August 30, 2016

Announcement: 6th TISA National Conference - 2016: Registrations Open

Hurry Up! After August 31, the National Conference fees 

will be INR 4200/-. 

If you have 

registered but have not yet paid the fees, please pay by the said


One payments is unknown. If it's yours please let us know: 


TISA 6th National Conference from 16-18th Sept 2016 (Fri-Sun) Varca Le Palms Beach Resort, South Goa

Date : 16,17 and 18 September | Venue : Varca Le Palms Beach Resort, South Goa | Agenda| Registration are open now | Accommodation Confirmed List | Three BenefitsNC Official Promo New*  | Scholarship New( Condition Apply) | NC Memories | Important Contacts | NC Talent Show Nomination | Seats Left : 10 |   11 Days Left for the Registration* Hurry Up  | NC BAJAAR* |

August 27, 2016

Roleplay and dramas has helped Bruce Willis to overcome stammering

Bruce Willis, the tough guy of Die Hard movie franchise used to stammer severely during his childhood. 
My schoolmates would call me “Buck-Buck”. I could hardly talk. It took me three minutes to complete a sentence. It was so devastating.
Stammering started to bother him when he was around 9 years old and it was there till 17. 
He still stutters, but, now, he has learnt the art of managing it. 
Like any other stutterer, he would skip classes during high school to avoid bullying and humiliation. Gradually, he started to participate in dramas and plays where he would play small comic roles such as clowns. Without talking much, he would show his presence on the stage. After a few acts, he gathered the courage to accept some mainstream roles with dialogues. To his amaze, he didn't stammer when speaking on the stage. 
He realized that playing a character on the stage makes him completely forget about his speech disorder. It encouraged him to take acting seriously. 
Now, I understand that why every TISA communication workshop has drama and role play activities :-)
After high school, he took odd jobs for some time to save money so that he can enroll in the drama college. His professors at the drama college suggested him to take help from speech therapy for more improvement in his speech. It worked!!

In all, acting and speech therapy helped him to overcome stammering and make a name for himself. 

He is one of the celebrity stutterer who openly accepts his speech imperfection and participates in various awareness programs. Recently, he attended the 10th annual benefit gala of The American Institute of Stuttering along with Mr Joe Biden (the vice president of the USA, he also stutters). 

To read the full article, please check this link- How Bruce Willis has overcome stuttering

August 24, 2016

DELHI SHG Meeting Report | Acceptance After Freedom*

Last Sunday SHG meeting was held in Jantar Mantar. Meeting start at 11:00 AM. Members are  Vishal(Host) , Dinesh(Host), Rahul, Jagriti, Anshul, Rahim, Pawan, Rajat, Ravi jaga, Shilender, Nitin, Raman, Gaurav, Prajwal, Arunesh and Jitender .

Meeting was based on threefold way-choose the gear, work hard & observe yourself(self-evaluation).
Meeting had 6 activities:-

August 22, 2016

School Chale Hum...

"Kaka yaha paas me koi school hai kya? (Is there a school nearby?)", I asked to the Dhabewala as I took the last bite from my plate of Chole-Poori. We (Me and Vishal) were trapped in heavy rain for more than an hour when we went to the Nehrunagar to print visiting cards and handouts for our mission. Realizing that rain won't stop anytime soon, we went to a local Dhaba to grab a brunch. Intrigued by my question, the Dhabewala enquired about me. The conversation progressed as we told him about TISA and it's activities. We found out that his daughter is a stammerer, so we invited his family to the SHG. We haven't even set foot in the school after printing and I had already spent one visiting card of mine. It was an achievement in itself and now the excitement was on par to meet school kids. Since the rain had stopped till then, we decided to start by visiting the local municipality school and get an experience of how it goes.

