April 18, 2015

12th April SHG Report Bengaluru

Hi All,
             We gathered at our usual meeting place in Cubbon Park , Bangalore. It was cloudy day . We were six of us.
1. Siddharuda
2. Akash
3. Dinesh
4. Pramod
5. Shivali
6. Anupam

We started by welcoming Shivali . She is trained speech-therapist  with a master's degree in Speech and Audiology. She came along with Pramod. She wanted to see our SHG meeting to know about our techniques we use . Second round was about views. Views we have about other SHG members. Each of us took turns to tell positives and scope of improvement about others.
This was followed by extempore session.

We had some brainstorming about our SHG. Following ideas were mooted out:
1.Each person will present some skill like dance, speech, song, poetry every week. This will be prepared . Idea is to shake of inhibitions and being comfortable when we are out of comfort zone.
2.Having a buddy member system where each buddy will observe the other . Scope of improvement will be given after the meeting or over phone (as one feel comfortable)
3. Doing some theatre acts in our group
4.Upgrading our TISA website
5.Finding a hall or auditorium for SHG meetings.
We will need more discussions before we come to some conclusion on above two points.
6.Need for prepared speech was stressed upon. Shivali made a point that we should practice techniques on prepared speeches at home and present it in front of the group.

Kindly add any points if I have missed out. Apologies for delay . As always open for any feedback.

Cell:+91 8884999447

April 17, 2015

Delhi SHG Meeting at Jantar Mantar on 19th April

Delhi SHG meeting 

Date : 19th April
Venue : Jantar Mantar
Timing : 10:45 am( sharp)
Host : Shailendra
Co-Host : R P Singh
Expected Members : 12-15
Agenda : Will disclose before the meeting

For any query 
Contact shailendra 9911659788
and Jagbir 9810550309

Notification about JAIPUR SHG Meeting

Summer is raising.
Let's also raise our voice against illogical myths about stammering.

JAIPUR SHG Meeting on Sunday i.e. on 19th April
Venue : Central Park
Timing : Evening 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Everyone is welcome to join.

Agenda of meeting:
Agenda would be disclosed in the meeting.:)
Contact Ravi Kant Sharma (9461257111)

April 16, 2015

I need your advice

Friends, I have 2 issues :-

1.) I stammer more when I have to ask favour / help from others.

2.) just before speaking a word , my mind breaks it into pieces and makes it very difficult to speak. Ex.- cement = ce+ment. How to transcend this? Plz comment your advice.:)

April 14, 2015


Friends, here are two free courses, which anyone can do at their own speed and learn something deeper about communication:

Why I think it is important?
Having counselled many pws over last one decade, I have noticed that many of us keep on wondering and worrying about stammering (is there a cure? why not? what kind of cure? But so and so said this and that..? which is the best therapist? But he charges this much..? Will there be a relapse? then? etc. etc. etc.). They never worry about learning how to convey an idea, in different contexts, how to develop a good logic and how to present it, so as to make the best impact etc. I have seen even those who pws who have developed good fluency- but still had no clue as to how to conduct an interesting conversation! This is why TISA believes that COMMUNICATION is more important than other things AND that, COMMUNICATION needs to be learned with same seriousness, with which we learn Python, Excel tricks, web-designing etc.

Lastly, I myself have done both these free course and found them VERY VERY useful. Friends, go for it!  After completing, you may post your certificate here!

