October 10, 2015

Onward March..

Dear Friends,
I am extremely lucky in receiving support and love from all of you. I am exceptionally lucky in finding my successors too! Few months back, I talked about why it is important to have a second line and announce it early (link).
I think this is the right time to step back and let the new team take over. JP as the National Coordinator is very lucky to have Harish Usgaonkar, helping him as Asst National Coordinator.
This is the best combination I could think of. Both have volunteered with TISA for the longest period. Above all, they truly understand self-help, which is the core and the soul of this community. They also realise that voluntarism may have its difficulties, but it is in tune with Indian spirit of selfless sewa- and the current "Open source" movement. The power of common man ("pws") is everyday being acknowledged and celebrated.

October 9, 2015

National Conference 2015 Invitation : Registration Open

We are very pleased to announce that the venue and the dates for the National Conference have been finalized in Indian Social Institute (ISI) Delhi. It is meant for adults and children who stammer, their families and friends. It is less about "cure & therapy" and more about self-help, attitudes and life beyond stammering. Fun and exploration beyond traditional approaches! It is about celebration of our diversity.

Date : 9,10 and 11 October 

Venue : Indian Social Institute, New Delhi

Seats Left :  95/110  Days left : 70

Registration ( see more) 

For the registration you have to do two things.

1. Register yourself on this link  Click to Register  
2. Transfer the payment on below account.

Registration Fees is 2000

Registration Fees before 20th August, 1500(Discount by TISA so why wait ? Hurry Up

August 1, 2015

Indiegogo Campaign: UPDATES

We have two versions of the campaign: Indigogo (for donations coming from outside India) and Milap (for funds from within India). Both are active. Please promote these in different forum, on FB, on other platforms and among your friends or contacts.

July 28, 2015

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 26th July 2015

Hello friends, 

This Sunday we had our meeting at danapur started around 4pm. There was two members- Suraj and Krishna (I unable to attend because of some urgent work).

Meeting started with a funny but descriptive chit chat. We were talking in prolonged techniques. Suraj had given some tips on phone conversation as he is a master of doing calls using conferencing. Suraj also given the insight of how to start your speech using the first word as the biggest challenge is to start the initial words. We also talked in a slow pace speech. We also did breathing exercise for 15 minutes. 

At last we went to near by mandir  and the talked about our next shg meeting as we were planning to go maner by bikes which is 30km away from danapur. We ate ice cream and sharply at 6am we both left.

Feedback by new member (krishna): I am just trying to come out of my comfort zone and after joining Tisa I am more confident persons.

Written by Krishna..

July 27, 2015

What they say-is Storm, was more than A STORM- has passed away: MY EXPERIENCE WITH VIPASSANA

LAST TWO DAYS, made me realized what VIPASSANA has done to me!!! Oh, that (physical) pain, i could just observe and observe without reacting  to it (no medications, YAY!!!) and i TODAY i am ALL GOOD. YES!!! VIPASSANA is all about OBSERVING THE REALITY AS IT IS, WITHOUT REACTING TO IT.

So, I joined vipassana on 17th june, in a month i could see the difference. So coming back to my experience of those 10 days.

What they say-is Storm, was more than A STORM- has gone . Difficult words! Hmm! But as difficult these words seem, life was more much difficult. And with stammering, felt like worst. Why me? Who, me, huh again? God, forget me please. All of us must have felt these questions ringing the bells of mind for days and nights, in sleep and in dreams, in fear and in anger. WHY ME? The answer of WHY ME was ME. The question- WHO AM I was answered by VIPASSANA. When i joined the course,i did not know anything about it, just the fact that it is a kind of meditation. And it has helped fellow stammerers.

So when i entered the place, it was quite, i felt nothing, when i met people over there, i felt strange thinking "how can a person smile so much? All the time". Hmm, i felt weird, all the people were full of confidence, then why vipassana. I was the one who has lost, i was the one full of misery and no confidence, and these guys seem happy-go-lucky and blah blah blah....Buzzzz...."Shut up mind" i said, and "Lets see how these 10 days treat you."

