December 5, 2011

NC 2nd Round: Expectations

This is a run up to NC- collecting "expectations" from ALL the participants. Once we have a SENSE of expectations, we will be able to utilize our resources (esp. time) accordingly, so that all participants can get an "optimum" experince out of this first collective effort at national level. Here is Harish, our inhouse editor. We will keep adding more at the bottom, as we keep getting these notes from participants.

Harish Usgaonkar : Opportunities Galore
First National Conference of people who stammer, is going to happen in India this year end. I feel privileged to be a part of this initiative, and look forward to be there as a participant. For me, meeting other people who stammer has always been a solace. In the conference I look forward to meet a lot more people who stammer, under one roof. There’s nothing like sharing each other’s stories and experiences with people who have had similar difficulties as mine. At the conference, I also look to network with stammerers with different backgrounds across the country and get to know the similarities and differences with the experiences a stammerer goes through.
The first part of the NC is going to be a 2-day workshop. TISA workshops have always been a ‘learn while having fun’ activity, and during these 2 days I look forward to learn lots of things from the experience of Dr. Sachin, JP and others from TISA who have facilitated several workshops across the country.
The 3-day conference that follows will be a great opportunity to gain knowledge about stammering from professionals like Dr. Mahapatra and other speech therapists and experts. Learning more and gaining knowledge I believe will help leaps and bounds as we discover our own recovery paths. Delivering a presentation on role of writing, while sharing my own experiences will be a one of it’s kind experience for me, and I look to put my presentation and communication skills to test.
Meeting and interacting with Mr. Elaine Wigdor Robin, is something that I am eagerly waiting for. NC is coming with opportunities galore. It’s a new beginning, and time to speak and say, “Yes, we have a voice!”.
About Me
I am Harish Usgaonker, hailing from the beautiful coastal state – Goa. I hold a masters degree in IT, and presently work as a Sr. Software Engineer in NE Technologies (Goa). I have delve into a lot of hobbies, but I enjoy writing and graphic designing the most, besides also trying my hands in mimicry and singing. I love doing creative things. My ambition is to start a business of my own some day, and my dream is to publish a novel. 

Elaine Saitta
I am grateful that you are putting the time into organizing this event. As a past leader of the NSA I know first-hand how time consuming this process is for you and your team. And thank you for your nice thoughts about my pod cast interview.

What I expect? I am really looking forward to meeting other people who stutter. Wherever I go I enjoy meeting others who stutter. I was very excited to learn that the first conference in India was happening when I planned to be in India. I am hoping to learn about self-help in India as well as how stuttering is perceived by others.  The social interaction time between the participants is what I cherish the most about conferences.  The workshops are informative and great but it is the people to people interactions and conversations that I enjoy so much.  I am looking forward to meeting some interesting people and sharing stories.

Again, thank you

Raja Bhattacharjee
My expectations from just to have lots of fun.... meet and make new friends and of course visit bhuveneshwar...

Satyendra Srivastava (sachin) 
My expectations are huge and that makes me a little nervous! But in a nice healthy sort of way. It inspires and encourages me to outperform myself. My first expectation is that we meet and discover the diversity hidden under that one small word: pws. I hope participants are relaxed, feel free to stammer or speak any which way, they want to, at any given moment, rather than be under the pressure of some kind of ISO standard of "public speaking"! Because people learn most when they are relaxed. I also hope that family members and women will participate freely and openly. I am sure people will listen to each other with respect and openness and observe time limits sincerely. While morning sessions sizzle with new information and interesting discussions - afternoon and evenings, I hope, are more relaxed and spontaneous, with movie shows, talent shows, impromptu talks and MIMICRY (watch out for Harish!).

There will be 3 (two definitely) SLPs among us. I hope to learn from them and I also hope that PWS will be able to share with them and help them too, to understand the complex phenomena called "stammering" better. Young volunteers of TISA will be managing a lot of things- I hope they will discover the hidden talent for Event Management in themselves and each other- and a team spirit will develop over three days, which will outlast decades. I will be meeting some people for the first time and that certainly makes me excited like a little boy on first day of the school! I am definitely looking forward to meeting Professor Mahapatra and Dr Elaine. Finally, I hope TISA will set a Gold standard for all the future NCs and chart a clear path for self help among people who stammer. Haklao magar Pyar se! Yes, why not?

Umesh Rawat
I hope i will surely attend this first and biggest function that is National conference of stuttering. These are my expectation which i will hope that we will try to fulfill there.

1. I will surely get a chance to meet all the recovered stammers who achieve this with great patience and courage. It will be most good thing for me.
2. I will get a chance to make good relationship with them and increase my social skills
as well as my friend circle.
3.  If i would lucky then I will got a chance to perform on stage which is my all time dream.
4. It will also increase my patience and listening skills by listening a lot of sound from stuttering mouths :-)
5. There will be a good atmosphere to use my techniques like bouncing etc. and it will lead to more acceptance and fearless.
6  I will surely enjoy a lot of talk about stammering and it's experts and public view on it.
7. I will enjoy the new place and new friends. I really love traveling to new places.
8. Last but not least is, no one can stop me there to stutter :-)

Lalit Pandey
although i am much satisfied with NC agenda but selfishly i  expect little more.... like
       plan for site seeing(if possible circulate the plan)
       celebration of new year with music,dance and food
       chance to listen recovery story from recover pws
       if possible 5 min presentation(or any topic) in stage

thanks, Lalit.

Dr Srikant Panda

Dear Sir,
I may be allowed to present few lines regarding the acoustical aspects of stammering. I would also like to put an open question for those working with speech sounds as to explain the occurrence of ANTI-   FORMANT.This question may kindly be discussed @ TISA.
With regards,
Dr. Srikant Panda
Asst Prof. Raajdhani Engineering College

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