April 13, 2015

Pics of 46th SHG Meeting Chandigarh

46th Self Help Group Meet Chandigarh

We were total 5 members namely myself Jasmeet , birthday boy alok, vineet, parmjeet sir and Sandeep.
Alok and me arrived first at garden after that vineet joins.  At very beginning of meeting alok received a call from his friend and he smile and thanks him. 
I said to alok what happen, 
He smiled and says,  it's my b'day today.  
After that parmjeet sir and Sandeep join us. With some introduction parmjeet sir starts the conversation beginning from the roots of stammering. What is stammering ?  how we come to know about it ? What the main cause of it?  The depths of stammering?  Everyone explain their feeling and every one connect each other, the common thing among us is that at adolescent age, we are reserved personalities, don't talk so much, we are affaried of audience reactions and affected by them so much that we have cornered ourself (Same for every pws )
Parmjeet sir told us to get rid of your past wrong experience and eliminate all the negative vibs. 
Motivated us to enhanced your personality  become a good person rather that to worry about stammering all the time.
After that a small reading activity took place in which all of us laugh at each other stammer,  I personally felt very relax. each of us enjoyed and it become a memorable movement for me that in center of garden,  more than 100 people were there and we were laughing like no one is watching.  dancing enjoying our stammer ohh.!! God... what a movement it was. 
Afterthat Parmjeet sir  share his experience that,  he was going to his village after very long time but in the journey thinking about the reaction of his GM/boss that, what I say to him when he call me, why you have taken leave, where are you going, all that *what, when, how, why, and sir says all the journey have been spoiled and his boss doesn't call him as he was busy in his own work.  So sir trying to explain that we pws assumes so much in our mind and creates a negative loop which is totaly unnecessary.
As alok also says when he goes in his GM/seniors cabin, he start assuming that  what I say, how I talk, what to do next, as GM is a busy person. I have to be perfect. And result anxiety increases and that's why we lost our control and thus stammer more than normal.
Parmjeet sir explained no matter what situation we are we should control our thoughts and work on it.
Sir than give a very good debate on hard work and smart work and encourage us to work smartly with group efforts like a team.  Generally pws corners themself, like i did sometime back. Now I realised it is not the right way,  one should share our problem together with friend's and family and can tackle any obstacle of life with love and support.
Sir also suggest to write down your feeling, thoughts,  share with the group. If you are feeling low or having a meeting or an interview just text in group or can call anyone. Feedback can also be given.
Vineet is persuing MCA and Sandeep BTECH last semester. It was our first meeting together so we listen very carefully and have learnt a lot. Many thing happen and learnt which At present I can not explain. Other members can also add there experience.
At last alok the birthday boy give us treat in sector 17. And after leaving I have seen a confidence born among us.
  I was reading a quote and want to share it. 
It says :-
Spend a day without bothering about what others do or think.
Half of Your problems will die.Think over it, Its really worth Giving a Thought.. !!
All I can say about life is… enjoy it.

April 12, 2015

Fluency v/s Communication skill

मोदी और मनमोहन सिंह -
दोनो ही प्रधानमंत्री fluent थे , पर मजा किस को सुनने मे आता है, कोन बोर लगता है, कोन अच्छा communicate कर सकता है भीड को ?
यही difference TISA समझाता है कि fluency से ज्यादा जरूरी communication skill है ।

जबकि सारे प्राइवेट speech therapy centre वाले PWS को मनमोहन सिंह style मे रोबोट की तरह बोलना सिखा कर cure का झूठा दावा करते हैं । मनमोहन सिंह की तरह बोलना ज्यादा अच्छा है या रितिक की तरह खुलकर accept कर बोलना और बोलते हुए volume और pitch बदल कर लोगों को मोहित कर देना ।
Youtube पर रितिक का
क्रिश-3 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXue2c7tZSw ),
 बेंग बेंग ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gczzLuBbAA ) के प्रीमियर Release पर press conference के दोरान 20-30 minutes तक पत्रकारों के सवालों का जवाब देते सुनो, how he communicated press (with his stammering) , जहाँ ना कोई Rehearsal किया है,  ना Retake का chance है । 
 हालांकि हर Press conference मे 1-2 बार हकलाया (जरुरत, febulus शब्द पर) , पर ना वो हताश होकर बैठा, ना पत्रकारों ने seriously लिया ।

