May 3, 2012

Need help

Hi Guys,

Pramendra, Sourabh and me plan to launch an online store for bicycles ( in future we may move to toys and other items too, may be something like amazon :-) in Delhi-NCR region and then to all over India. We thought of the name (store with a prolongation) but now plan to have a name for which .com is available.

I think who better than fellow pws to ask for suggestions of name. Here is our criteria:
1. .com should be available ( you can use to check the availability)
2. It should be a general name as we may end up selling things other than bicycles
3. Easy to pronounce (Remember we will have to tell people whats the name of our store :-)
4. Easier to remember
5. Should be elegant and classy

you can email your suggestions to jaiprakashsunda "at" gmail dot com . Remember you would be naming something really big and your name will be associated with the history of this company.



Anupinder Singh said...

good jp sir, keep it up, it will be there with some names soon....

Viren Gandhi - Mumbai said...

sachin said...

I will leave the name to you guys.. I just want to give my sincere best wishes and blessings to your big endeavour in life..
May you succeed- and help yourself and serve others..

Jitender Gupta Pratham said...

Aapki yatra mangalmay ho.

J P Sunda said...

Thanks everyone for your support. We will need tons of it!

Jitender Gupta Pratham said... ya