May 31, 2016

Announcement: 6th TISA National Conference - 2016: Registrations Open

TISA 6th National Conference from 16-18th Sept 2016 (Fri-Sun) Varca Le Palms Beach Resort, South Goa

Date : 16,17 and 18 September | Venue : Varca Le Palms Beach Resort, South Goa | Days left : 80 | Registration are open now | Accommodation Confirmed List | NC Official Promo New*  | Scholarship New( Condition Apply) | NC Galleries | Important Contacts | NC Talent Show Nomination |

May 29, 2016

Sunday Funday!

 Go-go-goa...(Video 1, Video 2)
This is just an early update. Someone from Dehradun SHG will write at more length soon.
So, 29th (Sunday), we met a group of students from University of Boston, facilitated by Operation Groundswell - at Sita Ram Ashram.
In a nutshell, we interacted freely; encouraged everyone to ask questions (many of the students will be going for a career in health care services). After the lunch, the students gave a feedback creatively: Skits etc. They tried to share what they had learned of disability/ discrimination themes, explored in India in the last two weeks - and tried to connect it with similar issues back home. We ended by making a 2 minute promo video: Go-Go-Goa!
     Diane Constantino, Clinical Associate Professor, from Department of SLP and Hearing, Boston University also participated and shared her valuable insights. She was given a TISA button of honor! On the whole, everyone had a lot of fun! TISA thanks everyone and wishes them safe journey home.

May 26, 2016

Delhi SHG 22 May Meeting Report

NOTE: This repost is written by a very special Person. His name is Anshul Saini. It is his first report which he wrote. Infact he has used MS Word for the first time to write this report. The report contain some grammatical error but that is far outshined by content of report and dedication shown by Anshul in writing it. I have not touched the report because I wanted to preserve the ingenuity and hardwork put by the person in report.

Once Again Kudos to Anshul and salute to your determination and contribution to Delhi SHG and TISA.

Here is the Report !

Last Sunday SHG meeting was first SHG meeting of 2016 which was held in evening. Meeting start at 4:00 pm. Members are Suraj, Anshul,  Vishal, Vikas Ranga, Madhav, Sheetal(Non-Stammer), Jitu, Aashish, Aakash and Kuldeep.

May 25, 2016

Icebreaker and breaking-up shackles!!!!!!

|It's been a very long that I have written a post. Life has taken many turns in between. Presently I'm in Bengaluru and attended  2nd meeting with Bengaluru SHG and gave  Icebreaker speech. So thought of sharing that.

Here is my speech that I delivered:

"Good morning everyone. My name is Ravi Kant Sharma. I'm 24 years old and stammering since the date I remember I started speaking. But my family member says that my stammering started when I was around 10 years old. I was born in a small village near Jaipur. My father worked in state services as an Engineer. So in the year 1999 we shifted to Jaipur. But I think I was not mentally prepared for this transition and I was around 10 then. I was admitted to a convent school in which there were strict rules and regulations. I'd always loved mathematics and my mathematics teacher was also a PWS but he never admitted that. Behind his back students use to make fun of him. I remember a day when one of my fellow classmate said-Sir starts a sentence and we finished it. I was hurt by this because upto then I'd also realised that I also stammers. My science teacher was a strict one and makes everyone read chapter except me. Eventually I came to know the reason also...haha. No friend and no girlfriends (haha) so life became unenjoyful and denial mode started. I remember that every night before going to bed I used to keep telling myself that- I don't stammer, I don't stammer. My family being conservative there was no atmosphere of sharing inner feelings and I being the youngest and weakest (in terms of muscle not now atleast) one was not even allowed to speak in family matters and issues. So this was how things went upto schooling. Sorry I forgot to mention that I fought with every boy of my class for making fun of my stammering....hahaha.

Life took a turn in 2008 when I got admission in an engineering college in Udaipur. It was the first experience of going out of my hometown and live life independently. I was very happy but things were still difficult because now I have to do all the things on my own. But one good thing that happened to me in my college life was that I now had a couple of good friends infact bearable friends to whom I can share whatever I want to. Four year passed in a mixed way. One incident of my college life that I remember is a cried the whole night. I exactly don't remember the reason but it was due to stammering only.

When I came back home after completing my graduation I'd harsh words with my family. I told them what problems I'd faced but in a negative way. But atleast I discussed the matter for the very first time. They also realised that their attitude towards me was also not positive even my attitude was also not positive. Then I was send to a speech therapy center in Amer near Jaipur. The person who claims to be a therapist told me to speak as if I were to sing a song like-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeiiiii naaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeee issssssssssssss Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnttttttttt Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (hahaha it looks quite funny na). I practice it thoroughly for months but everything was in vain. But till now I'd realised that I can speak and I must speak.