So concentrate on Communication skill , start your journey with TISA

April 11, 2015

SHG meeting in Dehradun

Venue- Himalaya Trust, 59/1 Vasant Vihar, Phase 1, Dehradun.
Date- 26/04/2015 (Sunday)
Time- Morning (10 am to 11.30 am)
Contribution - Rs 100 (for the indoor meeting facility)
Contact for more info:
Mohit Dwivedi : Mob- 8057032220, 8272032220
Tushar Kukreja : Mob- 8272062864
Dayal Dhapola : Mob-9897424809
Email – dehradunshg@gmail.com

TISA SHG: Delhi Meeting


If you stammer and live near Delhi, It's time to take the step and do the needful. Let's meet for a happier tomorrow. Everyone is invited.

Date: 12 Apr 2015
Venue : Jantar Mantar
Timing : 10:30 am 
Timing : 10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Agenda : will disclose during meeting 

for any query call me or mail me on below approaches
Vishal (8447490753) Or Shobhit(9990449976)

April 9, 2015

Hrithik condemns intex mobile ad for exploiting stuttering

Hrithik's tweet

An intex ad using a handicap-a boy wth a stutter 2 enhance d fluency of its product. Irresponsible. Insensitive.Want 2 ban sumthing ban dis.

intex stammering ad link , click to open

April 8, 2015

Voices from the ground..

As a process of internal monitoring and grounds-up learning, we interview people who have been associated with TISA for sometime. Gaurav is one such asset of this community! He has been facilitating Mumbai SHG for quite some time. Many of you may have met him in Khandala NC. His story illustrates a subtle and often ignored truth: TISA only provides an environment: Rest depends on our INITIATIVE...
Without much further ado, let us get on with his valuable feedback (Ed.).

1. Please introduce yourself...
I am Gaurav Dubey, a pws from Mumbai, currently working as a software engineer in an IT firm.

2. Was stammering a problem for you? How big?
Yes, Stammering was always a problem for me, until I stopped viewing it as a problem. Because of stammering, I had developed an inferiority complex and used to be depressed, which eventually decreased my self-confidence. Thus I used to talk less and was assumed as a ‘silent’ fellow in school and college, where I never participated in debates/speaking activities. Also I had a tough time getting a job for the same reason.

3. How did you try to help yourself?  (ie. before TISA).
My family always supported and motivated me whenever I used to feel low coz of stammering. The internet also helped me a lot to learn about stammering and acceptance. I also attended some speech therapy sessions, but that didn’t help much.

4. How did you come in contact with self help movement?
Through Yahoo IndianPWS health group! I got to know about TISA, self-help and Mumbai SHG from this group.

5. Since when have you begun taking a more active role in Mumbai SHG?
Mumbai SHG had a workshop held in January 2014. Post this workshop, I became actively involved in SHG meetings. And when we had elections again in June, I got elected to core facilitation team and since then have been actively facilitating SHG meets.

When I began regularly attending/facilitating shg meets, I realized that there’s more to life than worrying about stammering. Acceptance, and not fluency, is the key to manage stammering. Only thing is that I realized this late :P. And now the feeling to help other PWS realize this, is the force driving me forward.   

6. How this change (taking up the role of facilitation) has helped you? In what ways? how?
Taking the role of a facilitator has primarily helped me by boosting my confidence. It has enhanced my leadership and managerial skills. It has also made me a better communicator. Attending shg meets has made me aware of various verbal and non-verbal aspects of ‘communication’ (which I earlier thought only meant ‘being fluent’).
And most important of all, it has made a better person, by making me aware of my responsibility towards the society. It has provided me a channel through which I can give back to TISA and society for whatever I have gained.

7. What challenges do girls face in joining and participating in SHGs? What could be done?
I believe girls hide their stammering more as compared to boys, might be due to social pressure. As a result of which they don’t come out of their comfort zones and don’t search for self-help. This decreases the women to men ratio in SHG groups. Although the ratio of women to men PWS is 1:4, in our SHG groups its even less, like 1:10. And because of this same reason, girls who are members of SHG, do not come in shg meetings, as they fear being isolated.