After a 15 minute ride, we reached the school. From Sachin Sir's experience, we assumed that the Principal of school might resist allowing us, but she was very supportive and we soon found out why. Most of the kids in the municipality school were highly underprivileged compared to the schools we attended as kids, so, the staff were willing to do anything possible to help them. We entered the first classroom and all the kids greeted us by standing up and saying, "Good Afternoon Sir, Have a nice day Sir." It reminded me of my school We interacted with the teacher first. Some of the things which we told to the teacher were,
  • Who are we
  • What does our organization do
  • Why we don't charge money
  • What are the myths society has formed about stammering
  • How to handle someone who stammers while speaking
  • How not to behave with or treat someone who stammers

During interaction with every teacher, we handed our visiting cards and handouts to them without fail and requested them to spread the message to anyone they knew who stammers. Then we requested them to allow us to interact with the students.

Standing in front of those kids, I remembered the quote by Mark Twain, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." So I was trying to start speaking looking all calm on the outside, although there was chaos inside my mind regarding what to speak to those kids who were looking up to me in hopes of learning something new. When speaking to kids, you have to remember that they have a very active mind, and so they get distracted very easily unless you manage to grab and hold there attention. This, I know, since I was the most distracted kid in the entire class, maybe the entire school, who daydreamed sitting in lectures. So, I tried to engage them by asking them about movies. The entire conversation went something like this  

(translated in english)...
Me: Does everyone understands Hindi?
Kids: Yes (some No)

Me: (again, louder than before) Does everyone understands Hindi?
Kids: (loudly) Yes

Me: OK kids, tell me, who watches movies?
(some kids raise hands, some don't)

Me: How many of you have seen Golmaal 3?
(some hands go down, some who were down till now suddenly rise up)

Me: So kids, do you remember there was a character in that movie who used to speak like (Making funny face)
Kids: Yes!

Me: What you saw in that movie was just acting, but do you know, that the problem portrayed there is actually real. It is called stammering. Millions of people suffer from it. In fact it is so common, that if you gather 100 people at a same place, you will get at least 1 person who stammers from among them.

After this I told them about my own story and how I suffered from stammering all those years. I told them that stammering is completely normal and you should not be ashamed of it. In fact, if you encounter someone who stammers, then encourage them to speak and listen to them patiently.

We asked the teachers and kids if they knew anyone who stammers and requested them to convey our message and contact details to all those who stammer. We even called some kids who themselves or others believed that they stammer and interacted with them. By the time the school ended, we visited 8 classes ranging from 5th grade to 7th grade and interacted with the kids at each class we went. We took turns while speaking to the kids and by the end of the day, were completely exhausted.As we left the school building, we were greeted by the same kids we visited in the past few hours who were saying,"Bye Bye Sir!." Even though it was a challenging step for us, now that we have done it, I can say it was just another step towards acceptance.

SHG Report 21st August Bangalore

Today's meeting was divided into four parts :
From Left to Right: Anupam, Subroto, Sudhanshu ,Shobit,Mohit Sinha,Rajkumar,Bharath,Naman,Mohit Jaiswal,Amarnath, Pramod , Jonali , Akash, Shiva , Rahul

August 20, 2016

Banglore SHG 14 August 2016

Sometimes we look for something and we get something better, last Shg was quite similar . There were seven Pws present.

Form Left to Right: Sudhanshu, Subroto, Bharat, Shiva, Anupam and Pramod. The lady is Jonali.

Delhi SHG meeting at Jantar Mantar on 21st August

दिनांक २१ अगस्त २०१६ 
जगह : जंतर मंतर ( पास का मेट्रो - राजीव चौक - गेट नंबर ६ ) 
समय : ११ बजे से २ बजे तक 
मीटिंग को चलाने वाला - विशाल और दिनेश 
हमे आपसे क्या चाहिए - थोड़ा सा धैर्य और चेहरे पे मुस्कान