So first day was full of shyness and introductions, especially talks with my roomie, who was 19 yrs old (OMG i felt, "oh ya, at that age i was also crying because of my L-O-V-E" and that was the reason she came). So i had to fill the form, where THE REASON OF JOINING was mentioned and i answered "I AM A STAMMERER". Teacher called me and told me calmly with a lovely face full of smile- "We cant cure your stammering, but we can purify your mind, we can get you out the misery." I thought -" Life was miserable not because of only stammering, but 'N' no. of other reasons, so even if it wont help my stammering, i could really start my life afresh." So with this positive attitude, i managed to live the first day. The next day, we were supposed to follow all the rules, first no eye contact and no talking, second, waking up at 4am (i could never imagine doing this!!), third, no dinner (OOOOPS I AM FOODIE). Hearing all the rules made me understand that everything written on website was not fake, it was actually true.

So next day started with wake up bell at 4 am, i was sleepy. Everyday i either used to sleep in the meditation hall or i used to think about breakfast. Anyways, first two days we learnt ana pana mediation  which functioned to sharpen our minds, these didn't seem tough when i compared them with third day, wherein Vipassana was taught. It seemed scary, we were not supposed to change postures for whole time (1-2 hrs intermittent durations totalling up to 10 hrs of meditation per day seemed like a war). We had to observe our sensations- both pleasant and unpleasant, had to maintain equanimity (no change in postures) towards both, so that we can train our minds to become equanimous towards happiness and pain . Well pleasant sensations (mostly vibrations) used to feel like heaven, but for me, they never lasted long. I mostly generated unpleasant sensations (heat, numbness, pain, sharpness). So first mediation sessions i started with full determination that i wont change postures at all, but still it was so painful that i changed my posture 5 times. And i experienced mostly heat sensation (denotes anger). These sensations are generated because of our past "sankaras (miseries)". And it is said that "Only when we remain eqanimous during meditation, that our past sankaras will come up on surface, and if we again remain equanimous, these sankaras will get eradicated". Well, this is all science, as i can see. We were supposed to try to calm our minds when we feel pain, at experiential level, only then we will be able to calm our minds when we actually encounter a real life situation.

Well, after experiencing sudden heat sensations, my mind reacted really bad and got very agitated. My equanimity just vanished straight away and i  changed my posture 20+ times during next session. This again made me agitated and i went to teacher to ask her what is wrong with me. She smiled and said -" Your old sankaras are just coming up on the surface."

Next few days were miserable, not just because of physical pain which i experienced due to constant sitting sessions and heat sensation [I WAS ALL FEVERISH for rest of the days :(], but also because of all the sankaras coming up. The storm that i faced during next few days made me realize that stammering is not the topmost worry for me. There were few circumstances in my life which lead to increase in stammering, those were the ones which are the cause of my actual worry. So i tried to remain equanimous for these days, and at the end of the 10 days, i changed my posture 4-5- times, which was still better than 20+ times.

At the end of vipassana, on 11th day, we were taught the "PRACTICE OF HEALING": Metta Bhavna. Here, we were taught how to spread all of our pleasant sensations to others, thus spreading love, kindness, compassion and we were made to learn how to love and how to forgive despite of feeling tons of pain. Oh i was thrilled -"Did this work for me?", i could feel pleasant sensations all over when i practiced Metta Bhavna.

Few best things, which i learned during these 10 days:

1. PAST IS PAST. Never think about past and let it affect your present. The pain gets multiplied in the manner you want it to multiply, else it just goes away in a matter of time. (STILL TRYING TO FOLLOW THIS).

2. Cravings (for things/people/situations we like) make us much more miserable, we just need to understand that everything is impermanent (ANICHYA !!!!), even the happiness.

3. Aversion (for people or anything we dont like) is also impermanent, so stop reacting if you feel bad about something and just FORGIVE.

4. ACCEPTANCE (we know its importance in stammering very well) is important in attaining wisdom. Observing the reality of the moment and not reacting to craving or aversion made me realize that i have to accept anything whatever comes in my way (accepting a person/situations/mishappening, anything). Well i used to hate it when people did not use to accept me the way i am, but i realized (two days back only),  I AM THE ONE WHO DID NOT ACCEPT THE PERSON AS HE/SHE IS. The MORE WE ACCEPT THE MORE BETTER THE LIFE BECOMES.

So the storm taught me- DESPITE EVERYTHING, I BELIEVE...........................

Dr. Mansi (Proud!!)