To improve girl’s strength, much focus should be given to awareness of TISA among general public. And at the same time, existing girl members should actively participate in SHG meetings, which would create a positive environment for new girls to join in.

8. As SHG facilitators, what challenges have you faced? and how did you deal with them?
One of the challenges is facilitating the shg meet itself! When people come to shg meets, they expect to take some learning back. Also we have new joiners in every meeting. So to draw upon a meeting agenda which suits all the requirements is a big task. We solve this out by having a core facilitation team instead of a single facilitator. Also, as this is a self-help group, we are always open to new ideas and feedback.

Another challenge, especially when we had toastmaster’s model, is that people don’t take responsibility seriously. So when roles are assigned to people for next shg meet and in event they are not coming, they don’t feel the need to inform the meeting manager of their absence. This used to burden the meeting manager to individually call each one of them. People don’t tend to take meetings seriously.

Also a challenge that many shg actually face is that you always find some people who like to keep on talking, in fact on every topic! We have solved this issue by having a timer for every speaker. So this provides everyone a fair chance of speaking.

9. What would you like to say to a young pws, by way of a message?
Being a pws is not a crime, so why worry so much about it! Just taking few seconds more to speak doesn’t make you a failure. Does anyone hate Hrithik Roshan, as he is a stammerer? No! People don’t care about the way we speak, it’s only we who make a mountain out of a molehill. Accept yourself and see how easily people accept you. Join a local SHG, attend TISA workshops and start noticing the difference in you.

Life has many wonderful things to offer and if you don’t stop worrying or grieving about stammering all 24 hours, you will surely miss those.

(Thanks Gaurav and all of you in Mumbai SHG!! Ed.)


I really took this course to find an answer to my stammering . But practicing it continuously for 20-25 days,  I really find that its beyond my quest for solution to stammering. It is like experiencing peace and happiness.A good experience for me , but the thing is that i need  to practice it for a longer period of time to avail maximum benefits.

April 6, 2015

Beas Experience..

Vinayak has promptly put into practice what he had learned in the recent Comm WS and has shared his experience with us. Couple of things that leap out of his write up are: We should always try out new skills or techniques from the words on which you have never stammered- from the situations that have never been a problem for you. In other words, move from EASY to difficult words, situations etc. Secondly, in the process, sometimes you will lose all control and stammer even more just because you are trying to change an old habit based on decades of fear and "running away".. This is OK and only to be expected. This has to be used as an occasion to practice and strengthen your "acceptance muscle"- not to get disheartened.
I want to share my experience of a trip to beas where I used many times different techniques which I learnt in Herbertpur communication workshop.
First when I was travelling in Shatabdi train, that time I voluntary stammering did. That time face real terror to voluntary stammering doing. In SHG and workshops we openly and long time did stammering but that time very difficult to us to stretch the long stammering that time we think to stop early and complete our topic. In Shatabdi I tried voluntary stammering on “Kahan Pahuche”. In this line Kahan is the easy word but Pahuche is more easy word for me. But in voluntary stammering 2-3 times I start stammering in real. I used that lines around 3-4 times to different people but stammering continue for maximum 4-5 times in a syllable.

For the new kids on the block...

Those who may think that "techniques" are not the coolest things...

April 5, 2015

Getting shameless

Today morning when I enter my office area, as usual, I wished GOOD MORNING to my immediate bosses (Mr.X and Mrs.Y).They were talking to another manager,Mr.Z.Mr.Z was having sitting with his back towards me.I thought of wishing him as well.I tried getting his name out of my mouth, but in vain.I again tried with a little more audible struggle and again in vain.I kept standing there.....Mr.X and Mrs.Y were seeing that I am struggling to speak....They behaved ignorant to my speech struggle (because they didn't wanted me to feel bad,I guess)....I again tried and this time after a long struggle.....I just get the whole sentence out of my mouth in one go in low volume and that Mr.Z couldn't hear it because he was fully in that discussion.I again tried and again he didn't got me.....Then, finally Mr.X, my boss told that person to respond to me.All of them behaved completely normal but I was shaken a little....well, not little, but quite a bit.

