May 20, 2012

How do I become a TISA member?

"I stammer. How do I become a member of TISA?" 

We often get such inquiries over phone and through emails. There are two expectations here, often un-stated:
I will have to pay some money as the annual membership fee and my name will be put on some register.

Second: Once I become a TISA member, my stammering will go away.

I wish all this was that simple! No, it is not.

How did a Rajesh or a Dinesh or a Pramendra become TISA member? By taking initiative. By doing many things for themselves and for others. We think- taking INITIATIVE is the number one criteria. It is such a rare thing too. It is so easy to spend an entire life time, just complaining and walking down a rut. But that helps neither you nor anyone else. Capacity to raise our head and try out something new- is the only trait, which sets us apart from animals- in our opinion.

So, what all some pws are doing, in stead of complaining and feeling bad? Dinesh is reviving Banglore SHG; Rajesh is doing the same for Hyderabad group. Both of them are moderating a skype conference every night at 9 pm. Pramendra is facilitating Delhi SHG- in spite of serious family events and concerns. He also played a very important role in setting up our first national conference in Bhubaneshwar at the beginning of this year. There are many more IPWS in addition to these three, who have seen the futility of going through life as a "victim" of circumstances. They are helping themselves by helping others.

So what kind of initiative can you take- you, who have been through many therapies, many wild goose chases, many disappointments and many heart-breaks? Here is a simple list. Play with it:

1. Take a vow to stop thinking: Oh poor me! What can I do? World is so mean!
Instead, say to yourself: I have the power within ME to change myself and my world. I can certainly try..

2. Download and read the self help manual and PRACTICE it! Just knowing techniques is of little use. It may only give you a sense of complacence and egotism ("I know so much"), nothing more. In order to practice it, join or start a self help group. a SHG can be started with just two people: You and your reflection in the mirror, used for "mirror therapy"..Others will follow, if you have stamina of a marathon runner and if your intentions are noble.

3. This is most important step and should have been the point number one: Participate in the skype conference every night. Even if you dont want to talk- just listen. That would be a great way of helping other pws in the conference. That is what many pws ask us: How can I help other pws? Simple: by listening to them with interest and attention. CHANGE is always within your reach- you just have to send an email, make a phone call, send an "add request" on skype etc. Add any of these four moderators in your skype account and tighten your seat belts for take off!


Mohit kumar said...

You are absolutely correct sir, Working with TISA is always a great pleasure. It reminds me actually who i am now. Past is always a regret, future is ahead.It always takes lots of time, but with TISA it takes only few days.
Thanx for your inspirational words.

Satyendra said...

Thanks Mohit!
It took me about 45 years to discover my "gift". The more I use it, the better it becomes day by day..
Thanks for appreciation!

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Sachin ji---Wow, I simply Love you. Your words are 100% true.

I became more confident only after i took a golden stepping into SHG and later when i started serving our SHG group my confidence multiplied.

I don't have words that how i can express my feelings about your initiation in establishing TISA.
Till i live on this earth, I will be a dedicated member of TISA and will be an active members in its all activities.
As it helped me a lot so i shall help in its objective of giving hope and confidence for people around the world.
I am Loving It :)

With Regards.

J P Sunda said...

Yes, a small doing is all what it takes to start the journey back "home" but some of us first want to make sure for ourselves that this is THE PERFECT path and keep on waiting when life just passes by! Mental busyness is such a big sickness and it looks normal :-(

Satyendra said...

Yes, JP- if people could accept a little imperfection, life would simply BLOOM for them..

Rajesh- you got it! Hang on to it, now!
Thanks guys!

amit dixit said...

This is very nice article sie..clearing doubts for newcomers and members as well..thanks