Daily Skype (9:30 PM to 11 PM)

Hello everyone… 

Yesterday we have an awesome Skype Group call. There were 12-14 members on yesterday’s Skype session and Miss Thushi also has joined us, who is Speech Therapist from Sri Lanka. She gave answers all the members who have asked her their doubts and questions. She has promised us to come on Skype group call in upcoming week (date yet to be finalized) with full preparation. So guys if you have any doubt and question regarding stammering come and join Skype. 

P.s - Skype Time 9:30 Pm to 11 Pm daily 

Thanks & Regards. 
Vikas chauhan (skype id – vikas.chauhan75)  
Karthik (skype id – aishkarthik)  
Akash  (skype id – akash_super1)

July 24, 2015


"How YOU feel when Your Complete TEAM Performs"

WOW....Vikas Chauhan Rocks..!!!!!!!!

Another Skype Meeting has been scheduled on 23rd July'2015.

Chief Mentor : Mr. Manimaran (Chennai SHG)

Keep on Hitting Vikas...We can bring the CHANGE..!!!!

With Lots of Energy,

Manish Upadhyay
Nagpur/Wardha SHG

Comm WS July 2015

Day 1: Twenty participants arrived (in spite of rain). Mostly young and from North India. First we had a real bash up with twenty nursing students. Sachin had briefed them before hand about PDS (Persistent developmental Stammering) and definition of "communication" - It is Exchange of "meaning", not merely words or sounds. They were briefed also about their role- they had to ask questions and practice active listening skills. Subsequent "Rapid Intro" exercise went very well. Nurses realised how they are supposed to talk to a person who stammers.It was a high octane one hour!

July 23, 2015

My life changed- Skype works!

Just received a testimony from Arvina about usefullness of Skype sessions:
aaj se last year mere ko bhut stammer tha.ek b word nai bol sakti thi,jb se mane skype call attend kiya hai meri speech me bhut improve hua hai.skype call ko 3 month ho gye hai join kiye bhut improve ho gya hai.ab mera confidence increase hua hai or ab me other person ke sath baat kar sakti hu.skype call se bhut motivation milti hai or bhut kuch sikhne ko mila hai .3 month me mera bolna ka style change ho gya hai.ek or baat bolna chauge ki kbi honsla nai chhodna chaiye .or zindgi me aage badhna chaiye.thnx all of you.thnx a lot sir.
Ed. Thank you Arvina. Your few words will inspire many others and Skype organisers.  Keep practising.Do come to NC (Mother of all Therapies!!)

July 21, 2015

Bangalore SHG Meet - 19th July 2015

It was a chilled ,breezy Sunday morning  in Cubbon Park Bangalore. This time I was first to reach there before time and waited for 30 mins and slowly people started gathering.

Attendees: Pramod, Sharath,Aditya, Sid,Praveen(new member),Mansi,Nishil,Ruben,Kavish,Siddharth and Me(Rohit)

We did following activities

1 Introduction Round
Introduction round was the very first activty of the day's agenda. so each one on us gave introduction with applying techniques and as slow as possible.
Everyone introduced very effectively

2 Impromptu speeches
Now it was time to slowly increase our anxiety

and we started Impromptu speeches where the topic of speech will be given then
 and there and each one of us was given a time limit of 3 minutes to wind up our speeches.some of the topics were trees,half pant,theism,wine etc.
everybody talked their minds there in the limited time period and Impromptu speeches, again turn out to be and great practice.

after this round  we directly went into prepared speeches round.

3 Prepared Speeches
This time we had 3 prepared speeches,I went first and spoke about my revered Vipasana teacher late Sri S.N.Goenka ji and I tried to to be as slow as possible.
next was Siddhartha ans then Pramod.

4 Debate
Now we went into toughest round where We see lot of anxiety and hurry we started debate on "Atheist vs Theist"
 first every one from two teams was given chance to put his/her points and theareafter started hot arguments and we could see how stress level changes our smooth speech to hurried and blocked speech.
It was best round where we need to improve a lot and need more and more practice.

last round was the Confession round , where we can share our small small confession without the fear of being judged.
We concluded with delicious Khakra and Gulab Jamun brought by Mansi with Spirite from Ruben.
Thanks Mansi and Ruben for wonderful snacks. 

July 20, 2015

If he can do then even we can do because he is a human too !