But, what can I do if I was not getting the word out when I tried wishing him because it would have been a bad thing if I wouldn't had wished him because he is also a department head.So, all in all, I tried doing the right thing and it got ruined because of something which is not in my control.

After that, for one minute, I felt that I am a liability to my bosses because I can't just get the words out.Then, I rejected this thought because if I am doing my work and if they find me incompetent due to my speech, I don't give it a shit....they can throw me out...I have enough intelligence to earn a decent living.

Its Time to GIVE BACK

Hello Friends !!Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog.
I would like to share my journey with TISA
Its been almost 1.5 wonderful years since I have been  part of TISA.
Before joining TISA I took Speech therapy from Apollo Hospital,Delhi for about 3 months.Though i recovered a lot from that speech therapy but relapsed occured some time after I left Speech therapy,this is because speech therapy doesnt work on :
  • FEAR- This is one of the ,major part of stammering though unhidden.Apart from Mcguire Programme I haven't heard anywhere working over fear of a stammerer and fear is a BIG OBSTACLE in one's speech improvement .
  • ACCEPTANCE- No speech therapy never ever tells you to stammer openly and without acceptance there is no path to recovery.
  • Interaction with fellow stammerers - If a person shares his/her mind with a fellow stammerer he feels good and it helps in overcoming from psychological tensions a lot.He/she feels relaxed and becomes open to live life in a NEW WAY !! out of his stammering shell.

But after joining TISA everything changed.I started knowing how to confront my fears,how to accept that I stammer,how to improve my speech by attending SHG meetings ,Google hangout,reading blogs and by interacting with fellow stammerers.
Whenever I get demotivated because of 'bad stammering day' I read this blog and the personal experiences of fellow stammerers tends to rejuvenate me to face my stammering more boldly and Yes I will BEAT my Stammering one day.
Though a lot of ground is to be covered as I still face fear in talking over phone in front of others and in also in many other situations but I have improved a lot .I have learnt a lot from TISA family and I will continue whole heartedly to beat my stammering .
Now I want to start SHG in MORADABAD,UP and for that I want stammeres from moradabad to contact me as soon as they can to start improvement in their lives.I want to share my experiences and learnings with them so that we all can improve and get out of your fearful,unhappy life.
DO share your valuable comments on how can I reach to fellow stammerers in my city as I am not getting any response from anywhere even after trying a lot.
Thanks and its time to GIVE BACK !!!!!

Himanshu Kapoor

April 4, 2015

Mumbai SHG Meeting #60 | 1.30 pm - 4.00 pm | YMCA Ghatkopar E


Everyone is invited for next shg meet at YMCA. Meeting will start sharply at 1.30 pm. 


1:30 pm - Open discussion and feedback of goals set in previous meet. 
2:00 pm - TBD
2:30 pm - Prolongation/Bouncing practise
3:00 pm - Extempore facilitated by Pravin
3:30 pm - Goal setting for next week

Mumbai SHG Meeting #60
Date: 5th April 2015
Time: 1.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Venue: YMCA, Pantnagar, Ghatkopar E


April 1, 2015

Trying to not be a negative person!

Sometimes  advices such as "THINK POSITIVE" does not work. So we have alternative approach-" I AM TRYING TO NOT BE A NEGATIVE PERSON".

Life is a lab and each one of us is a  scientist - trying to find answers to our questions.