मीटिंग तीन तरह से होगी क्योंकि इस बार मीटिंग का पैमाना बिलकुल अलग तरह से होगा और वो कुछ इस तरह से की सभी को सीखने का अधिक से अधिक मौका मिले .
मै बताना चाहूंगा की मीटिंग का पहला लक्ष्य होगा अपने खुद के गति पर ध्यान देना उसके बाद कोशिश और प्रयास करना और फिर उसके बाद एक उम्दा तरीके से स्वीकार्यता के साथ स्वयं को देखना
इस मीटिंग का सबसे जोशीला अध्याय यह होगा जब हम अपने इमोशन को समझेंगे और उसे अपने अनुरूप बनायेंगे साथ ही साथ हम ये जानेंगे की बिना बताये अपने अंदर कैसे स्वीकार्यता को लाया जाए यह थोड़ा कठिन जरूर होगा लेकिन असंभव भी नही है तो इस चीज को हम जानेंगे समझेंगे और उसे प्रयोग में लाएंगे .
आप सब आमंत्रित हो इस मीटिंग में, धन्यवाद्

August 16, 2016

Opening on the very first day in college...

Hey everyone yesterday was my mba college orientatiton program. So apna ek experience share kra tha so I was feeling very nervous ki bs introduction na ho plz plz but hua vhi. Around 80 90 people were there in the classroom including 4 teachers and only i was the one who stammers or ek baat or ye thi ki they were calling everyone in front and had to speak through podium and 2 3 logon k liye claps bhi hui jinhone achy s kha. Fir kya tha i was just hoping ki bs kse bhi m class k bhr nikl jau kyu aya m aaj bht bdi galti ki wegrh wegrh jab tak turn ni aayi meri bht buri halat hone lg gyi thi fir mera number aya mei jse hi upr chada mic lia mne introduction start kia hello my name is kuldeep......*ankhy bnd ki saans li* i have done bcom from jaipur n I belong to jaipur ........* fir ankhy bnd ki or relax hua* fir bola there is this one thing i would like to telll you that i have a speech issue called stammering. Fir dean sir n kha aap toh bht acha bol lety ho aapko kha h fir m bs smile kia or bola so how many of you know about stammering? Fir dean sir boly y sb bdmei puch lna mne kha sir 2 min fir bola so how mny how you knw about it 3 4 students m hath khda kia fir m bola very few chlo m thoda sa bta ta hu firse dean sir boly ki bdmei discussion kr lena abhi aagy chlne do mne kha bs 2 min sir fir baaki teachers bolty let him speak fir hasne lgy or dean sir boly i was just checking him. Fir mne continue kia ki jse aap logon ki speech fluent hoti h vse meri nhi h m ruk jata hu kbhi kbhi kisi words p isi dar s mne aajtk kbhi stage p ni bola koi news thought kuch bhi bolne ki turn aati m chup jata tha school m introduction m naam ni bol pata tha fir bchy hasty thy ki ye toh naam hi bhul gya toh mba k liye ana bht hard decision rha and apne comfort zone m reh kr kuch ni milega isliye aaj mne himmat ki h or aaj mne is college m admisson lia h thank you. 
Fir sbse loudest claps mere liye hui and mre doston n kha bhai faad dia tune toh 😂 I guess mera abse best introduction tha :D 
Bhat zyda acha feel hua or ab toh confidence bht badh gya h :)
Kuldeep Bairwa

Posted by Ravi on his behalf.

TISA SHG Chandigarh Meet # 90 dated 14.08.2016 at Sector 42 lake.

Mr. Ashish Sharma a BAMS doctor from Chandigarh had contacted me last week through TISA . He was requested to join in Sunday SHG meeting for a detailed discussion. I arrived at sector 42 lake around 8.20 am. Ashish was already there waiting for me. It was a cool  lovely morning. After rain the weather had become very pleasant. We waited for other members to join and also called a few, but they expressed their inability to come because of some pre- occupations.

The meet started with we two. I welcomed Ashish to Chandigarh SHG. Ashish is doing BAMS from Dabar Dhanwantry Ayurvedic Hospital, Sector 46 , Chandigarh. He is intern in hospital. He lives in sector 46. Basically he hails from Banaras. He informed that he noticed his speech blocks when he was 7 years old and has not taken any therapy, besides taking Vacha , the Ayurveda herb, which he discontinued because of some reported side effects. He has plans to do his MD from BHU or start his practice at Chandigarh. He was given some tips to improve on communication. The concept of acceptance on which TISA is working was explained to him. He was requested to get copy of booklet Apna hath Jagannath downloaded from TISA site and read it religiously, which is our Bible.  The factors i.e. Biological, Social and Psychological  explained  and how to work on Breath, Speed and Excitement  also discussed.