 Life took turn again and I came t know about TISA from a friend and the first thought that striked my mind was- It would be same as eariler, waste of time. But one day I was sitting idle and at that time I was in Delhi and a thought about TISA striked my mind. I just googled it and found that they have some SHG's in most of the cities and it was also in Delhi too. I went there and met some of the fantastic people who are not giving up to stammering like Shobhit. I came back to Jaipur and searched about SHG Jaipur and there was an SHG. But the problem was they met once or twice a year (hahaha not even in a month). I contacted them and we decided to meet on the first sunday of year 2014. I was the first good experience about stammering. Meanwhile my preparations were also going well and I got selected in Prasar Bharti (All India Radio) and Income Tax Department. Ohhhh I again forgot to tell you that meanwhile I'd a breakup and I was also admitted in a very serious condition in ICU for a disease called- Acute Gastroenteritis. So now I'd enough experience of life as it is said - "A breakup gives you more wisdom than eating almonds". I started working on myself. Members of Jaipur SHG were not responding well so I thought to go alone. I made some posters in Hindi and English and visited some schools and colleges nearby. On every Sunday I used to go to Central Park also. So it was a kind of survey-cum-awareness. I also started writing of TISA Blog. People started responding too. I started almost alone in Jaipur and now we have around 40 members, 20 from Jaipur and 20 from outside. I also went to Herbertpur for Comm. Workshop under Sachin Sir and first time I understood stammering quite well. Then there was NC Delhi, NC Khandala, again NC Delhi, and it was all fun. Actually TISA made me understood that THERE's LIFE BEYOND STAMMERING ALSO AND YOU ARE AS GOOD AS ANYONE ELSE IN THIS WHOLE WORLD. My professional life also got started upto then. I worked in All India Radio, Mumbai for 3 months, resigned it, then Income Tax,Jaipur for 6 months. Again got selected as Inspector in Customs and Central Excise, Bangalore and presently working here. Faced some interviews also and scored one of the highest marks. I still stammer and I stammer a lot but it doesn't bother me from doing what I want to. So that was all about stammering.

Talking about my hobbies I like to keep myself fit for which I do running, gyming(although I've not started yet in Bangalore), yoga pranayan, and meditation. Also I like travelling and if travelling would be free then I would have traveled the whole world (hahahaha). I want to mention here that meditation has helped me a lot. I started doing it after coming back from Comm. Workshop. In true words meditation has made me realise what I'm and what I can be".

So this was my speech. Although I was given 8 minutes but I finished it in 15 minutes (hahaha).

Here is the link

Ravi Kant Sharma

May 24, 2016

hello everyone...I m Swadhin from Odisha

I am new to TISA. I came to know about this association a few days later.I was much delighted whhen I came to know that there is such an association in India which supports stammerers and helps them to overcome their problem.

Bangalore SHG, May 22 2016 meeting report

Hard work and determination lead to success

We are very familiar to aforesaid line. But actually it’s half true. When I postmortem the content, I found that it consists of two line.
“Hard work and determination leads to failure, and failure leads to success.”
I felt that thing in our last SHG meeting. We always failed with a hope of success.
We are usually punctual with the meeting timings but this Sunday we started little bit late. Ravi gave his first Icebreaker speech followed by Pramod’s thought sharing. After that all member took part in table topics round and gave their best effort in those precious two minutes. Bharath took the initiative and share some of his knowledge about goal setting and faster way to achieve those goals. Last session was like an open session, where we discussed some of the issues, like how can we make future meetings better and many more. Meanwhile I came up with a question and in reply I got that “Answer lies in mystery.”
Written by Subrat Panda

May 23, 2016

SHG jaipur organising workshop in collaboration with thalagiri

Just a state of mind or neurotic mashup!!! Glossophobia or stage fight!!! Or is it genetic!!!
Do you consider yourself a stammerer or do you know anyone who stammers???
We are here to hear you, to talk about stammering and possibly change the angle with which you saw it till now.
Join us for a session on STAMMERING by TISA ( being conducted in association with in Jaipur on 24th May 2016.

Session by: The Indian Stammering Association
Venue: St. Edmund's School, Block-A, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
Date & Time: 24th May 2016, 8AM to 11AM
Registration Fees: We enjoy freedom of speech. It's FREE!
Registration Process: Fill up the form at or register on the spot.

Please register yourself. We might change the way you speak or listen other's speak!

