December 3, 2008

World Disability day

We observed World Disability Day today in Vikasnagar. Many children, their care takers, social workers and others participated in the rally. Is stammering a disability? Tough question. But there are many who would respond in affirmative. The state may not do so, because that would have financial and constitutional implications. But people, whose life has been affected by this so called 'little speech impediment' know what it means carry the burden all their lives.
Anyway, we are happy that we went and walked in solidarity with children and adults facing various issues and difficulties in life. We told people who were interested, what stammering is and distributed some copies of "12 questions on stammering".

1 comment:

rahul raut dessai said...

no, stammering is not a disabiltiy.
it is just a negative mind set and habit which we have got during our growing years of life.
we can unlearn this habit if we have confidence within us.
its just like driving a car.
a young kid might wonder it is a big deal to drive a car but as he grows into an adult he finds it very easy after learning the process and one day he becomes a confident driver who just seats on the drivers seat and the rest all is controlled by sub conscious mind.
this can be related to a stammering child who does not know what is happening to him when he gets a block or picks a phone,etc.....
but if he learns to overcome this(learns to drive) and practices everyday the its not too far to achieve fluency.
with this example i feel stammering is not a disability. it is we who dont give a try to drive waiting for all traffic lights to turn green for us.