We started with laughing, clapping and shouting exercises to relax our speech organs. It was followed with breathing exercises. The concept of Voluntary stammering and loud slow reading also explained. He was advised to interact with strangers daily with slow and voluntary stammering to have a control on communication. He has been added in Chandigarh WhatsApp Group and advised to  remain connected. He was further advised to join in workshops being organized by Dr. Sachin in Herbatpur. He was requested to read TISA blogs regularly .He assured to come in weekly meetings. Ashish is a charming and lovely doc. I enjoyed interacting with him.

I hope Ashish benefited by coming to TISA.    The meeting ended with promise to meet again. All Chandigarh SHG members are requested to interact with him either personally or over telephone.

May all progress on the path of communication.

August 15, 2016

Delhi SHG Meeting on 14th Aug

Hello Every one I am Shailender

Delhi SHG meeting was held in One Internet (Connaught Place). This is the special meeting as this time first time we organize combined activity with two SHG’s Hyderabad SHG’s and Pune SHG’s. In which our all members talk to Pune SHG’s and Hyderabad SHG’s members to practice of calling. Meeting attended by 5 PWS whose names are :- Dinesh Ola, Jagriti Bhagat, Gundev (New), Shailender (Host) and Rahim (Old but first time in Delhi SHG meeting)

Theme of meeting was
 Calling Practice and Use of techniques max to max. Meeting was totally based on theme. I reached the venue bit late as because of heavy rain in morning and continuously attending calls of members.  Meeting started at 11:30 AM  with 3 minutes meditation. Activities performed in meeting are:-

Role plays

Role plays can be lot of fun and they are a very HOLISTIC approach to learning communication, whether you stammer or not.. Role plays come nearest to natural demands of communication- unlike "slow reading" or "presentations". They dont require always script- just a situation. In the above role play, Dehradun SHG was given a situation: A bus conductor at rush hour.. and the group did it very well, in front of live audience in a public park, on 26th Jan 2016. There were many participants from Delhi SHG, who were here to participate in Communication workshop. So, if you want to learn communication and have fun, go for role plays. Record them and put them up here. You never know who may be looking out for some talent... :))

Stock taking: How does SHG help?

For many new comers, it is difficult to believe that a group of pws - with no therapist - can help a pws. How? It is good to ask these questions and try and get to the bottom. The secret is: SHG creates an atmosphere where certain attitudinal changes can happen. "Can happen" - yes they cant "be done" consciously; they can only "happen". You cant make up your mind to practice acceptance- like a project. You can only allow it to happen. Because attitude operates outside of our conscious day to day mind. This is why many pws who frequently attend SHG and actively participate in it, notice a change in themselves.

August 12, 2016

Reason ? why one should attend national conference by Vishal Gupta

What works and What doesn't

Trying to not stammer almost always never works. That's because it involves using force and pressure on ourselves.

Thus the exact opposite what is needed.

When we choose to approach our stammering with compassion, non-judgement and experimentation, we give ourselves a chance to really understand how we and our stammering works.

Try it . It works.

August 9, 2016

Delhi SHG Meeting on 7th Aug

Written by our most regular SHG member: Anshul Saini

Delhi SHG meeting was held in Natya Ballet Centre. This meeting was hosted by our most confident PWS Mr. Sunoy who was totally prepared for meeting. Rahul Yadav was Co-host and Vikas Ranga was General Evaluator of this meeting.
Meeting attended by 9 PWS whose names are :-Sunoy, Rahul Yadav, Vikas Ranga, Anurag, Raman Maan, Rajat, Anshul Saini(me), Manish(New), Nitin. 