Tele -Help and tele-coaching

The techniques ( Bouncing ,Prolongation, Pause) which was taught to me about 2 months ago, by Sachin  was usually used by me to practice at home only; I was always reluctant to apply these techniques in front of others  especially with my seniors in office and was facing acute stammering problem. Things were so bad that I wrote following to sachin in an email in desperation:
Sir now days i am observing that I am facing lot of problem to communicate. The techniques which I have learnt could not get applied because i cannot  utter the starting word of sentence. At starting only blog comes due to which I feel very uncomfortable.In office also while talking in group when I speak than I cannot speak a single word. I have to struggle alot for just speaking there. Sir last time when we have  met than various activities we were done like talking to strangers in mall etc there I was not getting stammering in a single word but when I face real life daily situations then I start facing stammering in a huge extent level. When I am in front of people or talk to them than my fear gets increased. My mood always remains upset because of this only. I feel like stammer is a hammer on my head.                                 At home I speak alomst normal when I am around my comfort zone. 
I informed  all this to Sachin who planned to do a small activity in my office remotely (from about 300 km away) - in which I had to use these techniques in front of my seniors and Dr Sachin listened to the entire conversation over the live phone connection. He had already sent an email, with a follow up phone call to my Supervisor, to set up this activity, beforehand. 

So, at the appointed time today- I set up my hands free set, got Sachin online - reviewed quickly with him as to what I was going to do exactly - and then, entered my senior's cabin; There were two people already in. At other times, I would have just left without saying anything - or would have waited for them to leave; But since Sachin was online, listening to everything - and since, I had planned everything in my head, I took the courageous step forward: I gave my introduction and explained about the techniques to my senior. I bounced on my name- and other words too - something which I had never done so far. I requested for feedback on my communication. They gave a very positive feedback which has made me more confident.  Really, all my fear and hesitation just flew away.
Thanks to Sachin Sir...
Comments from sachin:
Coaching and supporting someone over a live phone connection is not very difficult. It just needs a little planning. In this case, Vivek's supervisor was very helpful and he promptly agreed to this activity, after I sent him an email. Many young pws have this difficulty: they can bounce at home, in SHG, on youtube - but not in the office - and that is where it hurts most. That is where a senior colleague or friend from TISA SHG can jump in and help, utilizing the modern technology. Challenging your fears IS difficult. One needs help. Practical help. This is what senior pws can do for juniors.. Thanks Vivek for trusting me! And please thank your supervisor for me. And dont stop now - as we discussed. 

May 22, 2016

Tisa Hyderabad chapter meet up details on 22-05-2016

Meeting report by Surya

 Today 4 members was came including me. 
Sumit,madhubabu,Govind bhai, Sandeep,Surya.Meeting was started at 10am. First we did Breathing exercise for 5 mins.After that we started Introduction Round, JAM round. Then we Shared our experience. Then we gave presentation about Stammering and Techniques. I hope next week more people will come to attain meeting.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca"at"gmail"dot"com
Ramesh/ Sivaji 8897744248 email id:
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93"at"gmail"dot"com
Santosh Krishna 9849396919
Eshwar   81257 42055

Mind - on the cross ways..

Just returned from a three day residential Osho Dhyan shivir. Great experience! Came away with a great metaphor, related by Osho. Let me share:

A man went to visit a friend at his house. His two children were sitting and playing in the balcony, overlooking a busy road, below. The father (the friend) was not at home. The waiting visitor soon heard loud noises from the balcony - then abuses - and then wild thrashing around. The kids had gone berserk. He separated them and asked them what had happened:

One child said- he stole my car. The other kid said- NO, it was mine already.
The man further asked: but where IS the car? How can he steal, when he is sitting right here, in front of you..?

One kid said with some frustration: Oh you dont understand; let me explain the game.. The car which you see first becomes yours; then, at the end we tally who has got the more cars; But he stole my car. I saw it first.. he says he saw first, and I know he is lying..  

And they went back to their bitter fights.
Our mind is like a traffic island. Much traffic is cruising around it, all the time. In fact, Mind is nothing but a stream of thoughts, a movement of thoughts. But we dont have to run after a car and claim it as our own. We need not. Just watching a thought and letting it go, is enough, is fine. When we see a thought, we dont have to fight with it, we dont have to "own" it and bring it home..

When an interview has gone bad- and the world seems against you- Just say to yourself a couple of times: This lorry is going along the cross roads of my mind. I need not own it. I need not bring it home. Let it go.. I am separate from the traffic. I am just watching it. I am not like those two children..

