October 22, 2014


My congratulations to you on the occasion of International Stuttering Awareness Day. I have decided to use this day to assess how much I am aware of my stuttering and would share with you some interesting things.

Before I begin, let me ask you a question, forget for a moment as yourself being a stutterer-
Whom do you want to listen to? One who speaks the words as if always in haste or the one who speaks with good pronunciation?
When I analysed my recorded conversations, I found that at non problematic words I was unable to pronounce words as it should be, let alone the stuttered words, so it further complicates the already fractured speech to the listener. The reason that I found is those fluent words are most often spoken in haste to compensate for the blocked, fumbled & struggled words. Our subconscious mind perhaps wants other to know that ‘Believe me I am fluent, I don’t know why I stuttered on some words before,see I am fine at other words’ and it’s a vicious cycle and we seldom comes out of it until a well conscious decision is taken.
Since a month I am working on my diction. I make sure that every blogs, article that I read is pronounced with clarity. Earlier I didn't attach much significance to this as I was unaware of the fact that it has got to do with communication skills also.
Ask why? As a stammerer we are obsessed with not well understood by others, are not we? In fact I have noticed that during the conversation, we stutter on not more than 40 % of words used, yet this 40 % rules the larger half.  In short we let these 40 % problematic words overshadow these 60 % of non problematic ones.

As a result of consistent  practice,my speaking is becoming clear and a bit slow and I enjoy talking to my friends, colleagues, family with a sense of accomplishment that I can speak well.

Today also marks my  57th days of writing “Good things about today” in my daily journal. I have been doing this since 24th august. This has facilitated as record book of my major activities such as the time that I woke up at, calls that I made, place that I visited, tasks that I did for everyday.
I know " repetition is the key to habit ".
Thank you.

October 21, 2014

Happy Diwali

प्रिय साथियों,

दीपावली के शुभ अवसर पर द इण्डियन स्टैमरिंग एसोसिएशन (टीसा) की तरफ से आप सभी को बधाई और ढेरों शुभकामनाएं।

ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है कि प्रकाश, उमंग और उत्साह से भरा यह पर्व आपके जीवन में आनन्द लाए और आप सदैव प्रगति के पथ पर अग्रसर रहें।

शुभकामनाओं सहित!
     - टीसा।

NC 2014 : हकलाने वाली महिलाओं के सामने हैं चुनौतियां . . .

मेरा Jacquelyn Revere नाम है। मैं संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका से हूं। कहने को तो हकलाने वाली महिलाओं की सुख्या पुरूषों की तुलना में काफी कम है, लेकिन चुनौतियां ढेरों हैं। भारत में आकर इस एन.सी. में मैंने देखा कि इतनी कम संख्या में हकलाने वाली युवतियां आई हुई हैं। निश्चित ही परिवार की बंदिशें और उनकी सोच इसका मूल कारण है। चाहे भारत हो या अमेरिका हकलाने वाली महिलाओं को अपने परिवार, समाज और कार्यस्थल पर अनेक समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ता है। आमतौर पर लोगों की सोच यह होती है कि हकलाने वाली युवती को अच्छा जीवनसाथी मिलेगा या नहीं? वहीं कई बार हकलाने के कारण कार्य करने के लिए अयोग्य समझ लिया जाता है। सच तो यह है कि हमारे मानव जीवन में धाराप्रवाह बोलने को बहुत बड़ा गुण मान लिया गया है और इसके सामने प्रतिभा और क्षमता को कम आंका जाता है, जो कि सही नहीं है। जब हकलाने वाली युवतियां घर से बाहर निकलती हैं तो माता-पिता भी ढेरों आशंकाओं से घिरे रहते हैं। बाहर जाकर कैसे लोगों का सामना करेगी? एजूकेशन और जाब कैसे कर पाएगी? ऐसी प्रश्नभरी निगाहें हर कदम पर हकलाने वाली महिलाओं के सामने हाजिर होती हैं। हम समाज को बदल पाएं या नहीं बदल पाएं यह ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण नहीं है। हकलाने वाली महिलाओं को शक्तिशाली विचार और दृढ़ निश्चय के साथ जीवन में आगे बढ़ना और कार्य करना चाहिए। सफलता जरूर मिलती है। भारत में टीसा की एन.सी. में आकर हकलाने वाली युवतियों से बातचीत एवं उनके अनुभवों को जानने, समझने का सुन्दर अवसर मिला। आप सभी को धन्यवाद।

(जैसा उन्होंने टीसा को बताया।)

October 20, 2014

Straight from Experts!!

