March 28, 2012


     hello guys!i am just feeling so gud to come before you after such long gap...u know as a stammer it was really not easy for me to stay away from you peoples but life gives us such a diverse situations that sometime se have to lead the way it wants..
  while staying away from social networking,self help groups,seminars ,i really worked out on finding way to deal with the problem with the new it is obvious i had to use public gatherings,friends circle as the practice  ground or in easy words i can say that i was playing international matches without playing in RANJI matches...

you know i had made a list as how i would tackle this problem...i noticed that every stammerer has to deal on phones. in the classes if they are student,at the market,while gossiping and recounting at first i decided to pay attention over tackling speaking over  phone

1.i decided to remain slow while saying HELLO no matter the person on other side is in hurry.
2.while enunciating words in the beginning i have to remain as slow as possible.
3.wherever there is blockage on the word i slow down my pace.
-I decided to make it habit to make calls to customer care,friends,offices so as to get comfortable in each and every situation no matter whatsoevrt be the person before us.
-i began trying voluntary stuttering with the close friends,at the berger shops.
all this was aimed to be fearless in every speaking situations.
I dont know what i am going to say but i feel that TALKING OVER THE PHONES IS NO LONGER A NIGHTMARE.i am not saying that i wont stammer on phone in future but i can say definitely that i am no longer scared about talking over the phone.
Kumar Kundan (Kala Amb, HP)


sachin said...

"No longer being scared"- that certainly is the cure..
Whether you play Ranji or Internationals- as long as you honestly confront your fears, you are making progress..
You have done it and I am so happy for you..
Keep sharing..

Mohit kumar said...

yes Kundun, we always dreamt bad about attending phone calls, but now after joining TISA its always feels proud to attend calls and its not a longer nightmare for me, yes but sometimes i feel,but not ALWAYS.
Keep Sharing.

J P Sunda said...

Kundan, great to read a post from you after such a long time. Yes, fear of stuttering is the main problem. If we can get past the fear, rest of the things are comparatively easier. By the way, where have you been all these months (or years) ?