When you crack a tough interview, yes, do celebrate, treat friends (and strangers too) to an ice-cream; but dont get overwhelmed or identified with that event. This too is just a car, going along the road. You dont own it. You cant. This is traffic. This traffic has been going on since the beginning of the creation. No end. You are not the traffic. You are only a witness.. Let there be separation of "thinking" and "being"..

Isn't that an amazing way of looking at our thoughts? Let me know what you think..

May 21, 2016


The day was thursday, I was in 10th standard, the joy of  finishing up my half yearly examination was mesmerizing. I was wearing a wrong uniform because my grandmom was not able to wash my dull green skirt. I was already punished wherein i did what they call now as "squats" but with my hands clubbed to my ears. 40 students rushed through the small door, as the bell rang in continuum with seconds hand of my clock. There were 40 heartbeats, but i could hear only mine. Out of 40 possible smiles, i could see only 39.

May 18, 2016

This Video shows : You can do anything you want to be | An Inspiring boy Drew Lynch

Bangalore SHG Report: 15th May 2016

15th May 2016 has to be one of the most feared day in recent times. The reason being, I was to co-ordinate a SHG meeting. The fear wasn’t because, I was bogged down by the responsibility of Co - ordinating an SHG meet (as a matter of fact, I love co-ordinating meetings), but rather by what had happened exactly a month ago.

May 16, 2016

The politics of stammering and therapy..

हकलाहट पर वर्क करना नई भाषा सीखने जैसा है!

एक विज्ञापन : 60 घंटों में अंग्रेजी बोलना सीखें। 100 प्रतिषत गांरटी के साथ।

असर : अंग्रेजी बोलना सीखने की चाह रखने वाले कई युवा इस तरह के विज्ञापन में किए गए दावों से आकर्षिक होकर इंग्लिष कोचिंग जाना शुरू करते हैं। कई बार, कई सालों तक और कई कोचिंग सेन्टर पर जाकर अंग्रेजी सीखने का प्रयास जारी रखते हैं।

परिणाम : पहली बात तो यह की 60 घंटों की कोचिंग लेकर कोई भी युवा धाराप्रवाह अंग्रेजी बोलना सीख नहीं पाता। धन और समय की बर्बादी होती है, सो अलग।

May 15, 2016

News@Tisa Hyderabad Chapter on 15-05-2016

Hello TISA

      One more wonderful meeting was held Jalagam Vengal Rao park,punjagutta,Hyderabad.
       We were around 7 people in the meeting. Sumit,Thirupati,Shivaji,Shiva Reddy,Dillip,Sandeep,myself. We as usually went with meditation round,it followed formal introduction round.
           After introduction we did role play  activity.First we explained about the benefits of activity and also how to do that.People participated very actively in this activity.Among all of us Sumit and Shivaji did very well. They entered into the roles which were assigned to them and performed well, they stammered a very little.

May 13, 2016

Delhi SHG meeting on 15th May at once again Innov8 Coworking

HOD : -  ABHAY SHARMA  and COD : - Ravi Jagga

Invitation for Tisa Hyderabad Chapter Meeting on 15th may

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION Self Help Group meetings.These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer at Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.
Here we list our challenges and conquer them in group tasks, So you wanna conquer challenges? Then come on !

 Few Activities in Meetings are:
1. Meditation
2. Breathing exercises and Techniques practicing.
3. Formal Introduction of participants in a comfortable phase.
4. Anxiety Control Round
5. Prepared Speeches
6. Fun Activities like Jokes Narration, Extempore, Crazy Questions, Loud speaking, Group Discussion, Role plays and many more.

Venue and Timings:
Sunday - 9:00 AM till 01:00 PM
Jalagam Vengal Rao Park, Banjara Hills Road no-1, Hyderabad.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca"at"gmail"dot"com
Ramesh 9885112812     email id:
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93"at"gmail"dot"com
Vijay     9985650423       email id:

A New Start : Merging two akin activities of Toastmasters and TISA

Here is the detail : 

What are top 4 advantages of making meeting toastmaster's type : - 

1. It gives structure and flow to the meeting.
2. It finds better opportunity for all to learn and lead the role. 
3. It gives mirror to all that where we are lacking and what we need to do.
4. It makes you leader as well as a best communicator.

How did we merge Toastmasters activities with TISA activities ?

1. As usual we added Introduction round compulsory
2. We added one new role Technique Counter to remind and motivate us to use the technique or to be in a freedom mode.
3. We added JokeMaster round where few of our fellow member can crack a joke
4. We added "Pitch" Round where everyone will have 60 second to share idea or speech or anything
5. We added hand holding Goal Sharing Round  in order to put essence to the meeting. 