Does Vitamin B-complex help? Does chanting help? Does hypnotherapy cure stammering? Does it run in families? questions, questions, questions..

Guys and Gals- you may have lot of questions! Check out this page. Your question may have already been answered; if not, dont hesitate to ask at:

Also, our Indian self-help scene has attracted some interesting questions and comments:

To leave a comment or ask a question, you need to register, which is a simple process. You can also log in using your gmail or facebook account. 

Anti Climax!

Few days back, 'he' phoned me; Yes, this young fire-cracker was most popular in NC, he had lot of fun; spoke non-stop and entertained us; we understood him very well in spite of a little stammering here and there. He could be called MR NC, I think! But on phone, now after a few days, he was in panic:
"My parents are saying- 'Rascal, you went to Khandala to improve your speech! And you have come back worse off!' Now I have got to go to my village; How will I make villagers and my parents understand? Has my stammering really become worse? what do you say?"
The answer I gave him, I will not share here (it is funny)! But the question is: The wonderful atmosphere that we created in NC, which helped us so much for those three days- how do we create it here and now, in our homes, in our offices and colleges, in our neighbourhood?
It seems daunting but it is doable. Talk, talk, talk, talk about stammering. Educate people. Share your thoughts and feeling. But dont become emotional. Dont get angry or upset if someone does not agree with you immediately. Respect them and still share your point of view. Always believe, that stammering is neither a crime nor sin. Live this idea every moment. Be fearless. Inspire other pws.
A movie may have many anti-climax but finally Good always wins over Evil. TISA ki movie me tum Heero ho. Tumhari jeet nischit hai. Kyonki Dar ke age jeet hai..

What would you do?

'What would you do?' is an  American hidden camera show which conducts social experiments on random people and records their reaction to the situation.  Each episode takes a hypothesis and tests it in real world conditions. It's an interesting and addictive show which helps lower down my cynicism and pessimistic attitude toward the world. The show works on the following format:

The crew sets-up hidden cameras in a public place, which could be a restaurant, cinema hall, or shopping mall. Then a group of actors enter the scene and enact an improvised role-play in front of the public. The scene usually involves a group of persons harassing/bullying another actor.  The show asks the question- what would you do if the situation takes place in front of you? Would you stand-up for a total stranger?

The particular video I watched today featured a teenager with stuttering. She was not merely an actor but a real PWS. The scenario involved her placing an order for an ice-cream at a restaurant. Behind her, in the queue, are a bunch of actors who make fun of her speech and push her to move on. The show records the reaction of other patrons who are unaware that the entire scene is a setup. I will not reveal any further and would like you to watch the video to know what happened next.

It would be interesting to conduct such experiments in India. What would you do if you notice a wrong taking place in front of you?

I'm not sure if the video is visible in the post so I'm sharing a direct link to youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdyj05-laqY  

NC 2014 : बेहतर संचार के लिए जरूरी है सही भाषा

अमेरिका से आई प्रतिभागी जैकलिन के साथ बातचीत । फोटो - जगबीर ।
बचपन में अक्सर विदेशी पर्यटकों को देखकर मैं बहुत आकर्षित होता था। उन्हें दूसरे ग्रह से आया हुआ प्राणी समझता रहा। कभी बात करना तो दूर की बात है।

