November 22, 2018

Acceptance - Five years review

         It has been a little more than five eventful , roller coaster years since I accepted the concept of acceptance. My acceptance journey started by attending the TISA communication workshop of June-2013.

         What triggered my desperate search for help were two events . The first one was that I had to attend a meeting with senior officers and I was not able to introduce myself-I got severe blocks. The second one was during an informal party in a restaurant , when I left  my seat for a few minutes for the introduction round to pass.

         The first event was public embarrassment  for me- stammering in front of senior officers. The second event, to avoid introducing myself fearing stammering ,was a personal embarrassment. 

          I attended a party yesterday. I had to introduce myself to my colleagues and seniors of company. During introduction  I got stuck in my name, I stopped , used prolongation and bouncing combination and finally succeeded. After some time our newly appointed company-chief of   state arrived and we had to introduce ourselves to him one by one. He was accompanied by our district head and they went to every individual's seat for introduction. 

        The state head shook my hand, I greeted him and then fumbled in my name. I stopped and again tried and said my name with prolongation. While introduction, my district head helped me out once when I had another block. The chief listened patiently to me , and then advised me something related to my work.

          So, what did I achieve with all these years of acceptance? I am now able to communicate along with my stammering. For me , this is a big achievement-for I try not to avoid speaking situations. I try to speak , accepting that I may stammer. 

           I have learnt from life that personal  embarrassments, which come from running away from challenging situations such as  speaking, are much more long-lasting and painful than any kind of public display of the fact that I stammer . 

            Thanks to TISA and concept of ACCEPTANCE- which is a lifetime work-in-progress.




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