talk with each other. Mr. Rajender sharma and Ram Rajput were my two other pal. I remember my first day of workshop when I entered in the seminar hall of hospital. Perhaps we all were nervous to think what would be going to happen with us. Rakesh jaiswal, Anubhav beri and Reekrit were other guys whom I met there.  One more funny thing, we all wanted to show each other that I can speak better than the rest (now all it seems like craziness). Anyway It was awesome experience during whole workshop. First time I used to speak in front of group of people, first time I received round of applauds from others after speaking, no matter with dis fluency. We did lots of other fun and fear-melting activities like, we took stuttering interview of each others and then of strangers, we wear T-shirts with slogans written on them "Haklao Magar Pyar Se", we made call to our friends and family members to tell them that we are here in stammering workshop because we stammer. Last day we went to Samagra where we got a chance to meet with some foreigns students, we gave presentation there. We talked with them with our English (which always feared us more). Their support and friendly nature make us overwhelmed.
                 After spending all those precious moments in five days,there in Herburtpur. We returned with great worth, seems like we went with empty hands and now have so much with us that we could never got more than this. We had new friends, all questions were unveiled, we have techniques which can use use to get out of trouble but most important thing is; now we had believe in ourself with eyes were glittering with confidence. Now we were not alone. After that all is history, I attended one more workshop there, I attended Delhi workshop on stuttering awareness day (22 oct) and then National conference in Bhuwneswar, Lot of shg meetings with Delhi shg group, Shimla regional meeting was most awesome trip. All so many great things in just one year. Really unbelievable!!!
                 Every workshop and meeting with TISA friends was always awesome and boost up my confidence and self believe. Yes, I still stutter. who says TISA can cure you, but now stammering can't let me down. Now I doesn't stop myself because of little disfluency. Now I doesn't feel shame when I blocked or do bouncing in front of my classmates. Now I have learned how to make myself comfortable with my stuttering, how to control my stuttering in fearing situation and how can I stutter easily. All this was happen only because of first step which I took one year ago. Although lots of things still remain to achieve and I don't see any reason why I can't achieve them. Thanks TISA and all my friends who made this one year so much amazing for me.
Click here to watch all those photos of first meeting with TISA.


Satyendra said...

Dear Umesh- it does not seem like just one year! It seems as if we all met many years ago in that Comm WS. I am so happy for you. You took the courage to come.. It was your courage which eventually changed you.. We were, and are, merely circumstances..
Courage,Courage,Courage- that is the only secret, if there was one..
Thank you for such beautiful sharing..

J P Sunda said...

Yes, Umesh we have all found true and genuine friends in TISA. I am sure you will go a long way ahead in life

Mohit kumar said...

Congrats Umesh for your 1yr success, and all the best for your upcoming stuttering carrier.

lalit said...

umesh i am surprise to know that i knew u since just one year , it seems like i knew u from many year.... wonder post. waiting for ur post when u tell ur 10 year experience with tisa .