September 30, 2014

National Conference 2014 Pune: Registration Open


Hotel Charges: There is no fee for registration in the NC at Pune 2014. There are just the hotel charges of Rs. 2750/- per participant which covers 2 nights and 3 days of stay in Zara Resort at Khandala, Pune. These charges are including of accommodation and food from Oct 3 (11am) till Oct 5 (2pm) including all taxes.

September 22, 2014

Live from Eden Bagh DAY-2

The second day started with a very nice quote on fb.

 So as we have planned, we started our journey to Dehradun. Nothing much to tell about today because we just sat in a room today. But you see when you are in Herbertpur each moment is a teacher itself. So LESSONS I learned today-

1.    Rather than sitting in you room on weekends, go and talk to somebody new. Be him an auto-driver or a hotel owner. You will get a chance to speak as well as get knowledge.
2.    Always I mean always carry a book with you wherever you are going. I regretted it today.
3.    Talk to people who are older than you. They love it. Like when you are in bus or auto, start a conversation. You will find that they are more interested than you.
4.    Focus on content rather than how you are going to speak.
5.    Money is not everything. One who has friends can never go bankrupt.  
        YES, the gone day was more focused on how to live life with stammering. One thing I heard form Sachin sir is “some people say when my stammering will over, I will do this and this. Then I will be the king. Every girl would love me and blah blah blah.” My brothers, so what you start to speak like person sharing your room or one sitting next to you in bus. You will be reading in same college, you will be have same friends, same parents, and same neighbourhood. So focus on good life rather than stammering. I guess that’s why TISA was started too. To live a much happier and communicative life in spite of being fluent.      

September 21, 2014

जीवन को आनन्द से वंचित कर देता है हकलाहट का डर

मेरा बचपन भी आम बच्चों की तरह था। ढेर सारे दोस्त और खूब सारी मस्ती। मुझे पतंग उड़ाने का बहुत शौक था। हम सभी दोस्त एक खुले मैदान पर जाकर पतंग उड़ाते थे। उस जमाने में 15 पैसे, 25 पैसे, 50 पैसे और 1 रूपए में सुंदर और रंग-बिरंगी पतंग मिलती थीं। पतंग के चक्कर में कई बार माता-पिता से डांट और मार खानी पड़ती थी।

क्रिकेट, गिल्ली-डंडा, चोर-सिपाही, लुकाछिपी जैसे खेलों में बड़ा आनन्द आता था। हम सभी दोस्त एक दुबे अंकल के घर की दीवार फांदकर अमरूद तोड़कर खाते थे। बड़ा मजा आता था इस तरह अमरूद खाने में।

Bangalore SHG - 21/09/2014

Posting on behalf of Anupam
Hi Team,
         Today's session was all about breaking patterns and challenging the unknown. We had sunny morning in Namma Bengaluru and the Pws turned up in good strength and showed high enthusiasm. Many people had come after long gap and usual gang was happy to have them. Two new people Manoj and Ajay had come , we welcome them and hope to see them often our meetings. Naman our moderator was very well prepared.

It’s all about fun! – Goa SHG report

"Selfie-Help" ;)
Excited and looking forward to having fun, we came together to join hands once again at the Goa YMCA today.

We started differently. Since everybody knew each other, instead of an introduction we all spoke about ourselves and which animal / bird symbolizes us, and why we think so. We had very interesting answers and analogies and in the process we got an insight into each other’s personalities.