Theme of meeting was To Overcome Interview Anxiety and Stage Fear. Meeting was totally based on theme.
Meeting started at 5:30 PM sharp with 5 minutes meditation. Activities performed in meeting are:-
  1. Brief introduction Round: This activity has old name but it was performed in new way. Host told us that you have to give your intro by eliminating sentences like I am, I am from, I am working etc. Introduction was given in new way like Anshul Saini, Ambala, Diploma in Automobile Engg., Working In Sanden Vikas India LTD. After this activity General Evaluator adds a point that we can give feedback after the turn of every PWS so that he can concentrate on those points in coming activities.
  2. Interview Round: Vikas Ranga adds a point that everyone has to tell about the post for which you are applying and Rahul also adds a point, give your short intro about your career. In this activity one PWS stood in front of other PWS and everyone asked questions related to his job and career. Good point of this activity was each person asked question arbitrarily, nobody was sitting silent in this activity. Everyone gave their feedback with regards to other about their eye contact, body language and also some good points.
  3. Group Discussion: Topic was Working Wife or House Wife. Everyone took part in this activity and shared their thoughts.
  4. Extempore Speech: For this activity host had some interested topics written on separate chits. Some interesting topic was childhood, having siblings good or bad and sugarcane juice v/s coke etc. Everyone took chit one by one and gave great speech from their sides.
Anshul Saini
Delhi SHG

हकलाहट बनाम विकलांगता (Stammering V/s Disability)

हकलाहट से संघर्ष के दौरान अक्सर मैं सोचता और कहता था- मेरी हकलाहट से विकलांगता की तरह है। मुझे भी विकलांगों की तरह तमाम परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ता है। कई लोगों ने सुझाव दिया- तुम विकलांगता का सर्टिफिकेट क्यों नहीं बनवा लेते? तुमने अभी तक विलांगता का प्रमाण पत्र बनवाया या नहीं? इस तरह के सवाल मुझे कई बार परेशान कर देते थे। आखिर लोग क्यों नहीं समझते, क्यों नहीं जानते की हकलाहट का विकलांगता से कोई सम्बंध नहीं है। हकलाहट को विकलांगता में शामिल नहीं किया गया है।

टीसा के ब्लाॅग पर भी कुछ साथियों ने इस विषय पर चर्चा की है। कई साथियों ने सवाल उठाए हैं कि क्या हकलाहट को विकलांगता माना जाता हैं? विकलांगता का प्रमाण पत्र कैसे प्राप्त करें।

यहां एक अहम सवाल यह है कि क्या हकलाने वाला व्यक्ति खुद को विकलांग कहलाया जाना पसंद करेगा? यह सवाल इसलिए भी महत्वपूर्ण हो जाता है, क्योंकि एक हकलाने वाला व्यक्ति यानी हम लोग कई सालों तक शायद यह स्वीकार ही नहीं कर पाते की हम हकलाते हैं? क्या वाकई हमें विकलांगों जैसी सुविधाएं, रियायत, छूट और आरक्षण आदि की जरूरत है?

August 8, 2016

"Happy B'day Sachin sir....a small AV made by DELHI SHG members

Many many happy returns of the day sachin sir... post karne me thoda late ho gaye....Waise mere pyaare dosto... Sachin Sir ka B'day kal tha yaani ki 8th August.Humne socha is baar sachin sir ko thoda different tarah se gift dete hai "AV" ke roop me. 

Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye, Baar Baar Dil Yeh Gaaye, Tum Jeeyo Hazaron Saal, Yeh Meri Hai Aarzoo, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to you, Sachin sir.

CHANDIGARH STAMMERERS ----> 89 SHG 07/08/2016 <-----

Sector 42 mini lake Chandigarh 

Hello Everyone

On 19 April 2015 it was our 47 Self Help Group and after a gap of 1 year we did many SHG in chandigarh which We have not posted here on blog. On count now it is 89 SHG conducted in Chandigarh Sector 42 mini lake.

                        Our 89 SHG started with full energy in the presence of Jasbir Sir, Parmod Kumar, Paramjeet Singh, Vineet pundir, Shashankraj , Nitin, Jasmeet Singh

From Left Shashank, Nitin ,Parmod kumar, Jasbir Sir, Paramjeet Sir

I arrived a bit late in meet and join everyone out there . 
There after a long time I Saw Jasbir Sir in the SHG and I was very happy to see him.