Thank you !!!

A surgeon shares his story..

"I was born with a speech defect. Stammering haunts me; it is like a shadow that never deserts me except during sleep. Many inadquacies can be compensated for, but how does one keep a speech defect a secret? I was perhaps the only student with a stammer in my school. A stammerer is always on top of the mimicry hit list. Oral examinations were a nightmare, the telephone was a terror, and introducing myself would make me nervous. Stammering is like driving a car which frequently stalls in heavy traffic. Other car drivers honk and you are subjected to their odd expressions..." (an extract from Shrikhande, Dr Vinayak (2015-08-23). Reflections of a Surgeon... on Amazon)

May 12, 2016

An inspiring true story..

"When I was two and started talking, my parents had realized that I have a speech-related problem to an extent of stammering. However, I was told that it’s temporary and might go away as I will grow up. My life moved on and the complications and comparisons increased and eventually with that pressure, my speech went worse and I became a stutter...." (more) (Thank you friend who shared the link on whatsapp..)

Meet Cool Americans this time..

If you are in Dehradun and if you stammer (lol!), you are welcome to join Dehradun SHG, for a day long interaction with American University students (30) from Boston - at Sita Ram Ashram on 29th May (Sunday). It will be a rich experiential session - no lectures, no presentations! - just genuine discussions, leading to two-way learning. Lunch will be provided by the Ashram. Let Mohit (DDN SHG) know if you plan to come by 22nd May (Sunday).
PS: Stammering is totally ON. You will get a bit coin every time you stammer :) But you are supposed to smile every time you stammer. This trip is being organised by Operation Groundswell. (Thank you Dhruv, for putting us in touch...).  Keep checking this post for updates. Sitaram Ashram is just opposite "Adventure by Choice" (map) in Vasant Vihar Phase 1.

May 10, 2016

Nothing But Excellence

I believe that every meeting is different, it has a story and sings its own song.I have tried to collect and present the ideas elucidated in the meeting. There is humor here and there and with no offence to anyone .

Today's SHG meeting was like climax of a love story. A realization comes to the Hero: In process of wooing the lady love and marrying her , he was actually refining his own thoughts and the entire thing actually lead to the development of his character.

So there was lot of soul searching , shifting of goal posts , confessions, bon-homie, feed-backs , trip-plannings in Today's SHG.

From left to right. Jonali, Manasi, Soma,Amarnath,Dinesh Soni,Naman,Subroto(New Joiner),Siddha, Bharat,Rajkumar, Anupam, Mohit, Pramod , Dinesh(Don)

Delhi SHG Meeting Report of 8th May "Mother's Day"

Hi Folks,

"Its our credence to learn and to adapt things" So finally once again we shaped our meeting as Toastmasters but we haven't changed the flavor of meeting as we still had fun, masti and casual introduction round. 


At Innov8 Coworking Space, sharp at 11:30 am we started our meeting, it was superb as-usual. we were 17 members, 3 new members joined the meeting Arunesh, Tushar and Amit.

it was mother's day so our theme of meeting was "MOM's LOVE". Following are the roles given to the members.

HOD ( host of the day ) - Vishal
GE ( General Evaluator ) - Shailendra
TTM ( Table topic master ) - Sunoy
TTE (Table Topic Evaluator ) - Lalit  Sir
WM (Word Master)  - Abhay 
FC (Fillter Counter) - Abhay
TC (Technique Counter) - Gaurav 

Meeting started with the activity "Goal sharing" everyone shared their goals by holding the hands with all of us then after we did following activity.

1. Introduction Round
2. Prepared Speech and Pitch Round
3. Table Topic Round ( Impromptu Speech) 
4. QA Sessions
5. Goal Evaluating Round
6. Evaluation Round
7. Feedback and Next Meeting discussion

Prepared speech and table topic winner was "Hitanshu Dalal" and best role player was Gaurav. 

So above is a very brief report, reach me for detail explanation :P

thank you 

May 9, 2016

Canada, Dehradun and Stammer Conversations !!

Now this is something different. Dr Sachin calls me and says that we have a group of Canadians and there is supposed to be an interaction between them and Dehradun SHG. Was there any excitement- OBVIOUSLY !!

So here we were at Samagra, Dehradun to meet our guests. We had a group of 4 students from MacMaster University, Toronto, Canada. There were Rachel, Annecy, Esha and Arjun aka AJ !! From Dehradun SHG there were- Dr Sachin, Dinesh, Ashish, Dayal, Gaurav, Gaurav Sajwan, Vilas, Vikas from Delhi, Subhash and Mohit.