Live from Eden Bagh

                     Hello my fellow companions of this beautiful journey called life. I wish you were as good as me or better than me. I think forth year life is an oxymoron state being stressful and enjoyable at the same time.  Our going to travel is a good thing but Campus placement are sure a stress-booster. Similar was the condition of mine when I e-mailed Dr. Sachin seeking for a solution. He asked me to come to Herbertpur. So here am I.
                       I arrived Dehradun at 4 in the morning. Sun was still in his bed But life has waken up on the streets of Dehradun. I took the bus for Hebertpur and seated there. I was terrified inside because H is a word which comes under the most horrifying category for me. I decided to ignore the thought and enjoy the view. So when the conductor asked me I said “L L Le Le Lehman hospital”. It was a relief. After that I reached there and called Sachin sir. He asked me to come to his house. Where I got to meet his wife who is a sweet lady and also a very good communicator. We (me and Sachin sir) chit-chatted for some time, drank coffee made by him, He told me to use bouncing now as our work stats now and told me the necessity of listening. I tried bouncing but tiredness was my king that time and not letting me do it properly so Sachin sir suggested me to go to my room and rest.
                    I woke up at 1pm and went to have some food. After eating food I was told by sir to go to Mr Ram prataap and ask him about the history of Eden bagh. I talked to the old man and collected all the facts I could. Later in the evening I was told by sir to give my introduction in the Lehman hospital hall which is called the examination room for stammerers by Sachin sir. Sachin sir recorded my intro and told me to watch it, I as an obedient student did it. “This was the time I realized the power of recording yourself. Sure I have done my recording but never dared to watch it. In the past time whenever I recorded and tried to watch, something always stopped me. Something was telling me that there, I would find something which I will not like. But today when I watched it and again gave the intro. I found the difference at once. Thus Sachin sir told me the effect of practicing a thing. He told me that some people fear that they will stammer more if they become conscious by practicing anything but I would like to say that by practice although you stammer in your voice, you will not “stammer” in your mind”.
                       After that I gave my speech about Eden bagh. This time Sachin sir told me to do it with looking only at the audience as I was watching in my dairy again and again. So I tried this also and came to know that when you look directly to the audience you look better. Second time I was told to speak a bit faster as I was talking at a speed which is not normal for daily use so that I can expand my circle of possibilities . I was surprised to see that I can speak in a more communicative way with using bouncing sometime. After that we went to evening walk where Sachin sir told me to find my own ways to pronounce long or difficult words. You see, training my mind to work according to me.
                       “A very good example was told by Sachin sir that when we drive our vehicle, we do not keep our speed constant on both ‘highway and crowdy places’. We drive slowly when we are having blocks and a good speed on highways where there is less blocks. ”
                       After watching chai Bagan we returned to our places. I went to have food and Sachin sir to his home. Thus another day passed but passed very efficiently. Next destination is Dehradun “tomorrow”.

September 20, 2014

Pune SHG Meeting on Sunday, Sep 21 at 10.25am

We have SHG meeting at 10.30am on Sunday, September 21, so please join by 10.25am

Venue: Senior Citizens Hall, Next to Ruby Hall, Near Pune Station

Delhi SHG Meeting 21st Sept. at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk

Come and join us !! Delhi SHG Meeting !!

September 19, 2014


                                                            3rd Aligarh shg meeting 

TIME:-9:00am to 12pm.

Change your life-

Change your focus from stammering cure to overcomeand 

confident speech.

beeee happyyyy.......