Becoming a Google's employee is a dream for many and few people never consider Google as a dream job as they think they wont fit with their standards.
One day we will realize that because we are dreaming little - we are not achieving big !
But what this buddy has shown to this world proves once again that becoming excellent in a skill is an on-going process and so as the stammering.
Lets have bigger dreams and even bigger efforts to support our dreams, As days pass we shall become more and more stronger...Life is living and experiencing the lesson and living again with the lesson learnt in a more intelligent way..
Together we step up..together we succeed !

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report- 19th July

Hi Guys...

This Sunday we had a longest SHG meeting ever of 4 hours. We talked as much we can. We met as per the schedule at 3pm in barik ground danapur.  We were 3 people - Mohit, Suraj and Krishna. 

Due to sizzling hot weather,  we decided to move on near the sone river but due to no space for the sitting we moved into ground for the meeting.

Today Our agenda was-

1. Discussion about the NC 2015
2. Breathing exercise
3. Practice our respective techniques. 
4. Full chit chat
5. Expansion of shg members.

We started with a general talks and discussions about the NC 2015. We think that the right venue for the NC will be not delhi but dehradun.  As delhi is Easy to reach and anyone can reach it easily but reaching Herbetpur or dehradun is quite struggling for the Stammers like us. But as vishal said all the decision has been taken so let's meet up in delhi. 

Our leader suraj is always been a fun part of the meeting and always play a role of a nautankibaaz in the group. He is a non-stop man having lots of talks. Although he is a quite talented and much socialize person than any Stammer I come across. 

On the same side, krishna is a shy kind of person who generally talk less. He says this happens due to the social and personal pressure on himself. Krishna taught us something inspiring message to all of us- He is having a lot of personal problems,  but beside from these problems and worries, he keep on smiling. I think this is the best part of anyone's life.

We tend to forget our beautiful smiles as problems surround us. But how can we forget this lovely life which we get only once.

TISA salutes guys like krishna !

We also discuss about the expansion of the Patna SHG members. We are thinking to spread the message of SHG through pamphlet and digital world. Let's see how far we can go..

We then did our breathing exercises for 10 minutes and finally we left the ground as one army guard start whistling and warning us to leave the ground asap lol.

We then dispersed by taking wonderful pictures.

Thanks for reading our report..

Have a fabulous weekend.. !!!

July 13, 2015

Bangalore SHG Meet - 12th July 2015

it was a cool ,breezy Sunday morning as always in Bangalore and i made my mind not to miss meeting my very own people where i meet the more confident side of me. thus i woke up early on a Sunday morning ( trust me its not easy) and geared up for SHG. Slowly we started gathering at the cubbon park. Dinesh Sir came a bit early to enjoy the bliss of nature.

Attendees: Anshuman Jain, Dinesh, Mohan, Pramod, Sharath,  Aditya, Sidharth,  Naman , Avinash, Harikrishna and me (Anshuman )

After reaching there , we talked about the agenda which was already decided by our coordinator Sharath.

1 Introduction Round
Introduction round was the very first round of the day's agenda. so each one on us gave our introductions with an ease.unlike other week where we introduced our fellow mates, this time we only asked to introduce ourselves.this went smooth.

2 Impromptu speeches
Now was the time to challenge us with the Impromptu speeches where the topic of speech will be given then and there and each one of us was given a time limit of 3 minutes to wind up our speeches.
everybody talked their minds there in the limited time period and Impromptu speeches, again turn out to be and great practice.

after this round  coordinator Sharath gave some advises and asked us that whether we are following any techniques for the whole week or not.then a small discussion between all participants about 'Real Stress and perceived stress' and Shartah and Dinesh sir answered the new members doubt about it in a very convincing manner.

3 Prepared Speeches
As discussed in early meets, it was decided that the prepared speeches will be a part of the agenda and anybody can come up with their speeches. This time there was not enough speeches prepared by the folks but Siddartha had a semi prepared speech.

His speech was about How Barack Obama 's Noble peace prize was not deserved and how much Franklin Roosevelt deserved it more than him. he further talked about the vision of Roosevelt and its politics tactics.

Later Pramod had a heart rendering experience to share which he experienced in an NGO 'CRY' It was about a poor lady and her infant who were not keeping well and ignoring the help due to financial  problem and other issues.Kudos to Pramod and CRY to work in the direction of helping less privileged.It indeed motivated all of us to work in direction by either joining a NGO or independently.