   My recollection of Herbertpur Workshop 2015:-

         I started from Shimla on 26th noon on my bike. Herbertpur is about 200 kms from Shimla. As I had not gone on a long tour since a long time, my left hand started aching after I had covered just 20 kms. I was so engrossed with random thoughts that I did not realize that I tried to cross a round-about through the  wrong side. I was stopped by police and fined-though I had stopped mid-way!
            It was life's first  traffic  fine for me and I realized it is not so scary experience as I had earlier thought it to be. I reached Guru Kripa Hotel Herbertpur at about 7 pm. Met fellow TISA members and asked them whether I can share room with them. This was also the first for me as earlier I used to book separate room and live alone.
              Had wonderful three days with fellow stutters. This also changed my mood from sad to happy. It  rains whenever I travel to Herbertpur on my bike,I get drenched and it feels good :) After workshop I attended the online skype call after a long-long gap. 

Some takeaways for me:

Kolkata SHG meet writeup... after ages!! :)

Hello Everybody,

                 Writing about a meet after quite some time. (A discontinuity worth taking I guess).
Kolkata SHG meets have taken a consistent shape under the constant endeavours of a young gun named Amrit. Meets are now being held regularly on Sundays, and have health attendances ranging from 5-10 people.

Amrit & Co have even bought a microphone to aid in Public Speaking. Next in the lineup in to locate a room to enable more vibrant practices, under similar lines of Mumbai SHG.

Last Sunday, 29th March, a similar SHG meet was held. I attended the same after a gap of more than 2 months, and was pleasantly surprised at how much it had matured. Sincerely hope this growth carries on.
There were a total of 8 attendees. The activity done was individual public speaking using the microphone at a serene corner of Nandan. (More than once passerby’s gave curious glances trying to fathom what was going on….).

Special mention and thanks to Mr Shyman Sunder  Singh (motivational speaker and coach), who gave a scintillating talk at the end.

Attendees -  Amrit, Shyam Sunderji, Mr Santanu, Shashikant, Samnan, Samrat, Anirrudh and Kushal.


  [Samrat giving a talk with the microphone]

Delhi SHG Meeting at Jantar Mantar on 5th April

Very Warm Welcome to all DELHI NCR members !!!
First time in history Aanjali "Jhansi ki Rani" and Dhruv "the champ" going to host the meeting

Date : 5 April
Venue : Jantar Mantar
Timing : 10:45 ( sharp)
Agenda : disclose in the meeting

for any query feel free to inbox me at vishal.gupta67@gmail.com
Important Notice : As we are going to make Meeting Indoor at Indian social institute so don't forget to bring 500 rupees.
Delhi TISA Team.

March 31, 2015

Comm WS March 15 Report

Here is a brief report of the recently concluded Communication workshop, beginning with day 3.
Day 3
We began about 9.45 am in the OPD. Everyone put down some basic thoughts about a chosen topic- and made a formal presentation, referring to the hand notes. In this formal presentation, participants tried to implement all the communication tools they had learned earlier- sometime with help from audience and facilitators.
Next round was about sharing an embarrassing moment from childhood- and having a GOOD LAUGH about it! Everyone did extremely well. The idea was to start looking at our lives and its content, through new eyes, objectivity and some humor.
Next activity was: everyone had to deeply think and share two things they would like to do after the workshop- related to communication or NOT. This helped the participants to review, what they had learnt and what exactly was their needs; This also helped them to think in concrete terms about the two possible changes or interventions they needed to introduce in their lives.
Next, we divided in two groups and prepared for two role plays. One was a group discussion on "Arranged marriage Vs Love marriage"- very popular topic with young participants! Second was "Roll Call in a class room". Lot of imagination and creativity emerged in these role plays. Everyone had lot of fun, chance to speak ex-tempore and generally have fun. Then, we thanked everyone, especially seniors like Sanjib and Shiv- and the organiser of this Comm WS - Hemant. Our sincere thanks to Sr Helen and Anugrah too.
After lunch, we dispersed. The group has decided to remain in touch by - having a Facebook page and a whatsapp group. They intend to practice new skills on phone/ skype with each other. Participants from different region will try to hold some event in their area, to carry on this process of change. Dehradun group will start a SHG group soon, God willing. If Speech is a river, Life too is a river- and can not be bound up in just three days! It will keep flowing, no matter what.
Best wishes and a safe journey, everyone!