host: sikandar alam 

September 17, 2014

The Indian Stammering Association

The Indian Stammering Association

Haklo’n ke Khiladi!! PART-2

Ha ha. haa…Hiee every one, again  mmmmyself A… A.. Atul Singh from Lucknow. Thanks all of you for your valuable feedback, it was really overwhelming to know that I managed to connect not only to special people (read PWS) like us but also to few  normal people.  Not taking much time lets continue to my story. Well after the Workshop in Herbertpur, all the way to Lucknow, was just remembering what I learned these 3 days.  I bounced to the ticket conductor while asking for ticket to Delhi. Chatted to the girl on next seat with general questions like “how much time it would take to Delhi”, “What will be the route” etc.  I observed that I was finding every possible way to talk to other people. During those 3 days I unknowingly had talked too much with other persons and that too without any hesitant and that was a pretty new thing to a quiet soul like me. Before that I was pretty silent type of person. Earlier I only speak when it’s utterly important and that too in very short phrases. And this was a big change for me. Ya I learned Bouncing, I learned Prolongation, gentle onset etc. I learned I can correct my block before its coming (Pre-Block correction), while being in block (IN-Block correction) and also after the block occurred (Post-Block correction). I learned Deep breathing; I learned how to relax myself by moving my shoulders (like Michael Jackson hahaha).
But one thing I learnt more, and that was the turning point. I learnt to be myself. I learnt how to be Atul, the real Atul. The Atul who is funny, the Atul who is confident, the Atul who is expressive, the Atul who has answers to every question (even answers for other’s answers), the Atul who is naughty, the Atul who is Flirty, and yes the Atul who was lost somewhere-sometime in childhood. I discovered the Atul who doesn’t think what others will think of his speech. “If they mind, let them do that’s their problem”.
 So I came back Lucknow with a different mind-set and a different view towards this speaking challenge. I remember I went to attend a business meeting straightway after giving a competitive exam with examination centre 45 KM away, I somehow managed to reach the venue for meeting just at time (actually I was 10 minutes late). I knew I would be one of the audiences as that day the presentation was to be given by one of my friend-cum-business partner. I was quite tired (also suffering from viral infection), so just grabbed a seat 7 was ready for half an hour presentation. But Soon I came to know that the friend who had to show the presentation is not feeling well. As I was thinking “ok now the presentation will be carried out by one of our seniors”, one of senior asked me “Atul why not you show the presentation today” and I didn’t know how to react and in the flow I said yes sir... And he stood-up went to the white board and conveyed all “Aaj humare beech ek young, energetic aur ubharte hue business person Atul ji  aap logo k samaksh presentation prastut karenge…… Welcome Atul ji!!” And in between all the claps & cheering ATUL JI was like “OMG I have to give presentation now!!” I wasn’t prepared for it, was very terrified at that moment. When I stood up from chair I was very nervous, I thought I might stammer, I thought I will certainly stammer. All the embarrassment incidents due to stammering came in my mind in fraction of seconds. The stammering I had while my farewell party, the stammer I got while oral test in class 5th, The stammer I had While giving Answers to my project guide in BCA, the stammer I had while my first interview, the stammer I had while explaining dad that why I don’t wanna do BDS & wanna Pursue BCA-MCA instead…………………. But while all these i also thought of the workshop I had few days before, and words of Sachin sir. Till that time I reached the board, Picked up the marker with shivering hands and turned towards audience. I know I have to do it now, the words of Sachin sir echoed in my mind “Enjoy yourself, jab aap cheezo ko enjoy karoge to aap acche se kar paoge”. I turned towards audiences, I showed my evergreen and super cute smile to them (I’m not hifiing myelf, people say I have very cute smile B-) ) And then I started my presentation, easily, calmly and more importantly in a very light hearted note. I forgot that few peoples are very senior to me. I gave presentation as all people seated in front are my friends…. In other words I can say that I became relatively casual with them and that’s the crux. I demonstrated my presentation very cool-ly, When I was about to go in block I just stop speaking and start writing something on board, I was just drawing lines on board or underlining words while speaking and emphasising on certain words. While I sense a block will occur I simply stop speaking, smile from ear to ear and start counter-questioning others in pre-text of knowing how much homework they did before the meeting. I tried to make it interactive as much it could be and thus I managed my stammer and also my fear to stammer while completing the presentation which was exceptional according to others. But the best part was not their praise but their happiness. Seeing your friends and dear ones being happy for you for your efforts is simply priceless. I still remember after the presentation one of my close friend came up to me, happiness was glowing from the face and just said “So, the workshop worked??” and I was just smiling, I really dint had words that time.
I’m not saying that I didn’t stammer now, actually my stammering is as it was earlier. But the thinking that I should avoid presentations, Demonstrations etc. is gone. So when I came back home and analysed what the hell I did today, I was clear that from now onwards I have to be like this only. Do whatever you like, but just BE HAPPY, BE COOL & MOREOVER BE YOURSELF and DO NOT LET YOUR STAMMER STOP YOU FROM DOING ANYTHING.
 Ok guys & gals gonna call a pws from Allahabad. He can’t make it to this workshop & is now contacting pws who attended it. This type of internal communication every now & then helps a lot.In next Article I will tell about my efforts towards Starting a SHG here in Lucknow &/or nearby cities and our mini SHG meets with Pramod bhai here in Lucknow & with Akash bhai in Gonda.