4 Debate
It was a new thing in agenda which was practiced  by us this week.As we all know how often we have to face GDs , team meetings etc. on professional front , thus it was a very wise and helpful decision to practice doing it.
Two teams were divided and Pramod was managing the debate.The topic of debate was 'Moral Policing' and teams has to speak on the positive and negatives of it.Debate went well , each one of us participated well and put across their thoughts.

Regarding stammering we all felt that while debating, we all were getting excited to pour out our views which tends to stammer more.Thus we made sure that we will practice debates or GDs often so that we can work upon controlling excitement and not get carried away too easy.

last round was the Confession round , where we can share our small small confession without the fear of being judged.

later we discussed upon making the SHG more organized so that we can utilize this time well.

and then we bid adieu each other and went home with a deep satisfaction within.

Anshuman Gautam

News from Patna SHG 12 July

On Sunday,  meetings was held at the Eco park at around 3.30pm.  We were 3 people- Mohit, Suraj and new member Krishna.

As krishna is our new member so we started our meeting with the introduction round.

Krishna is a new one so we talked more with him about him, his work, his experience with stammering and his achievements and dreams. He is currently preparing for the competitive exams. He is a very jolly guy who enjoy life in spite of many hurdles and problems in life. We both thoroughly enjoyed his company. He said hez biggest fear is to get a recharge done from any shop.

Meanwhile we keep on making jokes as suraj is a full comedian. He cracked many jokes and we laughed like anything.

Today I thought to explore my feelings of fear. So we approached one couple near us and we talked to them about the stammering and its consequences. The guy was a good person so he understood and had given us advice to stay away from fear and boost your confidence.

Then we had coffee and ice-cream and talked more.

Then Finally we dispersed after taking some great trio- pictures.

This is all from the Patna SHG Report.

Thanks for reading !

Have a great week! 

Breaking the Vicious Circle

Reading about confessions in last few reports on TISA blog, i would like to confess something myself on this platform. It is related to everything in my life, even stammering.

Few days back, i got a news, one of very important person of my life (lets say Mr.X here) decided to divorce his wife. I was shattered to hear this news, she was his school friend. The reason he married her was not love, but he just lost his sister and he wanted to get rid off grief and misery. That decision was made when he was surrounded by all the negative emotions of anger and sadness, which made him do something which he didnt want in reality.

This made me realize one thing. We all are in the same boat. Number of reasons. One, we all need love, when we lose someone who is precious then we go in a wrong path comprising of big misery and take wrong decisions. Second, we all take bad decisions when we are loaded with deep emotional baggage of past (which cant be changed) and future (expecting good in life). I realized that i myself have become so cold that i cant even tolerate a slight tinch of negativity in my life. During such time of deep emotional state, i feel that i am just surrounded by "water" full of negativity and i just need to get out of it. And i just run, run and run till i get out of it. This leads to wrong decisions, such as kicking people off from life, i usually go into a shed where noone disturbs me, i try to become more cold so that people dont hurt me anymore and hey- "its a win win". 

So, story of Mr. X (which is real by the way), made me realize that i am playing the game wrong. I am actually starting a chain reaction, where one negative aspect in life starts a million of such games, which ends me up into a shed (oh i used to feel, it is a WIN) . What is wrong with this game? I should try to breathe and swim in this "water", instead of trying to get out of it. The saddest part , i realized, was noone ever taught me how to play this game and i kept on winning and winning and winning. And there came a point where i felt that i am LOST and hey "it is not a win win". Winning this game, reaching THE SHED, i realized that i have lost so many ("I can actually count the number") precious moments, so many precious people. So, i decided i dont want to win anymore. I want to LOSE THE GAME, so that i can break the vicious circle, the chain reaction, where i just lost people and gained nothing else. Sometimes losing the game is much more important than winning.

I will end up this story telling all of you who are reading this, "its not that the people are born the way they are, life just makes them the way they are and they just want others (especially the people they love) to understand this and help them lose, to actually win the game". Oh after all, winning is not always important. ITS THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER.

Tisa Hyderabad Chapter meeting on 12th July 2015

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION Self Help Group meetings.These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer at Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.
Here we list our challenges and conquer them in group tasks, So you wanna conquer challenges and taste the confidence ?
Last week Arun, Manoj, Ramu and Lakshmi Narayana have worked on Pranayam techniques which Arun has learned in Ramakrishna Matt and Ramu spoke about public sector jobs and cracking them.

