April 20, 2014

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) or B Vitamin - Do PWS need this supplement to tackle stuttering?

30% of PWS has told the benefit of taking this supplement to overcome stuttering. But the fact is totally different. Watch the below space which was on air.

Prakash K

TISA Introduces Customized Speech Therapy !!!

Today, TISA is almost available in major cities of India, where PWS runs these Self Help Groups, which has immensely benefited to an individual. TISA also conducted workshops in many cities. Besides this the need is felt to have a customized speech therapy techniques. This is very much required as every individual is not same and many a times SHG meetings and Workshops help them, but the progress may not be fast. To fill this gap to have an individual attention and customization of techniques, TISA will be introducing customized Speech Therapy techniques to suit each PWS. This will be kicked-off at Pune from May 10. If you would like to enroll and know more on this, then please email to pune.stammer at gmail.com. 

Points to Note:
  • There are NO fees charged to enroll for this program. 
  • Those who would like enroll needs to have a commitment to work on the techniques prescribed so that recovery can take place within 6-9 months.
  • After attending these sessions individual needs to attend SHG meetings regularly in their city.
  • Also they need to attend atleast one workshop during 6 months. 


Pune SHG Meeting - April 20

We had 9 members in the SHG meeting today, April 20. Names of the participants:
Sanjeet, Akhil, Rahil, Gaurav, Prabhat, Siddharth, Amol, Vishal, and Virendra.

1. Introduction using techniques
2. Pausing /peanut
3. Speech on how an individual want to start the day

Next SHG meeting on Sunday, April 27.

Pune SHG

April 19, 2014

TISA Hyderabad Chapter Meeting - 20 april

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION Self Help Group meetings.These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer at Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.

Here we list our challenges and conquer them in group tasks, So you wanna conquer challenges? Then come on !

April 15, 2014

Stammering a Problem ?

No stammering is not a problem. It is an opportunity and a new an inflow of abundance in all things is preparing to come in. It is a chance for us to give our best , to try our hardest, to persist, to perserve, and create the life we want for ourselve and help others do the same. So get ready for the gifts and opportunities and know that these are the rewards from the seeds that were planted by us.
Be prepared for the end of a difficult situation and ushering to a new time of abundance.

May all beings be Happy.

Mumbai SHG Meeting Report-13th April 2014

Hi Guys,

The SHG meet started at 1.45 pm, with the wonderful welcome speech by the Meeting Manager, Vikas Tantia. 

This was followed by the Facilitator of the meeting, Aditya Yadav, who started with the national anthem of our GREAT (the word of the day) country.  The facilitator then asked each of the role players to introduce themselves and their roles. 

April 14, 2014

कुछ ऐसे समय हैं जब चुप रहने में ही फायदा है

- ओशो
अध्यात्मिक गुरु

निराकार का क्या अर्थ होता है? जब भी अर्थ खोजने जाओगे, आकार का उपयोग करना पड़ेगा। निर्गुण का क्या अर्थ होता है? जब भी कोई परिभाषा पूछेगा, गुण को परिभाषा में लाना पड़ेगा। ऐसी निर्गुणता भी बड़ी नपुंसक है, जिसकी परिभाषा में गुण लाना पड़ता है!

और ऐसे निराकार में क्या निराकार होगा, जिसको समझाने के लिए आकार लाना पड़ता है! बुद्ध से ज्यादा कोई भी नहीं बोला; और बुद्ध से ज्यादा चुप भी कोई नहीं है। कितना बुद्ध बोले हैं! अन्वेषक खोज करते हैं तो वे कहते हैं, एक आदमी इतना बोला, यह संभव कैसे है! उन्हें डर लगता है कि इसमें बहुत कुछ प्रक्षिप्त है, दूसरों ने डाल दिया है।

TISA Hyderabad Chapter News - 13 april

         There is a saying somewhere that "Each drops makes ocean" in the same way every drop of meetup fills us with a ocean of joy.So for geeting those valuable drops we were total of 7 members for this meetup:Dnyaneshware,Ramu,Rajesh,Asif,Nadeem,Ramesh and sumanth.
        In this meetup we conducted some activities which were very fruitful like:
2)Introduction rounds of each and everyone.
3)Imagining about their own dream speech and sharing that image with others about that.The main moto behind this activate the confidence in our sub-conscious mind .

April 13, 2014

Guys , just  watch this short film showing the impact of stammering on a person's life. But his attitude towards it at the end is the way ahead if we really want to achieve something. Dont give a damn to people who try to put you down......... Want your opinions regarding this film.... As they say ......."Bring it on ....problems "is the way to success, i feel personally......


Kanpur SHG meeting report

Kanpur SHG members

April 12, 2014

Recovery from Stammering: A Series of simple Steps: First is Acceptance

We have been always looking for solutions from someone to recover from stammering, here are some simple steps you can take. I am starting with acceptance. Next week I will write about the next technique. Accept that you stammer. What does this mean really when you really know that you stammer and ready to accept it. Acceptance is most difficult and also most simple solution on recovery. So here are some steps you can take on acceptance depending upon how you would like take it on the priority.

April 11, 2014

Some of the Pictures at Chennai Zonal meet

The following were some of the pictures taken during South Zone meeting held at Chennai

Inaugural address by Mr.Sivasuramaniam 


Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I have written something for TISA. Today a very important part of my life brings me here.

My journey with TISA began like most of ours. A random day of excessively low self esteem it was. Since then, my journey till date has been a smooth and satisfying one. Each piece of work that I read here taught me LIFE in bits and pieces. Some sharing the pressure stammering creates, some dedicated to how stammering molded them to be far better beings, some detailing the hard work, learning and fun involved in a particular SHG meet or a workshop; and the list goes on.
Needless to say, TISA is making all of us grow better in one way or the other.

A few months back I knocked at the doors of TISA (well virtually.. ;) ) for a really important  event of my life.

April 10, 2014

Irony about the Phone.

The great thing about the telephone is that it might be our one of the most feared instrument.
But at the same time realise that  it is also  one of the best tools  we have at our disposal to overcome  fear of speech.
So use it religiously and overcome the fear of speech. Make it your best friend.
Have a nice day.
May all beings be happy.

अस्पताल में जीवन!

बीते 2 माह मेरे और मेरे परिवार के लिए काफी चुनौतीपूर्ण रहे। पिताजी का 2 माह तक अस्पताल में इलाज चला।

इस दौरान अस्पताल का नजारा रोज एक नया अनुभव होता। गंभीर बीमारी और दुर्घटना में घायल तरह-तरह के मरीज अस्पताल में रोज लाए जाते।

आईसीयू में वेन्टीलेटर और आक्सीजन के सहारे जीवन के लिए संघर्ष कर रहे लोग। अंतिम सांस गिनते हुए जीवन की डोर थामे रहने की अपार आशा और विश्वास।

पूरे अस्पताल का माहौल संवेदना, करूणा और मानवता की अद्भुत मिसाल।