We all with Jasbir Ji Practice loud Reading For 30 min focusing on Prolongation and 2/3 words in a single breath .

After that we done Breathing Exercise and Group Discussion.
Loud Reading Practice

Paramjeet Sir was our Host Today and his plan is to make a interview panel and take individual Interview.

Interview round is very effective as we all are students and face problem time to time in Interview Questions.

From left Shashankraj, Vineet Pundir, Parmod Kumar, Jasbir and Paramjeet Sir & Jasmeet Singh 


August 4, 2016

A Big Fall “OH MY GOD”

One week back….I was in  big FALL and when I say fall, you can easily understand – fall in terms of my speech as I am a person who stammer or stutter.

But this time Fall was weird but at the same time amazing due its effects and affects. Since we know stammering fluctuates as per the situations or emotions that we create and you have no such idea when it triggers your speech and you will feel like “OH MY GOD”

August 1, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 31st July 2016

This Sunday’s meeting is being held at Gandhi Maidan at 4pm. As per plan, we were going to meet 1 hour before the actual meeting timing just to practice for our speech. Unfortunately, it wasn’t gone as per the plan and we met at 4pm.



Today whatever I am going to present may appear mythological and absurd but in fact I think, it is super- scientific. Whatever we have learned from Dr Sachin about the treatment of strutting is indeed the comprehensive and complete cure by which all of us have benefited including me.

Whatever happens in this universe has some cause; within or beyond our understanding. This is known theory of “Dependent Origination”. This theory was discovered by great saint/scientist of India about 2600 years ago. Currently this technique has been rediscovered and re-established in India and is practised by thousands or persons both in high as well low profile people. This is known as Vipassana meditation. Some of the person, right in this audience including our honorable Jasbir ji, have learned this technique and are currently practicing.

Let me redirect myself to theory of “Dependent Origination”. This theory has different names in different religions of India and is equally applicable to stammering.  They may not know the actual terminology. That is not even necessary and important to know. In simple language, we call it a Karma theory, to which everybody knows. This theory gives us cause and cure as well. The cause or stammering is actually our previous Karma performed in last minute or some previous birth. And the cure is certainly our good action/deed/karma being performed presently by all of us now and here.

The government of all the nations in this world punishes the ill-doer and rewards the good-doer. But we are human being and are many a times, guided by our corrupt mind. So our governments cannot follow it diligently. But nature follows this rule but judiciously and honestly, without any act of partisan and nepotism. Whatever good thing happen in our life, (including possession of intelligence or foolishness), is result of our past action performed in this birth or in some previous birth. Even good actions like lottery, rewards, promotion do happen because of our previous good action. One is looted or killed because of some bad action performed by him in current or previous birth.

A simple explanation: In communal violence, some person burn and kill the others. The killers become the person with bad luck and become victims of natural disasters like road accidents, plane crash, lightening, earth quacks etc.
Our effort and honesty in the present moment is our investment for our future moment. I am seeing so many persons, including Dr Sachin Shrivastva, who is donated his entire life for this cause. He is getting the reward now and is destined for a big reward in future.

Once again I appreciate all of you to be a part of good action in present moment and wish and expect a big reward; liberation from stammering.

Since we are entering a new growth phase on our group, your comments were very timely. I believe we can benefit immediately from the methods you suggested for treatment of stammering. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and we hope to use your suggestions in our next campaign. Thank you again for your contribution.

I again thank Dr Sachin and all of you for donating your valuable time to listen to me.

Dr NK Tejpal From Chandigarh

July 31, 2016

CHANDIGARH STAMMERERS ----> SHG 31/07/2016 <-----

DATE: 31/07/2017
VENUE: SECTOR-42 Mini Lake Chandigarh

After successful CHANDIGARH WORKSHOP Organised on 16/17 july 2016 . We Champions decided to continue our Self Help Group.

*  There were total 5 Champions today who wake up early in the morning and spend some time for Learning.