July 12, 2015

Experiences of stammering at my workplace

Frankly i was also scared of stammering acting as an obstacle in my career and that fear is correct also. But every aspect in career is equally important and employers also value those. Earlier i used to reach office late to do the work and  stammer with fear.Of late i have started reaching earlier in the office and showing enthusiasm and energy in me ,just like  going and talking(of course , with stammering) to every person who passes by and showing a smile to them. So I noticed that people also look for other qualities in you besides stammering. And my boss who didn't assign me any good assignment recently assigned me a good work. I felt that energy in my voice(  inspite of stammering) and   my reaching the office early and my enthusiasm to build  relations with people of other department( I feel , whenever your boss might be walking in the corridor and he sees you hanging with other department people is actually a good sign , considering that u  don't hang out for hours) might have changed my boss perception slightly. Although I have not been assigned a herculean task but still to witness a small positive change in your boss towards you is a minor victory. I think , I am getting too excited , I should also  strive to perform well in the assignment which has been given to me but nevertheless such minor victories help u build faith in yourself and in general towards other people also.

Update :CommWS 17-19 July (Fri-Sun) at Herbertpur, Dehradun

List of participants, who Joined Herberpur workshop, During 2012 to July 2015 (click)

July 11, 2015


" It is the Moments of TOGETHERNESS that Change us forever".

: Initiative By NAGPUR/WARDHA SHG :

Well Done Vikas Chauhan for connecting People through Skype on 8th July.Got fantastic opportunity to interact with diverse people from different background.It was well planned...well scheduled.

Great Work Team Nagpur/Wardha.

If any one want to connect with us through Skype, Please contact Mr. Vikas @ 9458265221.


Manish Upadhyay.
(Handling Nagpur/Wardha SHG)


Sunday, since a couple of weeks have been causing low levels of uneasiness in me as I say to myself “another week gone by”. As I geared myself and stepped outside to an other day of facing the giants, I was reminded that this is your people and you have nothing to worry about!

Attendees: Anshuman & Anshuman, Dinesh, Mohan, Pramod, Sharath, Lohit, Aditya, Sidharth, Rueben.

*Introduction Round*: Introduction has its own importance. Since we PWS usually are too concentrated and conscious about ourselves, we dont remember 'how much' about the people around us. Now this round was all about introducing the other person to all! On a kinder note we did remember a good lot of things about the other (Good listening skills : Courtesy- Attending SHGs....)

B'lore SHG formally welcomes Aditya from Delhi and Mohan from B'luru. This was their first time in B'lore SHG

(Anshuman Gautham, if that's your correct name? Well sharath told me the last time was not your first time!)

The improptus! Be real, be true, be you...

What I have always liked about Impromptu speeches is that if adhered to the time, it just brings about to people who you are at that point of time. Even a mundane topic can seem joyful or a spicy topic can seem sad as a pill, depending upon the mood of the speaker.
For those of you who stopped midway.... don't give up you have seconds to go :P
Arre bhai this two minutes no one can take away from you from being yourself... even God!

Moments after the impromptu round,there was the term Valsalva that echoed from the past week's discussion and Dinesh did paraphrase it quite well but as always not without a 'philosophical' summation. Valsalva- Moderately forceful with a purpose.

Prepared speeches: “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”goes Shakespeare's words. An agreeable description about the importance of Time management was presented by Rueben! Sometimes you just need to change those small habits here and there and that saves a lot of hours on your plate. 

Sharath spoke about his car breaking down in the middle of ‘somewhere’ and why it is important to remember what you have learnt and keep trying it out. All it takes sometime is for someone to just come and tell you that what you did had to be done one more time before you give up and more importantly to do it right!

The mechanic did prove more than one to Sharath! Wondering how much better Sharath would have explained if this experience would have been personal and all that real. ssshhhhh…

Anshuman, it seems has a good knowledge about plants that make you a ‘leaf lover’ instantly. For the very first time in B’lore SHG we did get a clear picture about the ‘Holy Bhang’ and its ‘relatives’. We did also discuss about the medical marijuana, ethical pot smoking, ill effects of overdose and abuse and the Holi festival :P
Om Namah Shivay.. The mantra says it all!

