December 5, 2011

A Delhi stutter friends Meet

Hi Friends,

On the initiative of Delhi SHG, a mini communication workshop was organized at Nitin Ji's residence, Indirapuram, DELHI NCR on 4th December. The main purpose of this event was to focus on communication skill so the event consisted of many activities like introduction, reading, speech games, debate, group discussion, question answers and telephoic converstion. There were 10 members and there names are Nitin, Pramendra, Umesh, Sikander, Tejo Thomas, Arun, Sachin Tayagi, Saurav, Shalendra and Rajulingam. Sachin tayagi, Saurav, Shalendra and Rajulingam were the new members and Delhi SHG welcomed them whole heartdly.

We all had a good discussion and learned a lot from other's experiences. In telephonic conversation we had to call airlines and Five Star hotel for booking inquiry. Earlier, Everyone was a bit hesitant but the best thing is that we all tried and had good discussion with them. It has made us fee that "it is not a big deal" we can do it. Everyone played the speech game very nicely and there was a tie between both the teams. There was a big involvement in Debate and group discussion on a given topic. The good thing is that everyone participated in the discussion and put their point. It was very interesting and looked like the real discussion aired on TV.
Overall, we had a good time and it made us think beyond stammering also. Thanks everyone for making it a successful event. A special thank to Nitin, Pramendra and Umesh for organizing the meeting.
 A detailed review with pics will be posted very soon by Umesh. Please be patience :-)

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sachin said...

Great! Friends, keep it up.. even if just once a month..Thanks Sikander!

abhishek said...

congrates nitin sir , sikander sir ,pramendra,umesh and all participantants and delhi shg to oraganise this successful event.

lalit said...

congrates to delhi shg and all participant