 Kapil Dev was our Main Lead and Host today with an Agenda :

- Introduction with hobbies

- Story Telling

- Telling each other Qualities and Strength

- Group Discussion

From Left Jassi , Intelligent  Alok,  Kapil the Gabbar , Paramjeet the Energy man 

---- Talk Started with remembering the Memories of chandigarh workshop participants , who have made a memorable workshop with lots of experience and thoughts shared. 


--- For past one year we are gathering together in Chandigarh. In every meeting we learn something new and it has been said that In order to Change our life, we must change our thoughts.
And with positive thought and learning we have develop new thought process in which it not only help us to overcome our Stammering but also so many skills we have developed in ourself.

In center Paramod Kumar the Cool man

Most people need Love and Acceptance a lot more than they need just advice.
Our parents/ Friends /Neighbor/ Relatives have given many advises to us for stammering but they don't know that we all need love and support more than any advice. This Group is all about it. 

Kamlesh and Manoj Bishnoi of our group having Birthday today but they were busy in there  respective life, so we miss them in today meeting. God bless them with health and wealth.

We Request In chandigarh if there are people who stammerer. Please come out of your confort zone beacuse You are not alone , we all are stammerers and therte are 100% possibilities of improvements.

                                                                                                                          JASMEET SINGH
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July 28, 2016

Chandigarh Workshop 16/17 July 2016 MEMORABLE MOVEMENTS Pictures...

On request of many friends/Members, I am going to upload some of MEMORABLE Indoor Pictures of Conference Hall.....

 Dr.Sachin taking position on mic and giving overview.

  Day 1 everyone get together in Conference Hall and getting ready to introduce each other.....

Dixit Arora introduce himself to Manoj vedi.

Vivek puri and Alok

From left technician , Kapil ( GABBAR) and  Jassi making sure everything is good and everything works 

Taking lead Dr. Sachin 

Quick Introduction Round
KAPIL with  Sanjeev Sharma 
Sandeep kumar jain with Aman Garg

Dashing Anshul Saini 

From left vikash ranga and Arpit Chhikara

Dipesh Aggarwal 

My Favorite with full Energetic Personality Mr. PARAMJEET SINGH with Thumbs Up and Hugs Mr. Parmod kumar


Dr NK Tejpal With ALOK

We are very proud to have Mr. Manoj vedi in workshop

After Introduction Everyone settle down and take seats. Everyone Given Chance to Speak on mic.....

From left our Backbone of tisa Hemant kumar, sandeep kumar jain,vikash ranga , Anshul, shashank raj, Prajwal joshi  

Vaibhav Chauhan with Anupinder Singh

From Left Nitin gautam, Abhimanyue Choudhary and Anurag Mishra.

From Left Aman Garg, Prajwal S Joshi & Akhil Aggarwal.

Gaurav gulati 

Smart Boy Suraj Lotlikar From GOA giving a smiling pose

Gaurav  to set up Stutter with a Smile

Mr. Paramjeet with powerful Speech 

From Right Dnyanesh Kenkare Form GOA, Vivek puri and Rahul Yadav

Gaurav Wearing a Smiling Face Always

Mr. Harpreet Singh Opinion  

A Mutual Interviews Starts.....


Vaibhav Chauhan with Anup

BEHIND THE CAMERA PERSON Mr. MUKUL ( Thanks for the memories clicked)

Interviewing ABHISHEK and her wife

shashank raj with Rahul Yadav

Dnyanesh Kenkare With harpreet Singh 



                                            GROUP 2




Sumit chilkoti with Sachin Sir

RAKESH JAISWAL the Oldest Member 

Army Men Mr.Gambhir panwar 


Vaibhav Chauhan

Akhil Aggarwal

Sumit chilkoti

DAY 2......

Right Syed Uzair, Paramjeet sir & Anup

Nitin gautam 

Special Thanks To Mr. Gambhir panwar for coming 

Sanjeev Ji

Abhishek jha 

Yadavendra mayank


By. Dr NK Tejpal


Award given to Dr. Sachin Sir  

 It's Not THE END It's BEGINNING                          
                                                                                                           JASMEET SINGH