टीसा की चैथी नेशनल कांफ्रेन्स के दौरान पहले ही दिन सभी प्रतिभागियों को विभिन्न समूहों में बांटने का क्रम शुरू हुआ। सिर्फ एक हिन्दी ग्रुप और 4 इंग्लिश ग्रुप। जब हिन्दी ग्रुप में शामिल होने के लिए कहा गया तो पहले तो कोई नहीं आया, फिर धीरे-धीरे कुछ लोग सामने आए। बड़ेे ही आश्चर्य का विषय रहा कि 10 हकलाने वाले साथी भी हिन्दी समूह के लिए एकत्र नहीं हो सके।

मैंने इस बार तय कर लिया था कि इंग्लिश ग्रुप में ही जाउंगा। लंच के बाद हिन्दी ग्रुप को खत्म कर दिया गया और सभी को अपनी सुविधानुसार भाषा में बोलने की छूट मिल गई। मैं जिस ग्रुप में था वहां सब अंग्रेजी में अभ्यास कर रहे थे। सिर्फ मैं ही ऐसा था जो हिन्दी में बोल रहा था, लेकिन बीच-बीच में मैं भी अंग्रेजी के वाक्य बोलता रहा।

October 19, 2014

देखो देखें ये जमाना......पंछी उड़ा जाए रे

आज कल टीवी पर होंडा की एक Advertisement बहुत फेमस हो चली है..मैसेज दे रही है..... "देखो देखे ये जमाना ....पंछी उड़ा जाये रे..."
जब भी येऐड मेरा भतीजा देखता है...थोड़ा surprisingly आँखो से देखता है। एक दिन पूछने लगा .. काका हम बाइक से कैसे उड सकते है ? ये प्रश्न से मै थोड़ा झुँझलाया। सोच में पड़ गया।
लेकिन अच्छा ही हुआ क्योकि मै पहली बार किसी advertisement के बारे में इतना सोच रहा था...
(और पढ़ें )

stammer freely first podcast interview with ashish (besharm)


Celebrating Stammering

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) is round the corner. We thought of starting early the celebrations. Three of us- I, Nathan and Nashville set out to the capital city Panaji for an outing. The theme of the outing was – “Celebrating Stammering”.

Mumbai- no more mum..

IIT Bombay SHG starting Sunday, October 19, 2 to 4 PM, (thanks to Kamal and Dhruv!)

All Mumbai SHG members please come to IIT B this Sunday. We will meet at 1:30 PM near Y point or Market gate. SHG will be from 2 PM to 4 PM.
The venue is few hundred meters closer to market gate than main gate. Here is the map:

Kamal Yadav, Cell: 7506144798, kamal.yadav@gmail.com,

October 18, 2014

NC videos

For NC interviews as podcast check below:
Thanks Kushal for sharing the video..

Delhi SHG Meeting at Central Park ( winter has come !!!! not at all miss any meeting now)

Venue : Central Park, Rajiv Chowk(infront of gate 6 rajiv chowk metro station)

Time : 11 am

Host : Chetan parekh/ Vishal/Ravi/Jagbir

Agenda : will disclose in meeting and will have a Photo Sessions. 

For any query, call us 
8447490753(Vishal Gupta)

TISA Hyderabad Chapter meeting on 19 Oct

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION Self Help Group meetings.These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer at Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.

Here we list our challenges and conquer them in group tasks, So you wanna conquer challenges? 

The first meet Post-NC Bangalore SHG ……………………..

 Date October 12 2014
Members : Avinash, Sergey, Nishil,Tanveer,Upasana,Jayant,Ajay,Anshuman,Sairam,Naman,Aruna -

Introduction - We started the meeting with our trademark introduction style but keeping it brief as most of us were familiar each others.

Once the introduction was done Naman presented a preview of his upcoming toastmaster speech.
Prepared speech by naman - "Picture Perfect". The pacing of Namans speech was really good and all the best to his 4th speech in toastmasters. We could all see the confidence in his tone when he spoke.

After the wonderful speech by Naman  we all were raring to take the stage , extempore fit in the slot.
In this fast paced 2 minutes deadline, some of us had more to say but could not finish it on time  - makes us think of organizing our speech more structurally as to end on a high note when the time is up.
Some of us could not even speak the full 2 minutes and were left wanting for more words to fill - Seriously we need to consider talking