Hemant has donated Rs 2300, the balance from the registration, to Anugrah, a center for children with special abilities and needs- with participants full concurrence (below).

March 30, 2015

Today I'm soo happy..My dream come TRUE :)
Finally after a lot of struggle with my speech and confidence I GOT the JOB :)

I wanna to tell about my experience and Hopefully it will help u also..!!!
-Earlier whenever i go for an interview i always thinks about that what will happen...shall i tell him about stammering or not..what should i do when i stammer...which techniques should i use ??..etc etc
So, becoz of all this crap i was in pressure and when real interview begins i started stammering badly..!!!

Now, How I have changed all these..!!
As the above problem is persistent with me in few Interview but after than that i took help from my frnds....as they know i'm stammerer...so, i started giving Mock Interviews..!!!
Mock Interviews really helped me a lot , they give me the real experience of interview..!!!
Certainly i started improving on my speech..!!

Note: I started using some techniques like-slow speech, Pausing while giving interviews....so, i got acquinted with these techniques...!!!

So, In my final interview i used the same techniques...took pauses in between and I was very calm..Didn't think about my stammering & gave the Interview..!!! It went very well...I explained all my internships, projects etc...HR person really got impressed :)
Finally result was announce and In final process of 10 students interview only 4 got job and i was among them...!!! :D
It was the best moment in my life.....Special thankss to Sachin Sir :) 

Self Help Group Meet Chandigarh

Self Help Group Meeting was planned for Sunday at 11.00 Oclock at Sector 42 lake, Chandigarh. Jasmeet and Paramjit alongwith me participated in the meeting. We had a round of self introductions . For the day we decided to work on three  parameters i.e. Breath, Speed and Excitement. We practiced the parameters with strangers in the park.  Jasmeet also did some shouting and slow reading practice. Paramjeet shared  that we need to wipe the sad thoughts/ feelings connected with our stammering from our mind which we tend to carry and should continuously wok for improvement of communication by participating in SHG Meets etc.  He further narrated how the co- pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 locked the captain out of  the cockpit and then crashed the plane.
‘’ For God’s sake , open the door”. Captain Patrick Sondenheimer screamed as he banged on the cockpit door, pleading with the co-pilot.
------- As per sound recorded in the black boxes.
13 minutes later, the plane slammed into the French Alps.
Paramjeet  added that the co-pilot had obsession for something in his mind which he was carrying. By seeing a person we cannot judge what is happening in others mind but we can certainly work with our own mind and should keep it clean and pure.
      Paramjeet please correct if I wrote something incorrect  which you did not mean.
We pray  to God for the peace of departed souls and give strength to family members to bear the irreparable loss.
May all Beings be Happy.

The meeting ended with a resolution to meet again shortly.

March 29, 2015

Auto biography of an excellent communicator

About my stammering experience.
Good evening my dear tisa family members. Myself shivaji .I live in Hyderabad. I am writing here about my stammering experience since childhood .I was born in a town in telangana state.Now I am 31 yrs old. I was born and brought up in a good family. My father use to tell that he had little bit of stammering , when he was child, but he has get rid of it by growing age. He was a fluent speaker. In my family ,I have 2 elder brothers. My brothers have the stammering problem. My elder brother stammering is somewhat more than my younger brother. My younger brother use to stammer more when he was child. He use to face the people without shame, fear and shyness, but I use to hide my stammering.when he became elder his 90% of stammering was recovered.He use to talk more without shyness. I think stammering is overcomed by facing the people or talking more without any fear,but my elder brother stammering is still present , and he stammers more than me.But he is a very confident person from childhood.My family was rich when he was child and my father use to bring what ever he ask and he was the dominant in our family.