March 27, 2012

Herbertpur , 27 March 2012

Today Sachin sir woke me up at 6:00 am in the morning . Then we went for a morning walk . I also ran a little bit a mile i suppose .while we coming back we stopped by a wheat feild adjacent to it a water channel was flowing , it was really a beautiful scene , huge blue sky , rising sun and mountain valleys .Then we sat down for 1 hour meditation . Then after i went for my breakfast and then and then we went for the Photoshop class . There i taught few tips of Photoshop like "straightening the tilted picture , content aware scale and recolor to the community college students.After that i took my lunch and tried to complete my blog about "my experience at shimla get together "& went to sleep . i went for karate at 4 pm and was back at 5:30 .In the evening i met one friend of Dr sachin and had a talk with him . After that i again try to complete my blog for shimla and went for my dinner at 8:00 pm . After that i made final editing of my blog for shimla and post it finally . Then Dr sachin and i prepare for the tomorrow session of Photoshop and went to sleep by 10:30 .


Anupinder Singh said...

awesome...i also want to come herbertpur and spend time with Dr. Sachin...:)

J P Sunda said...

Everyone wants to be with Dr Sachin! Me too

Dhruva Kathuria said...

Good Going Gorav.I would really like to talk to you.just give me ur no. or call me at will be awesome to listen to your experiences :-)