Well Pramod did talk something about Ghosting…. ghostinggg! Err let it just fade away. Kisi aur din!! ** vaporized **

Once done with this round, some discussions continued (momentum effect) and gave way to mellow talks. And things seemed slightly going out of schedule. Like always SHGs have these breweries talks that often spills throughout!
But topics going astray are just 'ok' yar, although it does take a lot of time. But that's fine!
“SHG is the platform to express” J (Patience- source: Attending SHGs..)

Confessions: Society: “Mahn I don't understand your big talks, your big attitude and complicated grin, bring it home!”
 Me: “Well sir my life's f**ed up. And I just took to clean it by telling this”.
Society: "Hmm that’s better…next person"!
The act of Confessions, since ages has always been powerful in setting the self free and seeking the truth. All members participated and brought out whatever they felt was wise at that time which just gave way to a silent content inside.
(Thank God we are not judging whose confession was great and clap hands)! 

 As I walked back to my bike on the shady roads of Cubbon Park with Sharath, just realized that breweries spill in my head too! Just go astray…… 


Contact :
 Bangalore SHG - 
 Sharath - 7411090880

हकलाहट के साथ लेक्चर

कल 10/7/2015 को मैंने टीचर्स की एक मीटिंग आयोजित करवाया था। इस मीटिंग में सिर्फ मैं ही बोलने वाला था। तेज बारिश के कारण मीटिंग में 18 टीचर्स ही आ पाए।

इस बार मैंने बोलने के लिए कोई तकनीक नहीं इस्तेमाल किया। केवल बीच-बीच में रूककर अपनी बात बोलता रहा। कई बार हकलाया। बोलते-बोलते 90 मिनट निकल गए। इस बार मैंने ब्लैकबोर्ड पर भी लिखकर विषय को समझाया।

इस मीटिंग में मैंने हकलाने वाले बच्चों के बारे में विस्तार से शिक्षकों को जानकारी दिया। उन्हें बताया की कक्षा में हकलाने वाले बच्चों की पहचान कैसे करना है, उनकी क्या-क्या समस्याएं हो सकती हैं और उनकी कैसे मदद करना है आदि।

July 10, 2015

Delhi 7th Indoor SHG Meeting at Natya ballet center on 12th July

Delhi SHG 7th Indoor Meeting cum small workshop 

Timing : 1:45 pm ( sharp) to 5:10 pm ( sharp)
Host : Manish  & Dixit
Co-Host : Lavish 
Expected Member : 20
New Member : 2 
Guest Seats availability : 7

for any query ping Arora Dixit ( 9711162629 ) and Vishal Gupta (8447490753)


Against the tide?

Friends, here is a brave woman, who demonstrates that sometime taking an independent stand - against the prevailing wisdom can be a lot more meaningful. I have been studying gender scene for sometime and this video came as a refreshing gust of wind. Re: stammering too- we need to push aside prevailing wisdom (Therapy, techniques, cure, fluency, this program, that gadget etc.) and swim against the current; Check out this video:

July 5, 2015

Mumbai SHG Meeting - 05 July - Summary

Today's Meeting Summary ...

We had 14 people today - 9 pws, 1 cws and 5 guests (parents).
New members (freshers :P) - Aditya,  Rahul and Satyanarayan sir.

The meeting started with introductions and uncle sam game,  except that this time uncle sam had decided to go to malaysia!

We also had our junior superstar Aditya (sr kg kid!) along with his family and he very confidently introduced himself.

Post introduction, we had open discussion wherein the regular members themselves spoke about TISA and self help concept,  as well as how this helped them.

Post open discussion we had a short session on Stammering Iceberg concept by Bharat and Nikhil. Satyanarayan sir also shared his valuable experience about stammering. Got to learn a lot!

This was followed by Group panel interview, wherein a person would be interviewed by rest of the folks. Truly an amazing experience, being questioned by people all around. Like a stress interview!

And I would like to mention here that when it was junior Aditya's turn,  he sang out marathi poems and answered all our questions about school friends teachers to the point that we felt short of questions to ask him!

The meet concluded with prepared speech role booking for next meeting.

Thanks for reading :)

Kkkanpur Shg meet

Had a good and fun filled shg meeting today at the Kanpur bus station